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Chema Comargo is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled Short Walk To Freedom (episode).


When archaeologist Ozzie Hathaway, Caitlin and her party of students arrive at the remote airstrip on their way to the Mayan archaeological dig in Quinzumel, they are met by Chema Comargo. Chema is their general fixer and guide and he is as shady a wheeler dealer as they come. He tells his party he has arranged a brand new bus "as good as Detroit's" and it turns out to be an ancient wreck. Privately he discusses with Ozzie how to smuggle out a load of 6th century pre-Columbian artifacts.

Later, while driving the bus with his passengers to the dig, he deliberately takes a detour lands them into an ambush by guerillas led by Colonel Arturo Alzar.

Chema is old friends with the guerilla colonel. They used to drive taxis in the United States. But while the colonel has high political ambitions of taking over the country and clearing out the foreigners who are exploiting his people's cultural heritage, Chema can only think about the money the hostages can bring.

Later, after Airwolf has freed the Caitlin and her students, Chema and a guerilla soldier takes a jeep and pursues them across a scorching hot dry lake bed. They find the former hostages apparently unconscious around Airwolf and Chema thinks he has found easy money. But it turns out to be a ruse. As they approach Airwolf, Caitlin and her friends suddenly spring up and overpower them. The captured jeep is used to tow Airwolf across the lake bed to the village where the airstrip is, with Chema and the soldier following behind, tied to the jeep by ropes. It can be assumed that they were handed over to the authorities afterwards.

Chema (right) with his old friend Colonel Arturo Alzar. He tells Alzar he has brought a rich gift in the form of the hostages but the Colonel is thinking of more than money.

Chema being overpowered and captured by Caitlin and her student friends. The M1911 pistol has just been pulled out from Chema's belt.

Portrayed By

Chema Comargo is played by Jorge Cervera Jr.[1]