Airwolf Wiki

At a convention hall


SPEAKER: There have been many words written and spoken that have attempted to describe courage. But all have fallen woefully short. Bravery is not an easy quality to perceive. If courage, however, is the willingness to face danger...

STARKEY: You'd think you could invent a comfortable tux.

HAWKE: Testimonials and comfort don't go together, pal.

STARKEY: I'd rather be fighting a war.

HAWKE: You already have.

SPEAKER: And so, it is with a great pleasure that I present to you a man whose life embraces courage, the Chamber of Commerce's Man of the Year, Roy Starkey.

STARKEY: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is this award an honor for me, but it's also a reflective honor for 36 million other Americans who are physically challenged.

HAWKE: This better be really important, good buddy. It's an awfully important night for a good friend of mine.

ARCHANGEL: You better believe it's important. Where were you last night?

HAWKE: What, we had a date or something?

ARCHANGEL: Don't get cute with me, Hawke. Right now, I'm the only thing standing between you and an immediate FBl arrest!

SPEAKER: Gentlemen, please, let's have a little courtesy.

STARKEY: For those who have to deal with handicaps...

AMANDA: Everything's been arranged, sir.

STARKEY: I believe the innate faculty that serves them best is self discipline.

HAWKE: You mind telling me what's going on? I find this a little less than amusing.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, you know I'm not a man of rash conclusions. I deal in facts and logic.

HAWKE: What kind of bug you got in your pants anyway?

ARCHANGEL: You have no idea why I'm here. Where were you last night?

HAWKE: Michael, why are you coming down on me?

ARCHANGEL: Last night, a fully-loaded military train, property of the United States Air Force, was hijacked at exactly ... What was it?

AMANDA: 23:00 in Lassen Pass utilizing a precise military-style....

ARCHANGEL: And the reason I'm coming down on you is that the attack was led by none other than....

HAWKE: Michael, you're telling me that you believe I was involved in a military train hijacking?

ARCHANGEL: I am telling you facts. I'm trying to arrive at logical conclusions.

HAWKE: Well, you're not doing too hot.

ARCHANGEL: Check the report, Hawke. The assault on the train was led by a Santini helicopter. 50,000 gallons of jet fuel, 18 cases of and 30 and 40 mm cannon ammo, 24 cases of Sidewinders and Hellfires, and 22 Redeye missiles were stolen. All items applicable to an Airwolf mission. These are facts.

HAWKE: I'm going to try and tell you as calmly as I possibly can that myself or anyone I know, meaning Dom and Cait, would never ever for any reason steal or hijack anything.

ARCHANGEL: I've been doing nothing but telling myself that I've got to believe that.

HAWKE: The fact that you don't sets my guts on fire. The talk is over. It's proof time. Either put up or shut up.

ARCHANGEL: Okay. Let's see what this does for your gut. This is a tape from the security car on the train. That's Santini's chopper.

HAWKE: I don't know what's going on here, Michael. But I guarantee you one thing. I'm going to find out.

ARCHANGEL: The committee is pressing real hard for your arrest. I don't know how long I can hold off the FBI.

At Santini Air

DOMINIC: Well, this old bird's gonna be down for a while.

CAITLIN: It's a cinch those holes aren't pigeon peckings.

DOMINIC: Yeah, but they don't look exactly like bullet holes, you know what I mean?

HAWKE: Somebody's gone to an awful lot of trouble to make this look like the chopper that was used in the train hit the other night.

DOMINIC: Or one just like it.

HAWKE: At any rate, the FBl is gonna be around asking us all kinds of questions. And we all better have some answers or get out of Dodge. Come on, let's go find some of those answers.

DOMINIC: Sure, but where?

HAWKE: `At the movies.

At a F.I.R.M. test range

AMANDA: Should I come with you?

ARCHANGEL: That won't be necessary. Desirable, but not necessary.

MAN: Follow me, please.

HARLAN: Well, well, well, if it's not my old friend, the angel of secrecy. How you doing? What's this? A delicious little slice of angel food cake?

ARCHANGEL: Homer Jenkins, isn't it?

HARLAN: Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Harlan. Harlan Jenkins.

ARCHANGEL: Yes. One of Moffett's assistants on the Airwolf design.

HARLAN: No, I think it's the other way around.

HARLAN: Well, now that we're establishing identities, who are you?

HARLAN: What's the matter, darling, you don't talk?

ARCHANGEL: Only if it pleases her. Or if I tell her. Nice seeing you, Harlan.

ARCHANGEL: By the way, I wouldn't make a move on her. She's a cobra.

HARLAN: Hey, buckaroo, next time you see me, you're gonna know exactly who I am.

At the test range, F.I.R.M. committee meeting

ZEUS: This committee has tolerated long enough the division of your loyalty between Stringfellow Hawke and the Firm, a division, I might add, which has never been far from treason.

ADMIRAL: Unless he's been selling vodka to the Russians, treason seems a little strong to me.

ZEUS: Nevertheless, by protecting the man Hawkeand his theft of Airwolf, you have consistently placed this organization and the security of the country in severe jeopardy.

ARCHANGEL: There is no question of either Hawke's loyalty or my own. You know that.

ZEUS: The decision of this committee has been formulated.

ADMIRAL: Minus my vote, I'll tell you.

ZEUS: In short, Hawke has gone too far, and you, Mr. Coldsmith Briggs III, have not gone far enough. Therefore, as of this day, you are suspended from duty with this organization until further notice. You will have no access to Hawke and no access to the files or the offices of the Firm. Clear?

ADMIRAL: You've been canned, son.

ARCHANGEL: Without me, you have no Airwolf.

ZEUS: (ON THE PHONE) All right.

ZEUS: The truth is, Mr. Coldsmith Briggs, we have no further need of Airwolf.

ZEUS: Archangel, please meet Airwolf II.

HARLAN: So, we meet again, buckaroo.

At a film processing studio

CAITLIN: How long have we been here?

HAWKE: Four hours, 1 7 minutes and 36 seconds.

DOMINIC: You sure this guy knows what he's doing?

CAITLIN: Every move. Trust me. I used to date him. He never misses.

DOMINIC: I didn't mean that.

HAWKE: Hold it. Right there.

CORTUVO: I can bring that up a bit.

HAWKE: Can you show me the tail section?

CORTUVO: If you got any portion on that screen no smaller than an ant's behind, I can bring it up 1200 times.

CAITLIN: You've cleaned up your act, Mel.

CORTUVO: Only in public.

CAITLIN: He never used to say "behind."

HAWKE: Look at the tail section. That might just be what keeps the FBl off our backs.

DOMINIC: I don't see a thing.

HAWKE: Exactly. No weld seam, right? You got those pictures?






CORTUVO: Hello? It's for you.

HAWKE: Hello?


ADMIRAL: Keep your pants on. Blast!

HAWKE: Admiral?

ADMIRAL: Damn it, boy, why can't you use my name? You know, as a spy, you'd make a fine sports announcer.

HAWKE: How'd you know I was here?

ADMIRAL: Now listen to me carefully. They've canned your pal.

HAWKE: Michael?

ADMIRAL: Yeah, that's right. Right down the tube. And I wanna tell you something. You never had a better friend in your life, and this country's never had a better man working for it either. I want you to get out there and find him. Help him.

HAWKE: But why would...

ADMIRAL: Don't ask questions. Just do it.

HAWKE: Come on, let's go.

DOMINIC: Where are we going?

HAWKE: To help out a friend.

At a hotel

HARLAN: Looking mighty fine today. Well, wait a second. I don't think you should just run off.

HARLAN: I've got to give you credit, amigo. You certainly know how to pick a fine meeting place, don't you?

DELOMO: I doubt that the Firm will intrude us on here, Mr. Jenkins.

HARLAN: I think that's a real safe bet. Well, as pretty as they might be, I know you didn't invite me here to look at... Hi. ...fine bodies.

DELOMO: Quite true. My people are getting, shall we say, eager for us to proceed with our arrangement. They request a more precise time schedule.

HARLAN: You listen to me. Now, I'm gonna be stealing a piece of machinery that costs over $ 2 billion, and I don't really think the United States Government is gonna package it and ship it to a tortilla republic, if you "comprendo" my meaning, sir.

DELOMO: So that there's no misunderstanding between us, our mission does not have to be compromised with talk of tortilla republics. I can assure you I'm aware of your problems, but I also know that you are being paid exceptionally well for the risks you are taking.

HARLAN: Listen to me, amigo. You and your People's Republic couldn't afford to pay me if I was charging you what this job is really worth. I'm doing this to settle an old debt, do you understand? And before I'm done, this whole world is going to know that the man who built Airwolf II is the same man who built Airwolf I. And that is me.

DELOMO: Your vengeance is directed at a dead man. Moffett is burning in hell.

HARLAN: Without a doubt. I just wanna make sure he has some company. So you tell your people I'll deliver when it is time to deliver it, all right? And you remind them of the fact that only two pilots can fly Airwolf. And personally, I don't think Mr. Stringfellow Hawke is gonna deliver one to you, do you?

HARLAN: No, I didn't think so. Quesadilla, amigo.

On board a Jetranger

DOMINIC: Well, that's the third place we've looked for Archangel. Where do you look for a guy whose life is full of secrets?


HAWKE: You know, those bullet holes, they were .50 calibers. They leave a ragged edge when they exit. The rims of all those holes were smooth.

DOMINIC: You're right. And you were righ about that weld seam too. Well, that means that the chopper that hit that train wasn't ours, right?

HAWKE: That's right. Somebody's setting us up I don't know who or why.

DOMINIC: And they're doing a good job of it, too. Without those close-ups, I could have sworn that that chopper on that tape was mine.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, Michael did too.

At a F.I.R.M. test range

ZEUS: If you'll pardon my enthusiasm, Mr. Secretary, what you are about to see may be the finest single aircraft in the world.

SECRETARY: As good as Airwolf.

ZEUS: Perhaps better.

SECRETARY: And if you'll pardon my sense of realism, a half-billion dollar cost overrun and three years of development ought to buy that. Plus two dozen angels of the Lord flying around the thing singing Amazing Grace.

ZEUS: I believe my report stated that this is a prototype, the only one of its kind. To avoid duplication, the plans are stored only in the on-board computer. The cost of this alone...

SECRETARY: All right, man. Let's get on with it.

TEST SUPERVISOR: Redwolf, you have a go.

ZEUS: Shall we begin, Mr. Secretary?



ZEUS: Permit me to say, Mr. Secretary, the cost overrun is money well spent. The last demonstration is coming up.


HARLAN: Come and get it!

SECRETARY: Congratulations, Mr. Jenkins. The test was superb.

HARLAN: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Secretary, but for a bird like this, the test was routine. The pilot was superb.

At a ranch

[JetRanger lands] HAWKE: You're harder to find than a cat in a doghouse.

ARCHANGEL: Before you say anything, I wanna tell you that I know that I came down on you like a damn fool. If my brain had been working at all, I never would have even entertained the thought that my friends woul steal anything from anybody.

HAWKE: Sounds vaguely like an apology.

DOMINIC: Let him go. Let him go. I love to see a fed grovel.

ARCHANGEL: About the only excuse I can offer is that the Committee has been on my back in a way that exceeds all prior harassment. Only yesterday did I find out why.

DOMINIC: Well, all right, why?

ARCHANGEL: I could be brought up on some heavy charges for telling you this, but they've got... They've got another Airwolf.

HAWKE: You mean the Committee has developed another Airwolf?

ARCHANGEL: That's right.

DOMINIC: It's impossible. I don't believe it.

ARCHANGEL: Believe it, it exists. I have seen it.

ARCHANGEL: Obviously, somebody set you guys up because you've got Airwolf, and it was Airwolf's kind of fuel and armament that was stolen.

HAWKE: Yeah, except for now, from what you're saying, there's another ship around that uses the same stuff. Somebody figures to have it in their possession.

ARCHANGEL: The question is, who?

HAWKE: The "who" comes later. Right now we better take care of the "what." It's time, you call Zeus.

ARCHANGEL: I will, but only for the sake of national security. Dom, please.

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure.

ARCHANGEL: This is Angel One. Yes, I know my code has bee deleted! Who is this? I see. Well, I suggest, for your sake, that you contact Zeus and inform him that he has a possible Bravo Code situation involving Airwolf II. Tell him to get back out to the test site. I'll meet him there as quickly as I can.

On board a JetRanger

HAWKE: Who did you talk to at the site?

ARCHANGEL: Harlan Jenkins. Remember him?

HAWKE: Good old boy, Harlan Jenkins?

ARCHANGEL: That's the one.

DOMINIC: Your old flight school buddy? Boy, how could he forget? I'll tell you, when String beat out Jenkins for that high test-pilot slot, Jenkins went to work for Moffett as his number-one lackey.

ARCHANGEL: And spent five years trying to convince everyone from the President on down that he was the one responsible for the major developments in Airwolf.

DOMINIC: With an ego as big as Texas.

ARCHANGEL: Well, that ego now belongs to the Committee. He's back working for the Firm, only this time, he's number-one pilot.

Airwolf II hangar


SECURITY GUARD:Redwolf, this is security! Your actions are not authorized. Shut down! I repeat, shut down your engines!


HARLAN: Adios, air base.

HARLAN: So you wanna play catch with a mule, do you?

DOMINIC: Hey. What's going on?

HAWKE: That's got to be Jenkins.

HARLAN: Hello.

HAWKE: Jenkins. This is Stringfellow Hawke.

HARLAN: Hawke, old buddy. You cannot believe how good it is to see you. Seems to me I'm in an eagle and you're fluttering around in a little sparrow, don't it?

DOMINIC: It had to have been Jenkins. He set us up!

HAWKE: Dom's right. If he wants to, he can blow us clean out of the sky. I'd say we'd better play to his ego.

HAWKE: Jenkins, so what's all this about?

HARLAN: Well, Hawk, old buddy. I'll say it's a matter of pride, otherwise I would hav blown you outta the sky when you first came into my sights, wouldn't l?

HAWKE: So what made you hold off?

HARLAN: You want the truth? I'll tell ya. I have been wondering and I have been dreaming for a long time, what you would do up against me on equal terms. Just you and me, Hawke. Airwolf to Airwolf.

HAWKE: I thought that was settled a long time ago.

HARLAN: Not in my mind, cowboy. Not in my mind.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, how do you see it?

HARLAN: Well, I think you'd be coyote meat in about 15 minutes.

HAWKE: You know, Harlan, you sound a little like a coyote yourself. Always, "Yip, yip, yip."

HARLAN: That's funny. I'll tell you though, I could blow you right out of the sky right now and spare you any future embarrassment. I could do that for you.

HAWKE: I'm not flying alone, Harlan. I thought you were bigger than that.

HARLAN: Bet you did. That's very nice of you. Tell you what, we'll do it later. You just name the time and I will name the place.

HAWKE: I'll tell you what. When you think you're ready, you just call me.

HARLAN: Hawke, I have always been ready. You hang by that phone, you understand? Because I'll call you. You can count on that.

DOMINIC: I don't mind telling you, dirt farmer, I nearly got religion.


ARCHANGEL: If you were trying to draw him out, I'd say you did a bang-up job.

HAWKE: At least it bought us some time. If you ever wanted to see that chopper again, you'd better hope it works.

At Delomo's safehouse

DELOMO: What reason is worth jeopardizing a fee of $ 30 million? The ship is waiting for us in the harbor right now.

HARLAN: I told you before, I got this little matter I wanna settle, that's all.

DELOMO: A little matter? We're on a very precise time schedule. The entire delivery is in danger every hour we delay. I need a better reason than "just a little matter."

HARLAN: All right, how does this sound? First I'm gonna check the Redwolf over, make sure it's okay, and then when I'm through with that, I'm gonna arm it. Then I'm going to make a phone call. Then I'm going to blow Stringfellow Hawke right out of the sky.

DELOMO: No, no, you're not crazy enough to think that I'd let you jeopardize everything so you can play cowboy.

HARLAN: What, you're so stupid to think the Firm is just gonna let us fly south in a billion-dollar-plus bird, now that we've become a national threat? You that stupid? Damn right, they're not. They're not gonna let that happen.

HARLAN: Old Moffett, he tried to take off in the first Airwolf, didn't he? They sent Hawke after him. You can bet your butt they're gonna send him after me, too. So I say forget it. Right now, we handle it right here and now. Settle it for good. On this side of the border. Except this time, I'm gonna do it my way. Texas style.

HARLAN: Oh. Adios, amigo.

F.I.R.M. Headquarters, Knightsbridge

ARCHANGEL: Would you like to explain this?

ADMIRAL: Wait till you hear this, son.

ZEUS: I regret, first of all, the manner in which you were brought here, Michael. But would you have come had we simply requested your presence?

ARCHANGEL: I think you know the answer to that.

ZEUS: Precisely. Now, to the reason we have taken these extraordinary measures to assure your appearance before us.

ADMIRAL: Here it comes.

ZEUS: With due respect, Admiral, if you persist in commenting on these proceedings, I shall be forced to rule you out of order and remove you from these premises.

ADMIRAL: All right, all right.

ZEUS: Now then, Michael. We are distressed to report that Airwolf II has been stolen.

ARCHANGEL: I know that.

ZEUS: Yes, of course. Then you also know the man who took it is Harlan Jenkins. What plan he might have for such a ship is problematical. However, we have reason to suspect because of the violence of this morning, that, whatever his motives, they are decidedly less than honorable.

BINGHAM: Therefore, Michael, we wish to ask you to help us to retrieve the helicopter we call Redwolf, or to have your friend, Mr. Hawke, to shoot it down. We're asking you to help us, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: A friend said to me recently that he loves to see feds grovel. I'd like nothing better at this moment than to see you on your knees. However, the obvious dangers involved here forbid me that pleasure. I most certainly will not help you, Mr. Chairman.

ARCHANGEL: But I will help my country.

ZEUS: We appreciate that.

ARCHANGEL: In exchange for which, I want total access not only to our files but to the NDC Alpha Bracket computer.I want the Airwolf budget doubled. I want full international access classification and I want you to leave me alone to do my job.

ZEUS: Whatever you need, Michael.

ADMIRAL: Nice shot, kid.

At Delomo's safehouse

HARLAN: C'mon, muchachos, let's go, chop, chop!

DELOMO: We can't risk letting him fight Airwolf. But there might be a way to stop him before he starts.

Wolf's Lair

DOMINIC: Let's hope this is all for nothing.

HAWKE: The entire Firm has been put under Michael's command. He's promised me he'd try everything before he has to send us in.

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure. But this isn't just another milk run, you know.

HAWKE: When it comes right down to it, can you think of a better way to stop Jenkins?

DOMINIC: Against Airwolf? They could call out the Air Force, the Navy, even the Marines.

HAWKE: Send 'em where? Just hope I've baited him enough to come after me. I'm gonna go relieve Cait at the office. You finish up here.

DOMINIC: Okay, sure. But you call me right away if Jenkins calls.

HAWKE: He'll call. Like the man said, you can count on it.

Santini Air

ARCHANGEL: Hawke? Hawke? Hawke, where the hell are you?

HAWKE: Here!

ARCHANGEL: Get everything you need?

HAWKE: Where's Caitlin?

ARCHANGEL: Was she supposed to be here?

HAWKE: Yeah, she was going to watch the phone, and wait for Jenkins' call.


HAWKE: Sorry we missed you, but perhaps your friend will serve the purpose. She is over the mountain of the moon, safe as long as you come.

ARCHANGEL: What's it mean?

HAWKE: It means they were after me, and they're using Caitlin to get to me.

HAWKE: "Over the mountain of the moon. Down the valley of the shadow."

ARCHANGEL: Edgar Allan Poe. "Ride, boldly ride, the Shade replied, if you seek for El Dorado."

HAWKE: Dorado Canyon.

ARCHANGEL: Could be.

HAWKE: [ON RADIO] Dom. It's Hawke, come in. Dom. Do you read me? Come in, Dom.

DOMINIC: Go ahead, String.

HAWKE: Listen, they got Cait.


HAWKE: You know where Dorado Canyon is?


HAWKE: Meet me there. Bring the Lady.

DOMINIC: Gotcha.

ARCHANGEL: Meet us there.


At Delomo's safehouse

DELOMO: Remove the rope and gag. I apologize. We are not always so ungentlemanly with ladies.

CAITLIN: Who are you and why am I here?

DELOMO: Let us say, to lure your friend, Hawke.

CAITLIN: Hawke? A trap for Hawke? Why?

HARLAN: Well. This is a nice surprise. How'd you know it was my birthday?

HARLAN: Hi. My name is Harlan. Who are you?

DELOMO: Don't worry. She is Hawke's lady friend. Hawke will come for her, and we'll take care of him. You fly Airwolf II aboard our ship.

HARLAN: Hawke's gonna come, but he's gonna be loaded for bear.

DELOMO: Alonzo, excuse me, you'd better hope I'm as good as I know I am. Very nice to meet you, ma'am.

ARCHANGEL: Where do you suppose Jenkins went?

HAWKE: I don't know, but I don't suppose he's going too far.

DELOMO: I want Hawke to see you. He's nearby. I can sense it.

ARCHANGEL: My main priority is to stop Jenkins. If he gets Airwolf II off the ground, we have no way to stop him but to send you after him.

HAWKE: I don't particularly want to shoot it out with him.

ARCHANGEL: The Firm doesn't want that, either. We can't afford to risk losing both Airwolfs. But if he plans to fly his out of the country, we've got no choice.

HAWKE: I understand.

HAWKE: All right, hold it right there. Throw those weapons out in front of you. Now! Real easy.

ARCHANGEL: Here's a present for you.


DELOMO: Welcome to El Dorado, Mr. Hawke.

DELOMO: Please don't force me to hurt her.

ARCHANGEL: His name is Alonzo Delomo. He works for rebel forces.

HAWKE: You know, there's no way on God's Earth that harming that girl is gonna help your cause.

ARCHANGEL: She dies, you die. You know me. You know I mean it.

DELOMO: I do not wish to kill anyone, but I will do what must be done.

HAWKE: Looks like we got a standoff then, doesn't it?

DELOMO: How do you suggest we settle this standoff, Mr. Hawke?

DOMINIC: String, I've got an incoming bogey.

HARLAN: Stringfellow Hawke. This is the time, baby, and this is the place.

DOMINIC: String, I've got him covered.

HARLAN: Back off, Tonto. This is between me and the Lone Ranger, you understand? If you don't, I'm gonna start with him, I'm gonna finish with you. Now, get outta here.

HAWKE: Looks like Jenkins has called both our hands.

DELOMO: Drop it. Drop it or the girl dies. Drop it. It is not what I planned but I accept the terms of war.

HAWKE: [Spanish sentence] You can't afford it.

DELOMO: You are right, I cannot. I think the wise thing to do is to hope that Jenkins is as good as he thinks he is.

DELOMO: A true revolutionary would have killed her.

DELOMO: I know it is against my better instincts, but why do I find myself wishing you well?

ARCHANGEL: It's a matter of class.

HARLAN: Come on, Hawke, tell the old goat-herder to get the hell outta the way. Now!

HAWKE: Not both of us. Not this time. Please, Dom.

DOMINIC: All right. Remember, keep your backside to the sun, you hear? Don't make a liar outta me!

HARLAN: Come on, I'm waiting, hotshot! Let's go!

DOMINIC: Old goat-herder, huh? String will put you in the backside of hell!

[DOGFIGHT SEQUENCE] HAWKE: Good shooting there, hotshot. You just killed a mountain.

HARLAN: Try this, chickenhawk.

HARLAN: Couple more of those and you're gonna be nothing but a desert barbecue, boy.

HARLAN: Vaya con dios Senor Hawke.

HAWKE: You know, Harlan, anybody that shoots as lame as you sure didn't design an Airwolf weapons system.

DOMINIC: Attaboy!

HAWKE: You're late for the rodeo, Jenkins. Land that thing now, while I'm still in the mood to let you.

HARLAN: Not a chance, Hawke. Not one chance for you.


DOMINIC: That's the greatest bit of flying I've ever seen.

Hawke's cabin

[LAUGHTER] HAWKE: Michael, you're seriously not going to quit the Firm.

ARCHANGEL: I'm considering it.

DOMINIC: But they apologized, right?

ARCHANGEL: Not elaborately enough.

CAITLIN: Sounds to me like he's reconsidering.

ARCHANGEL: Don't bet on it. They called me a traitor.

HAWKE: Well, you called me a liar.

ADMIRAL: As I'm calling everyone to dinner. Chow time. The ladies will gather immediately afterward for dessert at my place.

HAWKE: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present a human being in a business of pigs.

HAWKE: This is the Admiral.

ALL: The Admiral. The Admiral!

ARCHANGEL: Oh, boy, look at this. Beautiful.

ADMIRAL: Bon appetit.

ARCHANGEL: Wonderful. What is it?

ADMIRAL: Cochon roti.

DOMINIC: Cochon what?

HAWKE: Roast pork.

ADMIRAL: Roast pig.