White Bell 206B JetRanger III construction number 2840.[1]

Jetranger-bite of the jackal

The registration is clearly seen on the tail boom.


A Bell 206B JetRanger III construction number 2761. Dark green and white.[2]

One way express


A Bell 206B JetRanger III construction number 3429. White with red stripes.[3]

Aarons Jetranger-the truth about Holly


A Bell 206B JetRanger III construction number 3634. Metallic with red, white and black trim.[4]This chopper crashed in 1991.[5]

Caitlin with Jetranger-the truth about holly


A Bell 206 JetRanger III, mostly black with yellow and red stripes. Construction number 2642.[6]

  • HX-1 (episode) - used by Dunkirk and his mercenary gang. Piloted by Mace Taggert, he switches the engine off and autorotates the aircraft silently into compound of DAVSCO Aircraft Corporation during the night raid to steal HX-1.

The registration of the aircraft can't be seen in this episode.

Jetranger-random target

The registration can now be seen. Unfortunately, the faces of the pilot and stuntman can also be clearly discerned and don't look like Hawke and Dominic.

Jetranger-inn at the end of the road

Notice it is now equipped with floats.

  • Kingdom Come (episode) - painted white and blue to look like a police chopper now. Used by Caitlin in a movie filming stunt.
N2757M-kingdom come

Caitlin after the director calls a cut and print at a movie set. The registration letters on the JetRanger can be clearly seen.


Seen on Airwolf, white with a maroon stripe.[7]

  • Half-Pint (episode) - Used by Glen Carson is his attempt to escape from Airwolf. Unfortunately he didn't keep a good lookout and crashed into the side of a mountain.
Jetranger-half pint

Glen turns his helicopter sharply away from Airwolf.

  • Little Wolf (episode) - used by Arnie. Here it is seen fitted out for crop dusting, only the pesticide is being used to hunt down Stringfellow Hawke!
Jetranger-little wolf

Arnie hunts Hawke with his crop dusting Jetranger.


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