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Colonel Fernandez is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Mad Over Miami".


Colonel Fernandez is a Colonel in the Cuban Army. He arranges to hand over two Cuban political prisoners in exchange for two million dollars. Cuban emigres Ivan Rivera and his grand daughter Stella Collarzo arrange the money and Dominic flies it to Cuba but during the exchange, the money is hijacked by an armed helicopter carrying troops belonging to Sanchez, the leader of a Cuban rebel group. Fernandez is annoyed with Dominic and tells him if he wants his prisoners, the price has now gone up to three million.

It turns out Sanchez has been receiving arms from Archangel. Hawke finds out and twists Archangel's arm and extracts three million from him. Stella Collarzo makes the arrangements for a second exchange and Dominic and her fly out to Cuba again. But it seems Sanchez has been in collusion with Fernandez. Sanchez captures Hawke and tells him to hand over Airwolf or else he will tell Fernandez the exchange is off. Hawke refuses so Sanchez calls Fernandez who arrests Dominic and Stella when they land at a Cuba beach for the exchange. But now Hawke manages to escape from Sanshez and flies Airwolf over to the rescue. He opens fire on the beach, creating a commotion which allows Dominic, Stella and the political prisoners to escape. Dominic even manages to retrieve the suitcase of money.

After the departure of Hawke, Dominic and the others, Fernandez calls in a flight of Cuban MiGs to intercept but, obviously, they are no match of Airwolf.

Portrayed By

Colonel Fernandez is played by William Marquez[1]