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Anastasia Zarcov is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Echoes From The Past".


Anastasia Zarcov is a Russian agent who specialises in researching and using behavior-modifying drugs. After Hawke been drugged and brought to a hospital, she poses as a psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Holgate, with the job of helping Hawke readjust to a normal life after (so he is told) being in a coma for a year. She applies medications to Hawke to keep him groggy and maintain the deception, especially that a fake Saint John Hawke they have brought in is the real thing. The leader of the intelligence gang, East German Eric Mass is impatient and wants to question Hawke about the location of Airwolf and wants her to reduce his medication. Zarcov tells him it is too soon and that their methods are not foolproof but Mass insists. This turns out to be the gang's undoing. As she predicts, Hawke soon sees through the whole thing and tries to escape.

The eventual fate of Zarcov is not known. After Hawke has been recaptured, the rest of the gang load Hawke and themselves into an ambulance to be taken to a C-130 aircraft in order to seize Airwolf and get out of the country. This scene shows Zarcov remaining behind at the hospital. She was not on the C-130 which was eventually blown up by a missile.

Portrayed By

Anastasic Zarcov is played by Zohra Lampert.[1]