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Santini Air Office

Caitlin: If he won't accept his responsibility then he just doesn't exist for me anymore. And I don't care what you say, I'm going to have this baby. I'm going to raise it alone.

Dominic (applauding): Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


Caitlin: What was that?

Dominic: Applause. You were sensational.

Caitlin: Oh.... Dominic, thanks. I sure hope my acting coach thinks so. You know, scene study is such an important part of becoming an actress.

Dominic: Well I guess. But is that what you really want? I mean it seems like such a tough racket.

Caitlin: I know but I'm already sort of in the business. And anyway getting that speaking part last week really cinched it.

Dominic: All you said was "the helicopter's ready". I think the producer did it to save money.


Caitlin: Now don't tell me I didn't hear it. There's something in there.

Dominic: There's nothing. Just ignore it.

Caitlin: No way.

Dominic: All right, all right, all right. I was going to save it as a surprise but if you insist....

Caitlin: Now wait a second. Dominic Santini, if some kind of rodent comes charging out of there, I'm going to blast it and you!

Dominic: Rodent, huh. You call this a rodent?

Caitlin: Oh Dominic, he's darling. What's his name?

Dominic: Her name is Alexandra the goat. And she's not a darling, she's a tough little hombre who I think could make one hell of a watch goat around here.

Caitlin: Right. Keep all those marauding tin cans at bay.

Dominic: Oh sure, sure. Go on. Have your fun. But I wanna tell you one thing. A goat saved my life one time, you know that? I crash landed in the Sierra Nevadas and I didn't have the faintest idea how to get off those mountains. Along came a goat, led me right down to civilization.

Caitlin: Dom, you don't have to convince me. I love him. Her. Shown it to Hawke yet?

Hawke: Show me what?

Dominic: String, meet Allexandra the goat.

Hawke: Yikes.

Dominic: Okay, another wise guy. I'll you know that this goat is a present from my friend Monique. And she says that goats are a symbol of virility.

(from a distance)

Sister Monica: Dominic. Dominic.

Dominic: Uh oh.... Ah, Sister Monica, what a pleasant surprise.

Sister Monica: I'm sorry to interrupt, Dominic. You were saying about your virility?

Dominic: Ah now, forget it. It's nothing.

Sister Monica: I'm sorry to hear that. I just want to make sure you hadn't forgotten about St. Julian's School picnic on Sunday.

Dominic: Wouldn't miss it for the world, Sister.

Caitlin: We're looking forward to it.

Sister Monica: Excellent. Mr. Hawke, Bobby Phelps tells me that you and he had some sort of deal.

Hawke: Yeah. Yeah, I guess we had a deal, Sister.

Sister Monica: Good. Sometimes the children misunderstand and end up being disappointed.

Hawke: No, Sister, he won't be disappointed.

Sister Monica: Well, I guess that takes care of everything. Except perhaps finding a way to revive Dominic's virility.

(Hawke and Caitlin laugh)

Phelps' villa

Robert: Bobby.... Bobby, what's this?

Bobby: It's a girl that I see.

Robert: Yeah, it's a girl. I can see that. But I just wondered why are you drawing her.

Bobby: She's a beauty.

Robert: Yeah. What a minute. That's the billboard off the freeway, isn't it.

Bobby: She smiled to me. Everyday.

Robert: You drew that from memory?

Bobby: I draw good.

Robert: Well, Bobby, you draw well.

Bobby: I draw well too.

Robert: Hey it's getting late. Time for the homework.

Bobby: It's hard, dad.

Robert: Come on, I'll help ya. Okay, show me what you can do.

Bobby: Big ball. The big ball.

Robert: Uh huh.

Bobby: The big ball bounces to ??? and the boy. The big ball....

(outside, in a surveillance van)

(from the speaker) The big ball....

Keller: (yawns) I'll be glad when this little operation is over.

Rogers: Hell, I don't see what we are waiting for. Let me and my little friend here loose. And we'll handle this job in no time.

(back to the villa)

Robert: No, Bobby, that's "went". See, "W" "E" "N" "T" went.

Bobby: It's hard, dad.

Robert: I know it's hard but you can do it. Needs work. You don't want to give up when things get tough, right?

Bobby: Yeah.

Robert: Right. Move over. I'll tell you what. I think it's time we made a family deal. All right, if you can read this entire book by Thanksgiving, I'll take you back up to Crystal Lake for camping and fishing.

Bobby: Fishing. I got a big one.

Robert: I remember. Now what do you say. Deal?

Bobby: Deal.

Robert: And remember. A Phelps never goes back on a deal. Right?

Bobby: Right!

Robert: Right! Right! Right!

School picnic

(fairground music)

(Hawke strums guitar)

Robert: Booby was born with extraordinary abilities. Although he is below average in mental development, he sees things in great detail and can reproduce them. You don't why, but Bobby can draw anything. Can't you, son.

Bobby: I done good, dad.

Robert: Well Bobby, you draw well.

Bobby: I draw well too.

Can't draw anything. He's not that good.

Keller: Here you are, guys. There you go. Here you are, hon. Enjoy 'em.

Keller: This is home base. Both of you reading me? Okay, stay on your toes. We have to move soon.

(Hawke strums guitar) Hawke: Who wants to learn how to play an [???]

Bobby: String!

Hawke: Here. You practice okay.

Hawke: How have you been, buddy.

Caitlin: Where's my hug. Thanks, cutie.

Bobby: Hey String, how's our deal?

Hawke: Our deal? We had a deal?

Bobby: You forgot?

Hawke: Yeah, I didn't forget. I thought you might.

Bobby:I did not. A Phelps never come back on a deal.

Hawke: Phelps don't come back on a deal. All right!

Hawke: Oh Bobby, its beautiful. You did all this from this photograph? I don't know what to say. Thank you.

Bobby: Hey String, where is the rest of the deal?

Hawke: Rest of the deal? Oh.... yeah, I think I got something here with your name on it.

Bobby: Wow! You got it!

Hawke: I just called a buddy of mine at NASA. Told him I had a special guy who needed one. Just like mine

Bobby: This thing went to the moon too?

Hawke: Yeah, went to the moon. You know this is made from a special alloy that they used on the Apollo mission.

Hawke: Listen, since you are a special bona fide astronaut now, how would you like to go flying.

Bobby: Really, you and me?

Hawke: You take over guitar lessons, Cait.

Caitlin: Okay.

Hawke: Come on, I'll race you.

Bobby: Yeah!

Caitlin: Okay, alright, now, who wants to go on a boat ride?

(helicopter takes off)

Hawke: How are you feeling, scared?

Bobby: No, this is exciting.

Hawke: Yeah, I guess so, honorary astronaut. Always safe up here, huh?

Bobby: There's Caitlin.

Bobby: Yeah. Thanks String. You like girls?

Hawke: Sure, I like girls. What about you, buddy?

Bobby: Yeah, I like to draw pretty girls.

Hawke: Well, drawing pretty girls sounds pretty normal to me.

Bobby: My mum was pretty. She died.

Hawke: Well, Bobby. Sometimes it's kind of hard when you lose someone close to us...

Bobby: My dad says mummy's an angel. She can watch me.

Hawke: That's a good way to look at it.

Bobby: Hi, mum, it's me, Bobby. I'm here [???] with String.

Bobby: I love you, mum.

Keller: Okay, Collins. Crowd has thinned out enough. Let's do it.

(helicopter lands)

Collins: Mr. Phelps.

Robert: Yes.

Collins: Hi, I'm Alan Collins. I understand you've just been appointed to the scholarship committee here at school. I'd very much like to discuss the programme with you if you have a minute, sir.

Robert: Sure, I'll be glad to.

Collins: Great, shall we walk?

Robert: Er, yeah.

Keller: Okay Rogers, he's on his way. Cover his back, no one interferes.

(Rogers cocks his gun.)

Bobby: There's my dad.

Collins: Excuse me, we want an ice-cream.

(sounds of a struggle)

Bobby: String, they're taking my dad.

(engine sounds)

(screeching brakes)

Dominic: Somebody take care of that kid.

Dominic: Sister, take care of Alexandra for me.

Dominic: What happened?

Hawke: Somebody grabbed Phelps.

Dominic: How could they grab from the middle of a picnic?

Hawke: They used an ice-cream truck.

Dominic: That ought to be easy enough to spot.

Hawke: They got that far. They ought to be around here somewhere.

(truck engine starts)

Dominic: I don't know how, but we've missed him.

Hawke: May be if we swing back south.

Dominic: Are you kidding? We've lost him. And sooner or later we've got to get back and tell Bobby.

(helicopter lands)

Bobby: Hey String, where's my dad.

Hawke: Bobby, I'm sorry. I couldn't find him.

Bobby: When's he coming back?

Hawke: I don't know.

Bobby: These men took him? Didn't they? They might hurt him?

Bobby: They might kill him?

Hawke: Bobby, hear me. Hey. Listen to me. I'm not gonna let that happen. I'll find him, I promise.

Bobby: It's a deal?

Hawke: Yeah, let's make a deal. Listen, you hang tough. You give me a chance. I'll find your dad. I'll bring him back safe, I promise.

Bobby: Okay, it's a deal.

Hawke: Yeah.

Maxwell's cabin

Maxwell: Welcome Mr. Phelps. The name is Maxwell.

Robert: What's the meaning of all this?

Maxwell: Oh now come, come. Let's not play the outraged victim. I know who you are and I know all about your new wing designs. Now simply put, I have some friends picking me up in 48 hours. And I'm going to have with me either those designs or you, Mr. Phelps. And believe me if you leave the country with me, my friends will get those new designs but you won't be coming back.

Robert: I'm really not feeling very well.

Maxwell: You disappoint me. I expected more from you than cheap theatrics.

Robert: Oh....

Maxwell: Help me! Help me!

Keller: He looks real bad, Mr. Maxwell, I don't think he's faking it.

Maxwell: Get a doctor, one that won't cause trouble.

Phelps' villa

Archangel: Okay the house is clean now but we found audio surveillance in five rooms.

Dominic: Sounds like professionals.

Archangel: Right.

Denise: Here's the file on Mr. Phelps.

Archangel: Thank you. Robert W. Phelps. 56, widower of three years, one son. Holds 11 patents in aircraft design, all paying substantial royalties. Estimated income last year 530 thousand. Estimated net worth 3.8 million. Latest project a new wing design with extraordinary lift capabilities. Extremely valuable applications to combat aircraft and space travel.

Hawke: Bottom line. He's prime value to both sides.

Archangel: Exactly. One more thing, he had a heart attack two years ago and some recent episodes of angina. A probable candidate for a bypass which he put off until finishing this latest project. The F.I.R.M. has taken over from the locals and the Feds. We'll give you everything you need.

Maxwell's cabin

Stuart: This man needs to be in a hospital. He's had a myocardial infarction of moderate severity.

Maxwell: And of course you recommend the hospital where we acquired you.

Stuart: He needs immediate treatment or he's going to die.

Maxwell: Well then you're just going to have to stay here and give him that treatment, doctor.

Stuart: But I have other duties. You can't just grab people at gunpoint and hold them.

Maxwell: But I have. Now you have two choices, be a doctor or a patient.

Stuart: I'll need equipment.

Maxwell: Anything you want.

Keller: You going to pull the plug?

Maxwell: And lose millions? No, of course not.

Keller: But they'll be here in less than two days. You haven't got his designs and you sure can't take him.

Maxwell: True, but I have been examining our options while you were arranging Dr. Stuart's house call. Now you told me Phelp's son has a special talent.

Keller: Yeah. I mean the kid's retarded but he can draw anything he sees.

Maxwell: And he saw the designs.

Keller: Yeah, yeah, just when I was pulling surveillance he must have been at his dad's desk a dozen times. In fact one night he was drawing something, the old man told him to stop and not to copy dad's work.

Maxwell: Well, that's our solution. The son may be as valuable as the father, under the circumstances.

Keller: It's a great idea, Mr. Maxwell, but the cops will be swarming all over the kid.

Maxwell: Well I think I have a way around that little problem too.

(dial tone)

Phelps' villa

Archangel (on the phone): It's not much time to raise that kind of money ... I'll do it.

Archangel: Guess I was wrong. They didn't kidnap Robert for his designs, they just want money. Three hundred thousand to be delivered sometime tomorrow.

Archangel: I can authorise that myself. We'll have Mr. Phelps back by tomorrow night!

Hawke: You hear that buddy?

Bobby: I knew you'd keep the deal. I'm lucky.

Archangel: Hawke, I need a word with you.

Archangel: They said Robert collapsed. We've got to get him back by tomorrow.

Caitlin: You are lucky.

Various places/the money drop

(at Santini Air) Hawke: All set?

Dominic: I think so. Just as long as I know that you and Cait got that lady ready to pounce.

Caitlin: Here's your surprise.

Hawke: Right, we're ready. Nothing like a radiation dipped twenty. A homing device. Airwolf's scanners will pick this thing up for twenty miles.

Dominic: All right. Now listen, these guys are pros. So they're going to be running me all over the place you understand. Just so they won't think they're being followed. But please be patient, will ya?

(phone rings)

Dominic: Santini. Right, I'm on my way.

Dominic: That was Archangel. First drop, Burger Barn.

Dominic: Testing, testing, one, two, three, do you hear me?

Hawke: Loud and clear.

Dominic: Now this is it, gang. I'm heading for Route 295. On the edge of the desert. I have to leave the money behind a tree. Okay?

Hawke: Sure sounds like the drop to me.

Caitlin: Yeah.

Hawke: Dom, we'll do a high level reconn before you get there.

Dominic: Okay.

(Wolf's lair. Airwolf lifting off)

Hawke: Dom, everything's negative on the reconn. There's nobody around for miles. After you make the drop, turn a couple of miles north of the ridgeline. We're waiting for you.

Dominic: Roger.

(Airwolf's engines start and it lifts off)

Dominic: What are they waiting for, it's been over an hour.

Caitlin: Yeah, they seemed so anxious to grab some dough and get lost.

Dominic: You don't think they're on to us, do you?

Hawke: Nah, it just doesn't add up.

Dominic: I mean they act like they don't want the money after all.

Hawke: May be that's it. They don't want the money. They want Bobby.

Caitlin: He's with Sister Monica at St. Julian's.

Dominic: Hey, let's go.

(Airwolf lands at St. Julian's)

Hawke: Sister, where's Bobby?

Sister Monica: Why, he went with those FBI men. The ones who said you'd rescued his father.

Maxwell's cabin

Bobby: What's happened to my dad?

Bobby: This is what I do last time dad was sick. He got better.

Maxwell: Listen Bobby, I'm sure that's helping your father a lot. But there's something else you can do for him that would help even more.

Bobby: I can sing to him.

Maxwell: No, even better. You see when your dad got sick, he was er.... making us those drawings that he was working on. The airplane wings. You remember those, don't you?

Phelps' villa

Archangel: Half my life in the intelligence business and I get suckered like a rookie.

Hawke: Hey, face it, we blew it.

Archangel: Right, obviously the kidnappers were after the designs all along. They needed Bobby because they couldn't use Robert.

Hawke: Yeah, I'd say chances are they were telling the truth about his collapsing. And that's our best clue.

Archangel: So we're looking for a man who suffered a heart attack within the past two days. Now what does this tell us?

Caitlin: Well they might have got him treatment under an assumed name.

Archangel: We've checked every hospital, clinic and doctor's office in the area. Of course they might be trying to treat him themselves.

Dominic: But wouldn't they really need a doctor and medication?

Caitlin: Sure, and medical equipment. A heart monitor?

Archangel: That would mean a medical supply house. Get right on that.

Hawke: Yeah. And this time let's do it right. No more screw ups, okay? I made that kid a deal. We've got to find some way to keep it.

Maxwell's cabin

Rogers: Okay, you sit down over here and you draw it right there, okay?

Bobby: [???]

Rogers: Hey you sit down. Now come here, come here. Sit down. I'm not playing games with you any more. I've got a boil on my foot. And you've been to the kitchen twice and the bathroom three times in the last two hours. So you ain't helping any. Now do your work.

Bobby: I don't like you.

Rogers: I don't care if you don't like me. Just do your work.

Santini Air

Dominic: No sale at Memorial hospital. That guy fits Phelps' description but it wasn't him.

Hawke: Damn it. You know anything happens to this kid.

Dominic: Easy does it. Easy does it.

(phone rings)

Hawke: Hello.

Caitlin: Hi String we got something. A medical supply house in Oakwood Hills sold a whole complex of heart attack equipment and medical supplies to a Dr. Sturt two days ago.

Hawke: Dom, check the map for an Oakwood Hills.

Dominic: Oakwood Hills, check.

Caitlin: Oh String, that's not all.

Hawke: Yeah?

Caitlin: Seems the clerk remembered her because she got way too much of everything. We cross checked this Dr. Stuart. She was reported missing yesterday.

Dominic: Got it.

Hawke: Great work, Cait. Come on, Dom.

Maxwell's cabin

Bobby: My dad, I want my dad.

Maxwell: What's going on? Why's he crying?

Rogers: He wants to see his old man every five minutes.

Maxwell: Listen to me, you stupid ape. That kid is the key to more money than you ever dreamed of. Anything he wants he gets. He says jump, you ask how high.

Rogers: Okay.

Bobby: Hi dad, it's me Bobby.

Robert: Hello, Bobby.

Bobby: He's waking up. He's coming back!

Collins: Taking a break.

Rogers: Okay.

Stuart: What's the matter with you?

Rogers: I've got a boil on my foot, It's killing me.

Stuart: What? Is it red and swollen?

Rogers: Aw!

Stuart: Painful to the touch.

Rogers: What do you think it is.

Stuart: Don't you know, there's been an outbreak of Rocky Mountain fever in the area. Sort of that's one of the first symptoms. Now, you've got to get off that foot. Soak it. I want you to turn on the hot water. I'll be right there.

Robert: Bobby, listen carefully. You've got to get help.

Bobby: I can, dad. Yeah.

Stuart: It's up to you Bobby, I can't leave your father.

Robert: Take this note. Run through the woods as fast as you can. You give it to the first person you meet. They'll call the police. You understand, Bobby?

Bobby: Yes, dad. I can run fast. I'm astronaut.

Robert: You can do it.

Bobby: I can do it, dad!

Robert: You can do it, Bobby, I love you son.

Bobby: I love you dad.

(trash can crashes)

Keller: The kid's gone. He got out a window.

Maxwell: What?

Keller: Jenkins is after him.

Maxwell: You better hope he finds him. or that kid will have a perfect likeness of your mug plastered from coast to coast.

Keller: Jenkins will find him. He's just a harmless kid.

Maxwell: Oh yeah, just a harmless kid that could hang us all.

Maxwell: Well, at least he's given us nearly all the drawings. Listen, the ship should be on site by now. Contact our friends. Tell them to send a special taxi. They'll understand.

Keller: Right away, sir. Should we pack up?

Maxwell: Er yes. That kid ever reaches civilisation, it would be better we were long gone.

Airwolf searches the area

Hawke: Get anything on standard scan?

Dominic: I'm getting plenty but none of it helps.

Hawke: Let's try thermal for a while.

Dominic: I already tried thermal. There are people down there but who knows if they are the right people.

Hawke: Ok, let's just make another pass.

Dominic: Right. I'll try matrix scan.

Dominic: Oops, String. I just got a very high reading on beryllium.

Hawke: Hey listen, Dom. The medal. The one I gave Bobby. Was mostly beryllium. Stay on that source, we're going down.


Hawke: Dom! Bobby! Bobby! bobby, it's me. String! Bobby. Remember String. We made a deal.

Bobby: String.

Hawke: You all right?

Bobby: uh huh. String, my dad's sick. He gave me a note.

Hawke: Bobby all it says is call the police.

Hawke: You know where you dad is? Show us?

Bobby: I don't know, String.

Dominic: Bobby, tell me how long have you been running. Do you remember that? How many minutes.

Bobby: I'm too dumb.

Dominic: No, no you're not. Don't worry about that. Come on.

Hawke: You're not dumb.

Hawke: Bobby, see anything that looks familiar with those cabins or houses down there.

Bobby: Oh no I don't.

Hawke: I was afraid of that.

Dominic: Hey I've got an idea. Bobby you saw the front of the house when they brought you there, didn't you?

Bobby: Uh huh.

Dominic: You think you could draw it for me?

Bobby: I need paper.

Dominic: No, no, no. I want you to take that graphic pad with the lightpen. And you draw it right on there. I can see it right over here on my monitor. Okay? You think you could do that?

Bobby: Sure, I've got one at home.

Dominic: Attaboy. I could see it right up here on my screen.

Dominic: Attaboy. Oh, it's coming in good.

Hawke: Great idea, Dom. Do a horizontal scan.

Maxwell's cabin

Keller: We're almost ready, sir.

Maxwell: The special taxi?

Keller: On its way.

Maxwell: Excellent.

Keller: What do we do about Dr. Phelps and Stuart?

Maxwell: Well, you've heard the expression cut off the head and the body dies? Well, cut off the doctor and the patient dies.

Keller: I'll attend to it personally, sir.

Airwolf continues searching

Bobby: This is the house.

(computer sounds)

(a BX-16 gunship lands)

(computer gives positve match)

Dominic: Hey, we got it, a quarter mile dead ahead.

(BX-16 lifts off)

Dominic: I also see a craft leaving the area at high speed. I'm running an ID scan on 'em. It's a BX-16 gunship.

Hawke: Roger Dom, let's take care of business here first.

Hawke: Heavy combat mode.


(vehicles start up)

(Airwolf turbos on)

(Airwolf fires rockets. Explosions.)

Bobby: Wow!

(Airwolf lands)

Hawke: Give me a thermal scan.

Dominic: Yep, one person in the back room. Subnormal body temperature.

Hawke: That's got to be Phelps.

(Airwolf lands, lifts off again)

Maxwell's cabin

Dominic: Okay, Bobby.

(flat-lining heart monitor)

Dominic: Oh, brother.

Dominic: Like trying to ... kick start ... a 747, Bobby.

(normal heart beats on heart monitor)

Dominic: All right. Huh Bobby, I think he's gonna be all right.

Airwolf in pursuit

Hawke: Put that machine on the ground now, or I'll do it for you.

Maxwell: Arm the weapons, I've got to make that ship.

(dogfight music, guns and rocket fire. Explosion as BX-16 is blown up.)

Phelps' villa

Archangel: Listen Robert, next you get one of these super sensitive high tech brain storms, I wish you'd let me know. I'll get the FIRM to assign a few people to keep their eye on you guys.

Bobby: Nice, huh?


Dominic: I'll tell you one thing. If it hadn't been for this boy's drawing, we'd never would have found that house.

Robert: Yes, I understand. Few days I'll be out of here. Taking Bobby with me up to Crystal Lake. It'll be a first for me, going fishing with a full-fledged hero.

Bobby: I catch a big fish too.

Hawke: Sure better not forget about me.

Bobby: Oh String I don't forget about you. I drew a picture for you.

Caitlin: What?

Bobby: You look good smiling.

Hawke: Oh boy! I tell you Bobby, this is real good. I just don't think I'm the model type.

Bobby: You look good when you smile.

Hawke: (laughs) You know you look great with a smile too? Since you made me such a great drawing. I tell you what. I promise you I'll smile more, okay?

Bobby: Deal!

Dominic: All right!