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Armand is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "HX-1".


In the episode, Dunkirk, the leader of a mercenary gang has stolen the HX-1 helicopter and is planning to sell it along with other weapons to buyers representing various foreign governments. These buyers have all been invited to an arms display at Red Rock Flats. Armand is a potential buyer for the HX-1 helicopter. Armand's nationality is not given explicitly but there is a suggestion that he is Libyan or a competitor to buyers from Libya. For example, earlier in the episode, Dunkirk had complained to his gang that Armand had been holding up the display and causing delays. He adds that may be they just have cut the HX-1 up into pieces and ship it to Libya.

Armand is probably killed when Airwolf blows up HX-1 over the arms display area. Pieces of the wreckage fall all over the people at the display in a tremendous explosion.

Portrayed By

Armand is played by René Assa.[1]