Beatrice Maretti

Beatrice Maretti is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Sins of The Past".


Beatrice Maretti is a fashion designer on the island of San Remo. She was also the best friend of Dominic's estranged wife Lila Santini. According to Aaron Martin, if Lila ever confided in anyone, it would be Beatrice. When Lila was murdered and Dominic was arrested for the crime, Hawke returned to the island to clear his name. He met Beatrice at a fashion show she was staging for her new "Fall line". Beatrice told him that Lila was good at handling and using men. Dominic, for example, was used. Lila told him she was pregnant and they got married, but she wasn't. As Hawke concluded from her talk, it sounded like Lila used and therefore hurt a lot of men.

Portrayed By

Beatrice Maretti is played by Lola Albright[1] This is her only appearance on Airwolf.


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