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Blackjack is the fourth season opener of Airwolf.

Episode Synopsis

Hawke and Santini's niece Jo are testing a helicopter control device, and after landing they find an audio tape that someone secretly placed into the helicopter. The tape reveals evidence that's lost brother St. John is still alive and being held prisoner somewhere in South East Asia by a rebel mercenary group. Hawke takes the tape to the F.I.R.M. where he finds Archangel has been suddenly reassigned to the Middle-East and replaced by Jason Locke. Locke determines the tape proves nothing and refuses to get involved. Later, Hawke receives a mysterious package containing St. John's ring, further proof that his brother may still be alive and trying to send a message. Suddenly, Santini is killed when the helicopter he was about to fly explodes. The blast seriously injures Hawke and he slips into unconsciousness at the hospital. Meanwhile, Locke assigns pilot Major Michael Rivers to find Airwolf and return it to the F.I.R.M. (which has been renamed "The Company"). Jo Santini discovers what is going on and intercepts Rivers convincing him to help her find St. John. Rivers goes against orders and flies Airwolf to Asia to rescue St. John and bring him back home. St. John is found alive and returns to the United States just in time to be with Hawke; whose fate is left unknown.