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One can hardly have a show about a Vietnam vet like Hawke without the ubiquitous Bell UH-1 turning up somwhere.

Appearances in Airwolf episodes

Season 2

The white UH-1H "Escort 1" is in the foreground. The Hughes in the background is armed with Loki and about to attack. The UH-1H registration can just be seen on the tail.

Season 3

  • Half-Pint (episode) - seen at the beginning. Drug smuggler Glen Carson flies in one to meet the drug lord General Rangavana in the Golden Triangle. Armed with guns and rockets and carries Royal Thai Air Force markings.

Carson's UH-1 lands. Note the Royal Thai Air Force markings. This was unlikely to have been filmed in the Golden Triangle itself, so it was probably put on to suggest that Carson had high up connections.

  • Discovery (episode) - John Bradford Horn used one to lift Airwolf. It was armed with machine guns and rockets. Registration unknown.

Horn's UH-1 on the tail of Airwolf.

Close up of the door and weapons of the UH-1.