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A Beechcraft B200 Super King Air serial number BB-797. White with blue and gold stripes.[1][2]This aircraft has changed registrations several times.

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  • Short Walk To Freedom (episode) - Caitlin flies this aircraft to bring her party to the archaeological dig. Later Marella uses it to pick up the party after they have escaped from the bandits.

Under fire from Cuban MiGs, Marella does a running pick up of her passengers towards the end of the episode.


A Beechcraft B200 Super King Air serial number BB-586. White with black and two red stripes. [3]This aircraft has since changed registrations several times.

  • Random Target (episode) = Crime boss Kenneth Langhorn arrives in the U.S. in this aircraft, landing in a remote desert strip. He had been in hiding overseas. Later, he attempts to leave in the same aircraft but Airwolf holds him up until the police arrive.

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