Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Hergos and Joskins-flight 093 is missing

Joskins handling the M2. Next to him, Hergos is getting ready to fire his FIM-43 Redeye SAM at the Piper Cub.

  • Once a Hero (episode) - there is an M2 emplacement inside the prison camp which engages Hawke and his team, pinning them down inside the prison building. During the egress phase, the truck which Kearns, Charmaine and Wallace are driving is ambushed by another emplacement. Wallace takes it out with a grenade, at the cost of his life.
M2-once a hero

M2 emplacement. The same footage is used to portray both gun emplacements! This is obvious from the faces of the gunners and the trees and branches around the emplacement.

  • Short Walk To Freedom (episode) - mounted on a jeep belonging to the bandits. Later, another one is seen on a half-track. Both are used to engage Airwolf, without effect.
M2 on jeep-short walk to freedom

M2 mounted on a jeep. That's the bandit "sergeant" (the colonel's deputy) with his hand on the barrel.

M2 on half track 2-short walk to freedom

The Colonel with his remaining bandits charge Airwolf in the half-track which has a mounted M2.

M2 on half track-short walk to freedom

The M2 is swung around to engage Marella as she approaches to land in her King Air.


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