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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Season 1

Quoc's troops armed with the AK. Note the plain muzzle and the rectangular lightening cut on the receiver. Given that these are Vietnamese troops, the weapons really ought to be Norinco Type 56 clones of the early pattern AK and most of the features match. But note that the foresight of the weapon in the foreground is open, whereas the Norinco had a fully-enclosed foresight. Are we looking at a genuine Russian AK here?

Not the best shot of the AK in the episode but this scene is useful for showing key identifying features. The plain (not slanted) muzzle indicates an early pattern AK. The foresight looks open so it can't be a Chinese Norinco clone which had a hooded fully-enclosed foresight.

Season 2

  • Condemned (episode) - The AK was used by several Russian sailors. One sailor held up Hawke with his AK. Caitlin knocked him out from behind and Hawke picked up his weapon for his own use. As seen from the images below, the weapon is the early AK model, as identified by the plain muzzle and the rectangular lightening cut out on the miller receiver. This may be a bit anachronistic as by the 1980s most Russian troops had been issued the modernized AKM or the AK-74. But perhaps the navy got the lowest priority in new equipment, especially oceanographic ships?

Note the plain muzzle, indicating an early pattern AK.

At Hawke's left fingers can be seen the rectangular "lightening" cut out characteristic of the milled receiver of the early pattern AK.

  • Prisoner of Yesterday (episode) - Used by government troops. The slant cut muzzle brakes indicate an AKM variant but it is hard to see how the front sight looks like. Could be an AKM, a Norinco or an Egyptian MAARDI.

The slant cut muzzle brake can be clearly seen on the weapon to the right.

Another view of government troops firing from a half-track. The slant cut muzzle brake can be seen on the weapon of the soldier to the right.

  • Short Walk To Freedom (episode) - Archaeologist Ozzie Hathaway grabs one off a bandit guard and shoots up the camp. This creates a diversion which allows Hawke to escape. Again, from the slant cut muzzle brake, it looks mighty like an AKM variant. This time the open front sight can be seen and indicates it can't be a Chinese-made Norinco. It could be an Egyptian MAARDI or an actual AKM.

Hathaway charges at the bandits with the AKM. Note the slant cut muzzle brake.

Season 3

Nice view of one of Stoner's men shooting away at the Zebra squad assault troops. Looks like the AKM variant of the AK.