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Carter Anderson III is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "The Hunted".


Carter Anserson III is an extremely wealthy and powerful industrialist. His aide describes him as "Industrialist, philanthropist, patron of the arts, advisor to the President on military technology." In the episode, he planned to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to rehabilitate the factories of 27 failing corporations in three states. This would save fifty-thousand jobs, while making for himself "a bundle". He needed to travel to a private ceremony at a secret location to sign the deal with government, labour and corporate officials. However, there were people trying to prevent him from getting there, whom he described as vultures feeding off the failure of those corporations. According to his aide, Rosalind Gregory, there had already been three failed attempts at killing him.

Through his high connections he knows Archangel and knows about Airwolf and therefore employed Santini Air to transport him to the ceremony. Hawke is impressed by his intentions (he also had Anderson's background checked, presumably with the FIRM). He agrees to transport Carter Anderson but on his terms: "You do it by my plan, my way. I'm the only one that knows. And I decide when, where and if any special equipment is to be used." Anderson's aide Rosalind Gregory thinks this is ridiculous but Anderson is shrewd enough to recognise the need for ultra security and accepts Hawke's terms.

Portrayed By

Carter Anderson III is played by Joseph Chapman.[1]