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Blaze is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Pilot/Season 1 episode titled "Shadow of The Hawke.


Blaze is an actor who plays a police helicopter pilot in a movie being directed by Mitch for which Dominic and Hawke are providing the helicopter stunt flying. Blaze has heard that reporter Mona Kahn is coming to film him at work and wants to do his own stunt flying to impress her. He claims that he has flown a hang glider and a navy jet in previous movies. What's more, Hawke had been allowing him to fly the helicopter for the past three months of filming (although Hawke has been backing him up by correcting his mistakes).

Dominic refuses to allow this as he does not want to risk his helicopter but Blaze threatens that if he does not agree, his company would end up hauling tourists around instead of flying for movies. Hawke interrupts the argument and suggests they let Blaze have his way. He will fly beside Blaze to satisfy the legalities. Blaze wants the flying in front of Mona to be his own effort and not backed by Hawke, so Hawke promises not to touch the controls.

Blaze lifts off and flies like a drunken bird, first too much right pedal then too much left pedal. Mona is amazed and asks Dominic what the stunt is called. There's no name for that, he says, unless you've lost a tail rotor. After a while, Blaze can't handle it anymore and asks Hawke to take control. Hawke then takes over and gives a demonstration of stunt flying so much so that when they land, Blaze is cowering in the cockpit under the glare of Mona's camera.

Portrayed By

Blaze is played by John Calvin.[1] He later played the character Hergos in the Season 2 episode Flight 093 is Missing (episode).