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Anne was born in Toronto on September 12, 1938. When she was 14, her mother enrolled her in ballet school in New York but soon grew tired of this and took up modeling and acting for TV commercials where she had some success. From there it was a natural progression to acting in bit roles for television series such as Father Knows Best, Sea Hunt, Gunslinger and Rawhide. She landed her first film role in the movie Desire in the Dust in 1960 and then another as Princess Helene in The Magic Sword.

Anne is, however, probably most remembered for being cast opposite Elvis Presley in the 1962 film Follow That Dream. Anne played Elvis' love interest Holly Jones and apparently got to know Elvis very well during the location shooting in Florida. After this she continued in a prolific career which included appearances in many well known TV series such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Hawaii 5-O, The F.B.I. and the Streets of San Francisco.

Anne's appearance on Airwolf came towards the end of her career. She retired from acting in 1986 and thereafter took up writing and has authored several books for children under the name Annie Helm.[1][2][3]


The Hunted (episode)

Character Played

In the Hunted, Anne played Edna Mosconi, the owner of a photo studio. A professional assassin Robert Villers romances her in order to use her facilities and equipment to conduct surveillance and then kills her when he has no further use for her.