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Amanda is the name of an aide to Archangel who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Airwolf II (episode).


Amanda is the first among Archangel's aides to appear in Season 3. Like Marella and Laura and Meryl, she is capable, quick with her facts and also a helicopter pilot.

At the beginning of the episode, she flies Archangel to meet Hawke to ask for an explanation as to why a Santini Air chopper was seen to be involved in a raid/robbery on an armaments train. Later she drives Archangel to a F.I.R.M. Committee meeting. There they meet Harlan "Tex" Jenkins who tries to chat her up but she doesn't say anything. Archangel tells Jenkin she only talks when it pleases her, or if he tells her to. He also warns him not to make a move on her as she is "a cobra".

Unfortunately, Amanda only makes an appearance in this one episode and even so she doesn't get to do much because Archangel spends most of the time outside the F.I.R.M., having been fired and therefore losing access to her services.

Amanda in her flight suit.

Portrayed By

Amanda is played by Kandace Kuehl.[1] She will return to play other Archangel aides Denise in And a Child Shall Lead (episode) and Vivian in Day of Jeopardy (episode). Why her character name should be changed is not known. Sandra Kronemeyer plays the aide Lydia over three episodes.