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ARCHANGEL: I can't tell, but when she gave it to me, she was with this individual, very tan, very blonde, with about a thousand perfect teeth.
ARCHANGEL: I can't tell, but when she gave it to me, she was with this individual, very tan, very blonde, with about a thousand perfect teeth.
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A F.I.R.M. convoy somewhere

STERN: Any minute, now.


VOICE: [ON WALKIE TALKIE] The cargo's on schedule.

STERN: Ready? All right, hit it.



STERN: Come on, get that lock off. We ain't got all night.

STERN: Let's move it, guys.

SLADE: Karl, what's going on here? Now, this wasn't part of the plan. Hey, level with me, buddy.

STERN: Don't concern yourseIf.

SLADE: Hey, I thought we were partners, Karl.

STERN: Partners? Dennis, you're hired help. $100,000 for a few minutes work. No questions.

SLADE: Yeah, but you forgot to mention the size of this escort. This deal is a whole lot bigger that you led on. I think we just may have to renegotiate.

STERN: Don't get greedy, Slade. You take your $ 100,000 and spend it in good health. Now, move it.

At a test range



STERN: All right, pack it up. Well, Leo, what do you think?

LEO: I think, how much?

STERN: Gee, Leo, a big-time arms broker like you ought to know what something like this is worth. But, since I'm not a greedy man, let's say $10 million.

LEO: I usually get 10% to arrange the transaction.

STERN: They'll have to pay your share.

LEO: You know, Karl, when a weapon like this is stolen, the border slam shuts in a hurry. You'll be expected to deliver to an Eastern Bloc country if you want your money.

STERN: I'm aware of that. Don't worry. I'll get it out of the country.

LEO: If you can, there's a good chance I can make a deal. I'll be in touch.

STERN: Drive carefully, Leo.

SLADE: Karl, we gotta talk. That is really advanced...

STERN: Eavesdropping can be a very dangerous hobby, Slade.

SLADE: $10 million and you're offering me a measly $100,000? I'm not gonna let that happen.

STERN: So, what are you gonna do? Go to the cops?

SLADE: What, and take the rap for murdering those two guards? No way.

STERN: I'm gonna give you a bit of free advice, Slade. You're playing in the big leagues now. You start going around making idle threats, somebody's gonna hand you your head. Got it?

Hawke's cabin

KIKI: Look, enough already. All you need is this and a pair or swimming trunks. Sometimes less.

HAWKE: Sounds like my kind of place.


KIKI: What's the matter?

HAWKE: Uh, nothing really. Let's get going. Now.

HAWKE: No. No, Michael, no.

HAWKE: They answer is absolutely, "No, not!"

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, I'm glad I caught you.

HAWKE: You didn't catch me, Michael.

HAWKE: I've got five days off, and I'm on my way to north shore of Oahu.

ARCHANGEL: Oahu, huh? Whatever gave you that idea? I'm Michael Coldsmith-Briggs.

KIKI: Kiki Tanabe.

ARCHANGEL: Kiki, Hawke and I need to talk.

HAWKE: No, we don't.

ARCHANGEL: Could you excuse us for just a couple of minutes, please?

HAWKE: Uh, Kiki, would you mind waiting on the front porch just for a minute?

KIKI: Okay, but, remember, I have to meet the rest of the flight crew in 45 minutes.

HAWKE: Just a second, honey.

ARCHANGEL: Stewardess, huh? I must start flying commercial more often.

ARCHANGEL: You're aware of the Firm's laser weapons research?

HAWKE: Vaguely. Some ray guns, proton blasters, stuff like that.

ARCHANGEL: Yeah, well, embarrassingly, we're missing one.

HAWKE: What's this "we" stuff, Michael? Don't you mean that you guys are missing one?

ARCHANGEL: Twenty-four hours ago, the Mongoose, an electron beam laser weapon, was stolen by parties unknown while it was in transit to our secret testing site. I needn't tell you all hell is coming down. Starting with the president himseIf.

HAWKE: High priority, huh?

ARCHANGEL: A man called this morning, who was part of the heist. He offered us the name of the individual who has the Mongoose in exchange for one million dollars.

HAWKE: So pay him. A million bucks is pocket change to you guys.

ARCHANGEL: Oh, we intend to. It's the how that's a little bit tricky. That's why I need you. We're supposed to send our bag man to the stunt men's tryouts at Old Silver City.

HAWKE: Tryouts?

ARCHANGEL: Yeah. It's a touring Wild West Show. They start tomorrow. You can take Dominic and Caitlin, too, if you think they'll be of any help to you.

ARCHANGEL: You all work around stunt people all the time, you know the lingo. If anyone recognizes you, it'll look 100% legitimate.

HAWKE: I'll tell you something. We do aerial stunts, not cowboy stuff. Doesn't the Firm have some buckaroo on the payroll?

ARCHANGEL: No, we don't.

ARCHANGEL: Come on, I know you can ride a horse. You can fake the rest of it until you make the payroll.

HAWKE: How am I supposed to find this guy, anyway?

ARCHANGEL: He says he'll find you. So? Are we set?

HAWKE: No, no. Michael, I'm sorry.

Silver City

ANNOUNCER: (COULD BE BARKER) Of course, Silver City has, in the past, been a favorite location of numerous movie and television westerns.

ANNOUNCER: We are pleased again this year to be hosting the stuntmen's auditions...

HAWKE: This looks like the place.

ANNOUNCER: ...for Annie Oakley's Wild West Showw. It's an exciting day, folks. So be ready for action at any time.

VILLAIN: Who's that lowdown varmint who claims she's Annie Oakley?

ANNOUNCER: Looks like wwe might have some trouble, folks. But there's no need to panic. Annie can take care of this sidewwinder.

ANNIE: You calling me out?

VILLAIN: I'm calling you a sneaking coward who don't deserve to be called an Oakley. Annie Oakley was the best shot there ever was! And you're a fake!

ANNIE: Maybe you'd like to try me.

VILLAIN: It's your funeral, lady.

ANNOUNCER: Uh-oh, folks, watch yourselves. They're fixing to tussle.


VILLAIN: I surrender! Please, Annie, I give up!


VILLAIN: Okay! I'm just... You're Annie! You're Annie! You're the best, Annie! You win! Help!

ANNOUNCER: There she is, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest pistol shot in the world, the new Annie Oakley, queen of Annie Oakley's Wild West Show.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you for your attention. And let's give a final hand to Annie Oakley!

CAITLIN: Well, looks like Miss Fancy-Pants is running the show here. Think she's connected?

HAWKE: Oh, she's connected, all right. Well-connected. I guess I'll mosey on over and see if I can get us a tryout.

CAITLIN: Mosey? You hear him, Dom? You give a guy a cowboy hat and a pair of boots, and he thinks he's Gary Cooper.

REX: Mom, that was great!

ANNIE: You thought that was pretty good, huh?

REX: Sure, Mom, you're the best.

ANNIE: Oh, thanks, honey. I can count on you.

HAWKE: Excuse me, ma'am.

ANNIE: Yeah?

HAWKE: My friends and I just arrived. We're kind of looking to see if we can get a tryout.

ANNIE: Well, are you experienced stunt people?

HAWKE: Yes, ma'am.

ANNIE: What are your specialties?

HAWKE: Well, Caitlin, there, she can ride just about anything you can find a place to set her on it. Dom, he used to double Yakima Canutt.

REX: Horse pucky!


REX: Mom, everybody knows Yakima Canutt was the greatest stunt man ever, and no one doubled him.

ANNIE: But that doesn't give you any excuse to use language like that.

HAWKE: Fine-looking boy.

Actually, it took us a lot of work to get him to say "pucky." Now, you were telling me about your background.

HAWKE: MyseIf? Well, I can ride it, rope it, fall it down, and if it steps on me, I can cut its throat and eat it raw.

ANNIE: Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Hawke, we don't have any room for you today, but we could give you a tryout tomorrow.

HAWKE: That'd be fine with me.

SLADE: Say, didn't we work on a little feature down in Mexico?

HAWKE: Something called Death of the Mongoose? Maybe, for that Firm Deal Productions?

SLADE: That's right. It's good to see you again. Listen, why don't you fill this thing out and bring it back with you tomorrow.

HAWKE: Thank you, ma'am.

ANNIE: It's my pleasure. I just hope you're haIf as good as your sales pitch.

CAITLIN: How'd you do? I got us a tryout.

DOMINIC: Oh, my aching back. You mean... We're gonna be up haIf the night practicing.

HAWKE: Well, not really. I, uh, found our snitch.

That evening at the barn

SLADE: You here?


Outide, later

HAWKE: Find out anything?

DOMINIC: Yeah, the Deputy Sheriff said it looks like an accident. That Slade was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

c/I worked the crowd. Nobody seems to have seen anything. The stuntmen said Slade was neither particularly liked nor disliked.

HAWKE: I know what it looks like, but... I don't know. But it just doesn't seem like an accident to me.

At a rendezvous with Archangel

ARCHANGEL: What happened?

HAWKE: Your man got hit by a four-pronged hay hook. That's what happened.

ARCHANGEL: And you didn't get to talk to him?


ARCHANGEL: Damn it, Hawke! The president himseIf called the old man today. They want the Mongoose back, or in 1000 little pieces, whichever can happen first.

HAWKE: What do you want me to do, Michael? I got sent here to bird-dog some snitch who all of a sudden is not talking at all.

ARCHANGEL: Sorry. Running into stone walls makes me a little cranky.

ARCHANGEL: Besides, I got a feeling the Mongoose is here somewhere.

HAWKE: That could be. But you know, I wouldn't know it if they served it to me for breakfast.

ARCHANGEL: I'll get you a sketch and the specs on the weapon. Lydia here, will deliver it tomorrow. Anything else you need?

HAWKE: What about the woman?

LYDIA: Her real name is Louise Mackey. She's an army brat. Her father taught her how to shoot. He was on the Army's pistol team.

HAWKE: Any financial problems?

ARCHANGEL: Not really. She's not getting rich, but she's making it.

HAWKE: What about personal?

ARCHANGEL: No serious relationship at the moment. One previous marriage that didn't last very long, but resulted in a son, Rex. Lives with her parents while she's on the road.

ARCHANGEL: For the past year, she's been involved in a custody battle with her ex-husband, a man named Stern. We're checking on him right now. Other than that...

HAWKE: So you want us to stay here, nose around and see what we can find out, right?

ARCHANGEL: Yeah. Right now, you're the only chance we've got.

In a workshop

STERN: I can't afford any mistakes, Larson. Are you sure it's the right size?

LARSON: No sweat.

STERN: You do nice work. It'll be ready by tomorrow?.

LARSON: Yes, sir.

STERN: Fine. Then we'll proceed just as planned.

Next morning at Silver City

ANNOUNCER: And here she comes. How about that, folks? Caitlin O'Shaughnessy, doing a pony express!

CAITLIN: How'd I do?

ANNIE: Well, a little too good. I'd better look out, or you'll have my job.

CAITLIN: Thanks.

ANNOUNCER: Look out, folks, there's trouble on the saloon roof. The sheriff has finally caught up with the Kid.

ANNOUNCER: Better get your cameras ready, folks.

HAWKE: All right, Kid, you're under arrest.

ANNOUNCER: Watch it, Sheriff!

ANNOUNCER: Oh, what a fight! He's getting awfully close to the edge!

DOMINIC: String? String? String!

DOMINIC: Are you all right?

HAWKE: Dom, remember, it was left, left, right!

DOMINIC: Sorry, String. I blew it.

ANNOUNCER: How about that high and hard fall, folks? You'll never see better.

ANNOUNCER: That was Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini. Take a bow, Dominic. Thank you, thank you! Let's give them a big applause, folks. Folks, we're nearly to the end of today's schedule.

ANNIE: Are you all right?

HAWKE: Yes, ma'am, I'm fine.

ANNIE: I have got to tell you, that was the best fall I've seen in a long time. You looked totally out of control.

HAWKE: Well, that's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it?

ANNIE: Congratulations. Very realistic.

DOMINIC: Thank you, ma'am. You know what they say. Practice makes perfect.

ANNIE: The blood's a nice touch, too. It almost looks real.

HAWKE: Yeah, that's the good stuff. I make it myseIf.

REX: Beauty, Mr. Hawke.

ANNIE: You know, I'd sure like to use you guys, but we don't usually have a high-fall set with the traveling show.

ANNIE: But didn't you list automatic weapons as one of your specialties?

HAWKE: Well, yes, I've had my hands on a few, a time or two.

ANNIE: Do you think you could handle a Gatling gun?

DOMINIC: Handle it? Why, he can lay down a field of fire and make it whistle Dixie while he's doing it.

ANNIE: That's great. I've been working on a routine where I shoot against a Gatling gun. Why don't we give it a try after lunch?

HAWKE: That'd be fine by me.

ANNIE: All right. I'd better get the show back on the road, though. I got to keep 'em hopping. Come on, partner. Congratulations.

DOMINIC: Well, I thought everything worked out real fine, huh? The crowd loved us.

HAWKE: `Yeah, maybe I should have broken my neck for real. We might've been the hit of the show.

DOMINIC: Aw, String.

Outside Silver City

STERN: So do we have a deal? What happened?

LEO: Their eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. You've got it. $10 million on delivery. They want to know when and where they can take it.

STERN: I plan on having the weapon in East Berlin in about two weeks.

LEO: Excellent. Listen, Karl, they want this weapon at any cost. If you run into trouble, call me at this number. I usually don't get involved, but I'll make an exception in this case. I got connections in Mexico. I can arrange for you to take the weapon across the border, and from there into Cuba. Remember, if anything goes wrong...

STERN: Right. I'll call you.

Silver City

HAWKE: Howdy, partner.

REX: Hi, Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE: How's things going?

REX: Okay, I guess.

HAWKE: You don't sound too sure.

REX: The tryouts are over tomorrow.

REX: My grandparents are coming to get me so Mom can go on tour again.

HAWKE: Kind of put a burr in your saddle?

REX: Well, they're real nice, but I wish I could stay with mom.

HAWKE: You know, son, now and then, some of us have to go down a stretch of bad road. I figure a tough young guy like you can handle it.

REX: I guess so.

HAWKE: Speaking of tough, I noticed you got some chew.

REX: Yeah, you want some?

HAWKE: No. Not me. You know, some folks around here think that I'm kind of a bad hombre. Tell you the truth, that stuff there makes me sick.

REX: Really?

HAWKE: Turns my stomach. How long you been chewing it?

REX: Years.

HAWKE: Well, you know, I'm not one to put my nose in a man's business, but I don't think a youngster ought to have no chew.

REX: Aw, come on, Mr. Hawke. All of us cowboys chew or dip snuff. Some do both.

HAWKE: Whatever you say, pard.

In Annie's office

ANNIE: All right, baby, lift your head up.

ANNIE: You'll feel better now. Just lie down for a little while. Put your feet up.

ANNIE: Chewing tobacco. What'd he think he was doing?

HAWKE: I don't know. But if it's any consolation, I did the same fool thing when I was a kid.

ANNIE: So did I.

HAWKE: Chewing tobacco is a pretty tough medicine, but it sure cured me.

ANNIE: Thanks for looking out for him, Hawke.

HAWKE: Well, he's a fine boy. I don't think he's too happy right now, though.

ANNIE: Neither one of us are very happy every time he has to go back to my folks' house.

HAWKE: No way around it?

ANNIE: No. This show's no place for him. We're in a different town every week. But it's what I do. I can't sew, I can't type. I'm an entertainer, and I'm good at it. And I like it. Except for...

HAWKE: Except for leaving Rex.

ANNIE: Yeah.

HAWKE: Looks like you got a pretty raw deal, cowboy. You rescue my son, and for a reward, I dump my troubles on you.

HAWKE: Don't you worry about it. Listen, I better get going. I'll see you at the tryouts.

ANNIE: Hey, Hawke, I hope you can handle that Gatling gun, 'cause I'd like having you around.

At the Gatling gun tryout

LARSON: She's all yours.


DOMINIC: String, what happened?

CAITLIN: You okay?

HAWKE: Powder burns.

LARSON: I've never had that happen before.

HAWKE: Just what did happen, buddy?

LARSON: Look, man, the gun doesn't belong to me. I'm only the Property Master, I just rent 'em. Probably a hot load. This Gatling gun's an antique. It just couldn't take the pressure.

DOMINIC: Come on. Let 'em take a look at that arm.

ANNIE: You know, Larson, you are the Property Master. That makes you responsible, unless that's more than you can handle?

LARSON: What do you expect me to do about it? This thing just happened. I expect you to handle your job like a professional. That way, accidents like that won't just happen.

ANNIE: I'm real sorry about your arm, Hawke. But like you stunt boys say, that's why we pay you the big money.

DOMINIC: You mean we got the job?

ANNIE: Sure did. We'll work on the act a little bit later. That is, if we can get Larson to get his act together and get us a working gun.

ANNIE: Excuse me.

CAITLIN: More trouble in Silver City?

ANNIE: I thought I told you you weren't welcome here.

STERN: Got to talk to you about Rex.

HAWKE: Well, we're on anyway, it'll be a lot easier to move around now.

HAWKE: Dominic, why don't you go see if you can get a handle on what really happened with that Gatling gun.

DOMINIC: You, too? You got the feeling that this accident wasn't just an accident?

CAITLIN: I think we've all got that feeling, Dom.

DOMINIC: I'll see you.

HAWKE: And Caitlin, why don't you go check out Annie's new trouble, see what you can turn up. Looks like I got a date with an angel.

Inside Annie's office

ANNIE: I thought it was clearly understood that any communication between us would be through our lawyers.

STERN: Look, Annie, those people are only interested in our money. I'm interested in our son. A boy needs his father.

ANNIE: That's very good, Karl. You've been reading fortune cookies again, huh? You know, if I had my way, you'd never see Rex again, never interfere in our lives.

STERN: Oh, that can be arranged.

ANNIE: What do you mean?

STERN: I've got a proposition for you, Annie. How would you feel about giving up the first three months of your tour here and taking the show to Europe? They're mad about anything from the American West.

STERN: Look at these cities. Birmingham, Manchester, Florence, Turin, Frankfurt, Munich, East Berlin.

ANNIE: I have commitments here. Signed contracts. I can take care of those. I can take care of everything. Visas, permits, whatever. Instead of playing in front of hundreds in Altoona, it'll be thousands every night.

ANNIE: What's in it for you, Karl?

STERN: Simple. 30% of the gross. Your share will be more than double what you'd make here.

STERN: Now, what do you say, huh?

ANNIE: I say no. I have commitments. I have contracts. Those people in Altoona are looking for me.

STERN: I see. How would you feel if I gave up the custody suit for Rex?

ANNIE: Why would you do that?

STERN: All right, I guess you might as well know. I've got money troubles. Big ones. I'm in deep to a loan shark. This money will square me.

ANNIE: Now that sounds more like the Karl that I know. Willing to give up his own son for a couple of bucks.

STERN: Hey, I'm not gonna do him much good floating in the river.

STERN: Help me, Annie. Please.


LARSON: Hey, Annie. I'm hauling the Gatling back to the gun shop.

ANNIE: Just make sure it's fixed properly.


ANNIE: I'll think about your offer.

STERN: I'll be around. Say yes, Annie.

In a stable

CAITLIN: Come on.

CAITLIN: Present from heaven?

HAWKE: Archangel might like your analogy, but I'd call it hell from above.

CAITLIN: Hawke, Stern wants Annie to take the show to Europe including East Berlin.

HAWKE: Archangel might just be right. Can you imagine a better way to get past Customs than have it disguised as a show prop?

CAITLIN: Hawke, Dom's trailing that gun.

HAWKE: We'd better go back him up.

On the road outside Silver City



HAWKE: Follow the main highway, Cait. There's a couple of side roads up there.



CAITLIN: Oh, my God. Hawke!

HAWKE: Cait, set this thing down now.


DOMINIC: Mama mia! How am I going to explain this to the rental agency?

CAITLIN: Dom, you okay?


HAWKE: I'll tell you one thing. You look like hell.

DOMINIC: Oh, thanks.

HAWKE: I knew you'd make it. Anyway, we figured out that Gatling gun accident.

DOMINIC: Yeah, but you still lost the gun.

HAWKE: I got an idea that he's gonna bring it back. And he's gonna bring it back all repaired.

CAITLIN: Yeah, with the Mongoose disguised inside of it.

HAWKE: Dom, it's time for you to go get the Lady.

DOMINIC: Hey, that suits me fine. I'm tired of being a cowboy. You got a plan?

HAWKE: Right now, I don't think anybody's got a plan. We're on to Stern, Stern's on to us, or at least he knows we're close. The best thing we can do, is just call his hand.

CAITLIN: How do we do that?

HAWKE: Watch.

In Annie's office

ANNIE: You've got to be kidding me. Star Wars lasers, and Karl involved with them? Hawke, the man's a lot of things, but he's not a traitor.

HAWKE: We do know that Karl wants to ship something out of the country, and we think he wants to use your company's prop boxes to disguise it.

ANNIE: Well, can you prove any of this?

HAWKE: No. Not yet. We had an informant who was supposed to identify the head man, but he was killed. Dennis Slade.

ANNIE: And you think Karl murdered him? Hawke, I was married to this man. I know him. He's Rex's father. Hell, right now, he's involved in a custody suit for his son.

HAWKE: Custody battle's been pretty tough on Rex, hasn't it?

ANNIE: Well, sure. But I have an idea maybe it'll be over soon.

HAWKE: I'd like to give you a piece of advice, Annie. Don't you let Karl use you. And don't you let him use Rex to get you to do something which you might regret later on. You're way too nice a lady.

Blacksmith's shop

STERN: Who are those guys?

LARSON: Beats the hell out of me. But the barrel-belly one was definitely tailing me.

STERN: You're sure you made it look like an accident?

LARSON: You should have seen it. That car went flying off that cliff like Evel Knievel trying to jump the Snake River. Except Evel lived.

STERN: I don't like it. They're too close.

STERN: Leo? It's Karl. The plane ready? Clearance into Cuba? And the comrades will pay my price? Good. We should see you within the hour.

Silver City

ANNIE: Hawke! You were right!

HAWKE: About what?

ANNIE: Everything. Karl, the weapon... He's got it hidden in the blacksmith shop and he's planning to leave soon.

HAWKE: We'll see about that. Come on.

Blacksmith's shop

STERN: Enough gas?

VALENTINE: Hey, Mr. Stern, how about an escort to Mexico?

HAWKE: You stay here. Stop any uninvited guests from coming.

ANNIE: Wait just a damn minute. This is my show, my ex-husband, and I'm a better shot than you will ever be. There's no way I'm staying out here.

HAWKE: Freeze!

STERN: Annie, what is this?

ANNIE: Save it, Karl. I know all about the Mongoose.

BURKE: Hold it right there.

STERN: You always did have guts, Annie. Now you're gonna be my insurance ticket. Valentine, take care of him. Larson, we're out of here.

STERN: Let's go!


VALENTINE: You know, Burke, there's no reason to rush this. Ever seen a man get kneecapped?

CAITLIN: Okay, hold it! I got you...

CAITLIN: ...covered.

HAWKE: You take care of these two. Try and contact Dom, will you?




CAITLIN: Dom, this is Caitlin. Come in, Dom.

DOMINIC: I read you, Cait. Go ahead.

CAITLIN: All hell broke loose around here. Stern and one of his men are heading for the border with the weapon in a truck. Hawke's after him on a motorcycle.

DOMINIC: Okay. Any fix on their direction?

CAITLIN: Yeah, they wwere headed southeast out of here.

DOMINIC: Roger. I'm on my way.

CAITLIN: Dom, Stern has Annie in the truck with him.

DOMINIC: Okay. Out.

Stern's truck

LARSON: We got company.

STERN: Damn! Lose him! There, that road!


STERN: Hold it steady. I'll take care of this hero.



DOMINIC: Okay, boys, I can't shoot at you, but maybe I can scare you to death.



DOMINIC: I'll cover you, String.





DOMINIC: Let's try the landing gear again. Easy, sweetheart. We can make it.


The final chase

HAWKE: How bad is it?

DOMINIC: Bad enough. Forward scanner's out. Those turbos are blinking malfunction. And you can't dodge lasers without those turbos.

HAWKE: We're gonna have to. So what else?

DOMINIC: Those guys are five miles from the border.

HAWKE: Come on, let's go.

DOMINIC: Come on with me, Annie.


STERN: Larson, a couple more miles and we've got it made!

DOMINIC: String, just a little over a mile to the border.

HAWKE: Copperhead.


HAWKE: I had to stop him. You know that.

ANNIE: I understand.

Silver City

ANNIE: You know, I'll never be able to thank you guys enough as it is, but I have one little favor to ask you. Anybody know a good tutor? I've decided to take Rex with me on tour.

REX: All right!

HAWKE: You know, pard, your mom's gonna be keeping a pretty tight rein on you. Better watch your step.

REX: Yeah, I know, Mr. Hawke. No cussin' and no chewin'.

HAWKE: Yeah, but you can chase all the girls you want.

HAWKE: I'll be seeing you down the road, ol' horse.

REX: Right, partner.

ANNIE: Bye. Thanks again.

REX: Bye.

CAITLIN: They're gonna do just fine. I just wish I could find myseIf a cowboy that cute.



DOMINIC: Here comes a man looking for his Mongoose.

HAWKE: Hello, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Where's my gun? The Mongoose?

HAWKE: Afraid you're gonna have to write that off, Michael. It's just this side of the border, in about 1000 little pieces.


HAWKE: Little pieces.

ARCHANGEL: Well... Cést la guerre (such is war).

ARCHANGEL: Oh, by the way, I brought you a message. From Kiki.


HAWKE: It just says "Aloha." Is that supposed to mean "hell" or "goodbye" or what?

ARCHANGEL: I can't tell, but when she gave it to me, she was with this individual, very tan, very blonde, with about a thousand perfect teeth.