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Captain Nuzo is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled Proof Through the Night.


Captain Nuzo is the pilot of a U.S.A.F. KC-135 tanker tasked to refuel Airwolf during its mission to rescue Vladimir Rostoff from Russia. Out over the Baltic Sea, he makes a $10 bet with his co-pilot about the type of secret aircraft they are refueling. Nuzo is sure it is an SR-71. His co-pilot says it is a Harrier. When Airwolf arrives to hook up, Nuzo asks the boom operator Sergeant Tembrusco what type of aircraft it is. Tembrusco is so stunned to see Airwolf he tells Nuzo, "I'd rather not say...."

Nuzo has to refuel Airwolf again during its egress. While waiting for the hook up, he tells his co-pilot that he can't understand why Tembrusco was acting so weird. He had asked to be excused from this flight even though he had flown as Nuzo's crew chief for over five years. The co-pilot thinks maybe it is because Tembrusco knew it was a Harrier and just didn't want his captain to lose the bet. The new boom operator, Corporal Munga announces that the secret aircraft is approaching, so Nuzo makes the same bet with his co-pilot. He asks Munga what type of aircraft he is refueling. Munga is incredulous: "It's a helicopter!" Nuzo can't believe Munga: "Where do you get this guy?"

The credits list the character simply as "Tanker Plane Pilot". His name is not given, but during the episode, Corporal Munga addresses him as "Captain Nuzo".

Portrayed By

Captain Nuzo is played by Chris Capen,[1] billed as Cris Capen. Unfortunately, in this episode, we only ever see him hehind an oxygen mask. A better view of Chris Capen can be found at the other Airwolf character which he plays, that of Tony Spandel in Season 2 The Hunted (episode).