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Annie is a rock collector who makes a one time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Random Target".


Annie is described as "a harmless old lady" who "lives in a world by herself". She owns "Annie's Rock Shop" in Silver Springs (probably Silver Springs, Nevada, and makes trips into the desert to collect rock samples for sale in her shop.

While on one of her rock collecting expeditions, she sees two Hughes 500 helicopters milling around and then a Beechcraft Super King Air come in for a landing. Curious, she drives over in her jeep to have a closer look. Unfortunately for her, the commotion is crime boss Kenneth Langhorn coming out of hiding for a meeting. His King Air is delivering him to a remote desert air strip, protected by his Hughes gunships. When Langhorn spots Annie driving on to the landing strip he orders his hitmen to open fire on the jeep. Annie spins around and tries to escape but she is pursued by the two Hughes gunships which blow up her car with rockets.

The wreckage of Annie's car is later discovered by a man out with his dog who summon the Highway Patrol. Hawke and Det. Sergeant Anne Brannen who pass by on their way to breakfast also stop to take a look. Brannen is inclined to believe it is yet another act of random violence but Hawke notices that Annie's car has been hit by rocket fire.


Two of Kenneth Langhorn's Hughes gunships attack Annie's jeep as she tries to escape.

Portrayed By

Annie is played by Eve McVeagh[1].