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Arnie is the name of a character who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Little Wolf (episode).


Arnie is a pilot and flies a Jetranger. He is also a friend of Herb Waldren. Arnie helped Waldren fly the dead body of Greg Stewart to the Stewart house where it was hidden in the cellar. Later, when Hawke escaped from the Stewart house, Waldren called on Arnie to join the pursuit. Arnie was at that time flying his helicopter equipped for crop dusting. He sprayed the area with pesticide, hoping to impede Hawke but this also had the effect of reducing ground visibility and making it difficult for the pursuers.

Arnie sprays pesticide on Hawke from his crop dusting chopper.

Portrayed By

Arnie is played by Grainger Hines.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.