Airwolf Wiki

A F.I.R.M. convoy somewhere

Stern: Any minute now.

Voice: All set.

Voice on radio: The convoy's on schedule.

Stern: Ready? All right. Hit it.


(cars skidding. Gunfire.)

Burke (off camera): Come on get that lock off there. We ain't got all night.

Stern: Move it, guys.

Slade: Karl, what's going on here? This wasn't part of the plan. Hey level with m, buddy.

Stern: Don't concern yourself.

Slade: Hey, I thought we were partners, Karl.

Stern: Partners? Dennis, you're hired help. A hundred thousand dollars for a few minutes work. No question.

Slade: Yeah but you forgot to mention the size of the escort. The deal is a whole lot bigger than you let on. I think we just may have to negotiate.

Stern: Don't get greedy Slade. You take your hundred thousand and spend it. In good health. Now move it.

In a desert somewhere

(laser shot and explosions. Laughter.)

Stern: All right, pack it up. Well Leo, what do you think?

Leo: I think how much.

Stern: Gee, Leo, a big time arms broker like you ought to know what something like this is worth? But since I'm not a greedy man, let's say, ah, ten million dollars.

Leo: I usually get ten percent to arrange the transaction.

Stern: They'll have to pay your share.

Leo: You know, Karl, when a weapon like this is stolen, borders slam shut in a hurry. You'll be expected to deliver to an Eastern Bloc country if you want your money.

Stern: I'm aware of that. Don't worry. I'll get it out of the country.

Leo: If you can, there's a good chance I can make a deal. I'll be in touch.

Stern: Drive carefully Leo.

Slade: Karl, we got to talk. I just heard what....

Stern: Eavesdropping can be a very dangerous hobby, Slade.

Slade: Ten million dollars? And you're offering me a measly hundred thou? I'm not going to let that happen.

Stern: So what are you going to do? Go to the cops?

Slade: What, take the rap for murdering those two guards? No way.

Stern: I'm going to give you a bit of free advice, Slade. You're playing in the big leagues now. You go around making idle threats, somebody is going to hand you your head. Got it?

Hawke's cabin

Kiki: Look, enough already. All you need is this and a pair of swim trunks. Sometimes less....

Hawke: Sounds like my kind of place.

(helicopter approaching)

Kiki: What's the matter?

Hawke: Er, nothing really. Let's get going. Now!

Hawke: No. No, Michael, no. The answer is absolutely no, not.

Archangel: Hawke, I'm glad I caught you.

Hawke: You didn't catch me, Michael. I've got five days off, I'm on my way to the north shore of Oahu.

Archangel: Oahu, huh? Whatever gave you that idea. I'm Michael Coldsmith-Briggs.

Kiki: Kiki Tanabi.

Archangel: Kiki. Hawke and I need to talk.

Hawke: No we don't.

Archangel: Could you excuse us for just a couple of minutes. Please.