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Angelo is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Santin's Million".


Angelo runs the paint shop across the runway from Santini Air at Van Nuys. Earlier the in the episode, a Jetranger in Santini Air colors picks Margo Brewster up and she disappears. James Graydon and Cooper turn up at Santini Air to demand to know what happened to her. Dominic insists that his Jetranger is not serviceable and shows them the damaged tail rotor but Graydon insists that it was definitely a red, white and blue painted chopper exactly like Dominic's. Caitlin suggests that they go see Angelo as he does the paint jobs for Santini Air's choppers.

Over at the paint shop, Angelo says that he did indeed do a red, white and blue paint job on a Jetranger but it was a cash customer but he doesn't know his name. Cooper shows Angelo a photo of Carl Barron and Angelo confirms that was the paint job customer. Graydon tells Dominic that if Barron is still alive, he doesn't get the inheritance. "Correction. You don't get it either way," he says. Cooper pulls out his gun and Dominic, Hawke and Angelo are locked up in the spray paint booth. Graydon and Cooper then release paint thinner into the booth and rig it up so that there will be a spark when the door is opened, causing an explosion.

Fortunately, Caitlin spots Graydon and Cooper leaving on their Hughes chopper and gets suspicious. She discovers Hawke, Dominic and Angelo in the locked up paint booth and releases them.

Angelo in the paint booth with the thinner being released. Dominic and Hawke are out of the camera view as they are trying to force the door open.

Portrayed By

Angelo is played by John O'Connell.[1]