Colonel Arturo Alzar is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled Short Walk To Freedom (episode).


When Caitlin and her party of students arrive at the remote airstrip on their way to the Mayan archaeological dig in Quinzumel, Miguel, the local mechanic tells them to beware of a legendary guerrilla leader named Colonel Arturo Alzar. Manuel says he is no ordinary guerrilla--he has become very powerful. More and more people in the Toneopah region have been joining him because he says he is anti-American.

Sure enough, the guide Chema Comargo betrays Caitlin and her party into the hands of the Colonel. It is a drastic move. Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that for the Colonel to be bold enough to kidnap foreigners must mean that he has some external backing, some "big brother".

The colonel is old friends with Chema Conmargo (they used to drive taxis together in the United States) but he is driven by higher principles. Chema can only think about the money the hostages can bring but the Colonel is genuinely angry about the manner in which his country is being exploited. He is disgusted by Ozzie Hathaway who tries to bribe his way out of captivity by offering kickbacks from the illegal exportation of archaeological artifacts. He asks Chema what he would do if he had found a broken down limousine. Chema replies he would strip it clean but the Colonel tells him he doesn't settle for stripping anymore. He wants the whole car, or in the present case, the whole country. It turns out he does have "protection" in the form of support from Cuba.

But Alzar's friends are not enough to protect him from Airwolf. When Airwolf frees his hostages, the Colonel calls Havana for help and they oblige by sending a flight of Cuban MiGs but Airwolf promptly shoots them down. The Colonel himself leads his troops in a half-track in pursuit of the hostages. He finds Airwolf and engages it but is killed when Airwolf blows his vehicle up with a rocket.

Alzar and Conmargo-short walk to freedom

Alzar (left) with his old friend Chema Conmargo. The "sergeant" in the center is just telling handing him a call from friends in Havana.

Alzar-half track-short walk to freedom

The Colonel leads his remaining troops in an assault on Airwolf but Hawke starts up the helicopter in time to fire a rocket which blows the half-track up.

Portrayed By

Colonel Arturo Alzar is played by John Aniston[1]


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