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Airwolf (helicopter)   Bell-222A
Jet Ranger

Airwolf (also nicknamed "The Lady" by Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini), is a highly advanced attack helicopter, designed and created by Charles Henry Moffett in 1984.


Moffett stole Airwolf and took it to Libya, where for a time, he worked for a military group bent on causing terror and chaos throughout the region. Eventually Hawke and Santini managed to steal back Airwolf and somewhat laid waste to the military compound where it was being held. When they regained possession of it, Hawke used it to kill Moffett, though mere moments before, the Libyans thought they had destroyed Airwolf with a powerful surface-to-air missile, which, through Hawke's skills as a pilot, detonated on a large sand dune that Airwolf had passed moments before. In the time it was in Moffett's possession, he used it to destroy a French Mirage, and a United States destroyer off the Libyan coastline, as well as its test facility in the California desert.[1]

Another member of the Airwolf development team developed an Airwolf simulator to enable other pilots to be trained to operate Airwolf. [2]

Some time after it's retrival, Airwolf came under the influence of a 'Programme Bomb' which Moffett had secretly added to the operational software in Airwolf, and which manifested itself after a set period without receiving a cancellation code from Moffett. [3]


The Lair

The "Lair"



  • Creator - Charles Henry Moffett.
  • Operator(s) - The F.I.R.M. and Stringfellow Hawke.
  • Main Pilot(s)
  • Maximum Person Capacity - Four to five individuals. (NB: This requires removal of all weapons due to space/weight restrictions) [4]
  • Weapons - 4 .50 BMG Chainguns, 2 30 mm Chainguns, Strike and Hellfire Missiles, 1 ADF pod and one Red Laser.
  • Defenses - Bulletproof glass over the front cockpit and bulletproof armor over the whole body of the craft, as well as armored grates over the engine intakes. It is also equipped with "Sunburst" flares and anti-radar chaffs avoid getting hit by missiles. It's 90% radar absorbent.
  • Weakness(s) - Only one major weakness. Moffett revealed it - in Shadow of the Hawke - as the mid-air refueling port, and that one bullet up it would destroy the whole craft, but like any other aircraft, Airwolf is also vulnerable to direct rocket and missile hits, and has also proven to be vulnerable to certain types of laser weapons.
  • Maximum speed - Mach 2, or over 1400 mph.
  • Maximum operation ceiling - 80,000 - 100,000 feet.
  • Propulsion - Turbos, main and tail rotors.
  • Sensors - Airwolf is equipped with a variety of sensors:
    • Advanced Self Protection Jammer - this sweeps the area ahead to protect Airwolf from radar lock on.
    • Doppler Velocity Sensors - Designed to monitor incoming missiles.
    • Forward Looking Infra Red - displays an image of the area ahead of Airwolf in poor visibility conditions.[5]
  • Other equipment -
    • Radio Jamming - Can jam radio signals (remote controls, radio communcation, etc.).
    • Target Acquisition and Designation System - Matches scan target against information stored in the on board database, and displays target info.
    • Identification Friend/Foe - Identifies the ID code transmitted by any aircraft, and displays this next to the radar image.
    • Carries a winch of unknown capacity in the rear of the cabin for rescue missions and supply pick ups while in the hover.[5] This is attached to a monorail recessed in the cabin ceiling, and operates out of the rear doors.[6]
  • Prior to the finale of Moffett's Ghost, Airwolf's onboard computer carried what was believed to be the only remaining set of schematics - Moffett having deleted the copies held in the F.I.R.M's computers before the destruction of the test facility. Red Star

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