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  • This was the year in which Charles Henry Moffett stole Airwolf at the F.I.R.M Testing/Control Red Star and turned it against the F.I.R.M, by first destroying it.
  • Stringfellow Hawke gained possession of Airwolf
  • Hawke and Santini stopped one of Hawke's old war buddies, Major Sam Roper, from turning over a new Air Force jet to the USSR, he did so because his half-Vietnamese son, Ho Minh Truong had been captured by the KGB and held hostage at an airbase in Omrylkot, Russia. Hawke and Santini rescued Ho Minh from the USSR and returned him to the United States.
  • A rogue F.I.R.M . agent attempted to kill Hawke and Archangel in Baja California and gain possession of Airwolf for personal rank gain within the F.I.R.M. by using Dominic Santini as bait.
  • A group of East German agents tricked Hawke into temporarily giving them Airwolf, though was thwarted by Santini stowing away aboard the helicopter.