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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Archangel's LongRanger

A white Bell 206L LongRanger, callsign Angel 1. Registration unknown.

Angel 1 executing an approach to "Knightsbridge", the F.I.R.M. headquarters. Marella calls it a "Jericho approach".

Angel 1 after leaving Hawke's cabin. The same footage is used earlier in Proof Through the Night (episode).

  • Fallen Angel (episode) - After Hawke rescues Archangel from East Germany, he is flown in Angel 1 to "Knightsbridge" for a F.I.R.M. committee meeting.

Angel 1 making an approach to "Knightsbridge". This appears to be a different footage from the one seen in Proof Through the Night.


A Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III, registration N331WD, construction number 51062.[1]

  • Natural Born (episode) - painted to look like a police helicopter. Kevin Hansen steals it from a policeman and uses it to pursue a UH-1 carrying the men who killed his uncle.

The LongRanger as it appears on Natural Born.

At this point the LongRanger has been hit by machine gun fire from the UH-1. Kevin Hansen is trying to put it down.

Other LongRangers

  • The Hunted (episode)' - as a security measure, Hawke uses three LongRangers in a aerial shell game, all carrying passengers who look like Carter Anderson III. The security is even more complex. All the LongRangers are carrying fakes. Carter Anderson travels to the airstrip in a fuel truck!

Three LongRangers for an aerial shell game. None of the registrations can be seen but it doesn't look like these aircraft show up in other episodes.