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Barkley Kase is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Day of Jeopardy".


Kase was a senior official in the U.S. government and held the position of National Banking Adviser. He was also a member of Cullen Dixon's conspiracy to assassinate world leaders and take control of world currency. He acted in the role of the "chief operations officer" of the conspiracy and executed plans which the conspiracy. When Tess Dixon escaped, he was forced to organise plans to prevent her from reaching a Senate committee to testify against the conspiracy. Kase had vast resources at his disposal including helicopter gunships, F-16 fighters, ground forces as well as a last resort plan code named "Blue Star" in the form of a traitor within the FIRM. In his position, Kase probably had direct access to the President and was either able to issue orders on his behalf or persuade the President to order a particular course of events. For example, Archangel told Hawke that he had direct orders from the White House to force Airwolf to follow an automatic computer controlled flight plan via ground control, even though everyone among the crew thought it was a bad idea. This ground control almost led Airwolf to come to grief after being intercepted by some of Kase's F-16s until Dominic could disable it.

Kase had some personal regard for Tess Dixon. He was one of the few people allowed to speak to Tess Dixon by Cullen. He told Cullen had regretted having to eliminate Tess and wished there was some other way.

Kase was a member of the Senate committee which convened to hear Tess' testimony. When Tess finally arrived at the hearing, Kase secretly pulled out a revolver from his briefcase. He could have shot Tess but he knew he would then be killed. On the other hand, if he allowed the testimony to go ahead, Cullen's men might kill him or he would be prosecuted. He knew he was doomed and chose to commit suicide rather than be exposed.

Portrayed By

Barkley Kase is played by G. Gordon Liddy.[1] This was his only appearance on Airwolf.