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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Season 1

  • And They Are Us (episode) - two Corsairs are flown by the North Limbawean Air Force. They are shot down by the helicopters of South Limbawe led by Colonel Martin James Vidor. In the footage, the Corsairs are still in US Navy colors and markings and so there are only fleeting sequences at high speed, otherwise it would be too obvious. The only close-ups are zoomed-in views of the pilots.

Season 2

  • The Hunted (episode) - the F4U Corsair is used by the assassin Robert Villers to stalk and attack Caitlin's Beechcraft Super King Air carrying Rosalind Gregory and Carter Anderson III. A three-bladed prop, the lack of a chin scoop, a bubble canopy and 3 machine gun ports per wing all suggest an F4U-1D model. In the episode, the Corsair was armed with Sidewinder missiles. This is not too implausible. The Embraer A-29 Super Tucano, a modern day turboprop light attack fighter is of the same weight and size as the Corsair and it also can be armed with Sidewinders.