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Biowarfare Research station in the Aleutians



MAN: Help! Somebody, help!




MAN: Help!

MAN: No! No, no! Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!

MAN: Get back! Get back! Get back!


MAN: No!


JENNINGS: (GASPING) Everything got out of hand. No time left. (STUTTERING) Sickness spreads like wildfire.


JENNING: Some die immediately. There's madness, paranoia. (PANTING) Time is running out for us.(LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY)

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

ARCHANGEL: It started in Afghanistan, but we're not sure the Soviet military authorized it. In fact, there's some evidence that it was an accident or a rogue operation.

HAWKE: The results are the same.

ARCHANGEL: It seems to be biological in nature. Probably viral. We've never seen microorganisms this powerful. In any case, no matter what the agent is, it's odorless, colorless and obviously lethal.

ARCHANGEL: Our agents in Kabul grabbed a vial of the stuff, had it sent to a super-secret installation we set up at an old World War ll spotting station in the Aleutians.

ARCHANGEL: It's an isolated island where we could duplicate the Afghanistani conditions. They were trying to create a counter-agent, an antidote.

HAWKE: You say they were?

ARCHANGEL: Right. They were also supposed to report regularly. (BEEPING) So far, this is all we've heard for the past 72 hours.

HAWKE: Sounds like some kind of a code.

ARCHANGEL: Whatever it is, it's coming in over their assigned frequency, and we can't break it.

HAWKE: Why don't you just send a team up there?

ARCHANGEL: We already have. Four men. They haven't reported back.

HAWKE: So you're saying the bacteria's escaped?

ARCHANGEL: Now, we don't know what happened. When is Santini coming back?

HAWKE: Three, four weeks.

ARCHANGEL: We've got to find out what the hell is going on up there. That's why we need Airwolf, and we need it now.

Onboard Airwolf


CAITLIN: These pictures from Afghanistan are horrible, Hawke.

HAWKE: Well, I wanted you to know what you might be getting yourself into.

CAITLIN: Hawke, they make me furious.

HAWKE: Then why do you keep looking at them?

CAITLIN: Because if I'm angry, I won't be scared.

HAWKE: Are you?


HAWKE: So am I.


HAWKE: Position?

CAITLIN: Coming up on the island now, Hawke.

HAWKE: Got it.

CAITLIN: Let's take her in.


CAITLIN: All quadrants clear.

HAWKE: Here it is.

CAITLIN: Nothing's moving.

HAWKE: Try the audio.


CAITLIN: Nothing. Just that same transmission that we've been picking up ever since we left.

CAITLIN: Hawke, look at all the bodies.

HAWKE: You got any heat sources?

HAWKE: No readings at all? Are they all dead?

CAITLIN: Yeah. They're all dead.

HAWKE: I think we ought to set her down in the hills.


On the island, inside the research station

CAITLIN: Hawke, look at all the bodies.

CAITLIN: It's like a nightmare, Hawke. Almost as though they...

HAWKE: They killed one another.

CAITLIN: Hawke, this man's been shot.

HAWKE: Yeah, by this one over here.

CAITLIN: The signal's too erratic, Hawke. I can't trace it.

HAWKE: If anyone's still alive, we'll locate them at the source of the signal.

HAWKE: Stay here.

CAITLIN: Not me.

HAWKE: Hey, I found a light switch.



HAWKE: Caitlin, take it easy.

HAWKE: This looks like the main power plant.

CAITLIN: It's just like outside. It looks like.... Like they killed each other. They're all covered with those same kind of sores, Hawke. Like those poor people. You know, the ones in Afghanistan.

CAITLIN: Hawke.... I need to get out of here, Hawke.

HAWKE: You're hyperventilating. Breathe easy. Listen, we'll get out this way. Sing a song.

CAITLIN: (SINGING) Mary had a little lamb

CAITLIN: A little lamb

CAITLIN: Little lamb

CAITLIN: Mary had a...


MORTON: Monsters!



MORTON: No! Stay away.

HAWKE: No. We need him alive.

MORTON: Don't touch me!



CAITLIN: Hawke. Hawke, we're exposed. He cracked my visor.

HAWKE: My suit's torn, too. Whatever it is, we're in this together.

CAITLIN: Hawke, let's get out of these suits quick. We got to catch that guy.



MORTON: Don't!

On the coast

CAITLIN: Hawke, he jumped. All we wanted to do was help him.

HAWKE: He's too far gone to understand. Do you see him?

CAITLIN: No, where'd he go?

HAWKE: Like he just walked away.

CAITLIN: Oh, Hawke, after that fall? Well, he couldn't live through it.

HAWKE: Look. Get down.

CAITLIN: Why? Who are they?

HAWKE: Russians.

CAITLIN: How do you know?


HAWKE: That's a Soviet sub out there. And that's not the worst part of it.

CAITLIN: We can't get to Airwolf.

CAITLIN: What are they doing here? Don't they know they've exposed themselves to that disease?

HAWKE: Well, they probably heard about the research facility on this island, and they're looking for the same thing we are, an antidote.

CAITLIN: Hawke, that's a Russian sub in our waters. Now, shouldn't somebody know about that?


HAWKE: We gotta find that antidote first. We'll take care of that when we get to Airwolf. Come on.


Rocky gully on the island


HAWKE: I think they're looking for the source of the signal.

CAITLIN: Well, we couldn't find it, Hawke. How can they?

HAWKE: They won't. Those hills are full of iron ore. It deflects the ground signals. They couldn't find the source without an aircraft.

CAITLIN: They don't have an aircraft, Hawke. We do.

HAWKE: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

CAITLIN: Well, what do we do now?

HAWKE: Well, if push comes to shove, we do whatever we have to. In the meantime, I'm gonna try and find a way through to Airwolf.

HAWKE: You stay here. Stay warm.

HAWKE: Are you okay? You're sure?

CAITLIN: I'm fine.




HAWKE: Hey, hey, take it easy, sailor.


SAILOR: Hands up!

HAWKE: Hey. This is no Western movie.


HAWKE: Sure. Well, how did you happen to get into the land of designer jeans here? You do know this is US territory?


HAWKE: Hey, look. I'm trying to be cordial. But if you want to get uptight...




HAWKE: Let's get out of here. His friends must have heard the shot.






Russian command post at the beach

ZHUKOV: Benny. Benny! Come here! This man needs attention. Now! Send him back to the sub.

ELENA: We can't do that, Commander. This may be the contagion. He may be infected.

ZHUKOV: We have no facilities to treat him on this beach, Lieutenant.

ELENA: If we send him aboard the sub, the whole fleet may be infected. Who knows where it will end?

ZHUKOV: Very well. Tell the medical officer to do what he can.

ZHUKOV: And now, Lieutenant, let's find out whether the Americans have discovered the antidote.

ELENA: Aren't you forgetting something, Commander? If we should die, these facilities will continue to harbor the contagion. For months, even years.

ZHUKOV: Lieutenant Commander Alexandrov. We are showing early symptoms of the disease. If a pattern develops, I may be forced to initiate strike plan beta. Make the necessary corrections in missile trajectories and wait for further instructions. Over.

ZHUKOV: Don't worry, Lieutenant. If we die here, I'll make sure this organism dies with us.

TORGOVITCH: Commander Zhukov.

ZHUKOV: Torgovitch.

TORGOVITCH: Sir, there are two Americans still alive.

ZHUKOV: Where?

TORGOVITCH: Near the cliffs, sir. They evaded the capture.

ELENA: Send out every available man to take them.

ZHUKOV: Belay that. Our first priority is to find that antidote.

ELENA: If the Americans report our presence here, it could create an international incident.

ZHUKOV: If we don't find that antidote, we won't be alive to worry about it. Dismissed.

Inside the research station

HAWKE: Get down. They're coming this way. Let's take cover in here.


HAWKE: Jennings Rudolph.

CAITLIN: Head of the research team.

HAWKE: Yeah. Whatever he knew, he took it with him. Come on.



HAWKE: Cait.

CAITLIN: Thanks.

HAWKE: Caitlin! Look. It's a video camera.


JENNINGS: ....running out for us. (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY)

JENNINGS: Whoever you are, whether you know it or not, you're dying, too. All of us. The world is dying. I have an urge to kill myself. To kill, to kill.... Kill.... Kill other people. (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY)

JENNINGS: A psychotic paranoid team in the secure lab thought they had it licked.

HAWKE: Secure lab?

JENNINGS: Oh, Margaret, (PANTING) I love you. Kids, Stephen, Lucy, I love you, too.



HAWKE: Are you okay?

CAITLIN: I'm okay. I'm okay.

HAWKE: Maybe.... Maybe we've got a chance if we can find that secure lab.

ZHUKOV: I think that's a job you can safely leave to us.

ZHUKOV: Lower your weapons, everybody.

ZHUKOV: I'm Leonid Zhukov, Commander of the Soviet Oceanographic research vessel, Maxim Gorky. This is Lieutenant Elena Loupani, our political officer.

HAWKE: What's the matter, Commander? You take a wrong turn when you got to the North Pole?

ZHUKOV: This man, Professor Rudolph. He spoke about a secure laboratory. What can you tell us about it?

CAITLIN: I can tell you that this is United States territory. And whatever's here belongs to us.

ZHUKOV: Turn on that machine.

HAWKE: Don't bother. There's nothing on that tape that says anything about an antidote, which is what we're both after.

CAITLIN: How could you use a weapon like that? You don't even have an antidote!

ZHUKOV: It may not have been an official test.

ELENA: Regardless, such an antidote, if it exists, is the property of the Soviet Union.

HAWKE: If such an antidote does exist, it's the property of the world.

ELENA: The whole world. One big family of man. Global cooperation. I had no idea American operatives harbored such idealism.

HAWKE: Not idealism, survival.

ZHUKOV: In the long run, perhaps. But right now, tell us what you know.

HAWKE: Commander. For us, there is no long run.

Outside the station

ZHUKOV: So, it is agreed, Mr. Hawke, that we will help each other to find the antidote.

HAWKE: Right. These mountains are full of a magnetic ore that deflects all the signals. We have to find the source of that transmission. Narrowing each time, until we close the triangle.

ZHUKOV: In order to do that, you have to get above the mountains.

ELENA: There is no aircraft on this island.

ZHUKOV: None we have been able to locate.

HAWKE: Caitlin, show them the readings we took on the approach to the island.

HAWKE: Our strongest readings came from here and here. These two vectors. And yours?

ZHUKOV: Show them our readings.

ELENA: If this is a trick, Commander, I wouldn't want to be in your place.

HAWKE: If we find anybody following us, our whole agreement's off.

ZHUKOV: You have my word.

HAWKE: Our first communication is 1400 hours.

ZHUKOV: Let's check in. 13:25, ten seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

HAWKE: Check.

ZHUKOV: Hawke, good luck to you. And to wherever you've got that aircraft hidden, if we see you are attempting to escape this island's airspace, I'll order the sub to blow you out of the sky.

HAWKE: Come on.

CAITLIN: Hawke, can we count on them to share that antidote once we find it?

HAWKE: Listen, we're dying. So are they. It's just odd that we find ourselves a little more alike all of a sudden.

CAITLIN: You got a point.

ZHUKOV: Get the radios ready. Notify the sub to triangulate all transmissions.

ELENA: We should have taken them prisoner. All we need is their aircraft.

ZHUKOV: We need their ability to fly it, too. We need each other. Is that so hard for you to grasp? It's not something we do easily. It's not part of our system, is it? If it were, would each submarine have a political officer?

ZHUKOV: Have I gone too far, Comrade? Perhaps having a fatal illness loosens the tongue too much.

ELENA: I am not your enemy, Leonid.

ZHUKOV: I know, Elena. I never thought so.

The search for the secure lab

ZHUKOV: Oh, fantastic!

CAITLIN: Look at them down there, Hawke! I bet their mouths are watering.

HAWKE: Give me turbos.

CAITLIN: Turbos.

HAWKE: Coming up on point one. We've got the signal strong, 26 degrees.

CAITLIN: Take heading 160. Now.

CAITLIN: The signal's coming out like spaghetti.


ZHUKOV: We have got an erratic signal from 15 degrees approximately.

CAITLIN: Got it.


HAWKE: Signal at second station, 205 degrees.

ZHUKOV: Our sub is attempting triangulation of your data, but so far we haven't been able to pinpoint the source.


CAITLIN: Bull's-eye. We found it, Hawke.

HAWKE: We've got something, Zhukov.



SAILOR: I have a fix, Lieutenant. Three hundred degrees.

ELENA: This is the place. Get moving.

HAWKE: I got some vehicles on the move down there. They're trying to beat us to the source of the signal.

CAITLIN: I told you they couldn't be trusted, Hawke, but I sure wish I would've been wrong.

HAWKE: Well, don't worry, we can slow them down. Give me the ADF pods.


HAWKE: (ON SPEAKER) What's the hurry, guys? Go ahead. The walk will do you good. See you up there.


At the secure lab

ZHUKOV: A dangerous game you played back there, Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE: If you hadn't moved so prematurely, Commander, there would've been no reason.



HAWKE: Commander.

ZHUKOV: I insist. American property.


HAWKE: Looks like a dead end.

CAITLIN: Wait a minute, Hawke. When Zeppo was with the act, there were four Marx brothers.

ZHUKOV: Right. Groucho, Chico, Zeppo and...

ELENA: Harpo.

CAITLIN: You're right, Comrade.

HAWKE: There's got to be a fourth rabbit. Let's find it.

CAITLIN: Come on, Harpo.


HAWKE: Harpo!


HAWKE: Hello, little fellow.

HAWKE: Hey, I found Harpo, and he's alive.



HAWKE: This...


HAWKE: This must be the source of our mysterious signal.


HAWKE: Anti-virus B. Harpo.

ZHUKOV: Anti-virus B. Harpo.


ZHUKOV: I'll take the first injection. If there is any doubt, we'll know it soon enough.





Russian encampment by the beach



ELENA: You are more of an adversary than I expected.

HAWKE: Well, Lieutenant, learn not to underestimate people. I found they can surprise you.

ZHUKOV: Congratulations, Mr. Hawke. You, Miss Caitlin, and Lieutenant Loupani are the last.

CAITLIN: Go on, Hawke, give him your arm like a big boy. Doesn't hurt much.

ZHUKOV: All is well.

HAWKE: Is it, Zhukov? Some of your men are missing.

CAITLIN: Hawke, what's the matter?

HAWKE: There's a scouting party in the hills.

HAWKE: You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you, Commander?

ZHUKOV: Lieutenant, I haven't ordered that.

ELENA: I took it into my own hands, Commander. You seem to have forgotten where your duties lie. The technology in your aircraft, it's too important not to take it back to the Soviet Union.

HAWKE: Well, it doesn't really matter. Anyone that even touches that aircraft but me will find it'll blow itself and anyone within a 100-yard radius straight to hell.

ELENA: It's a bluff. Is it, Lieutenant?

HAWKE: Call me. I'll give you the keys myself.

CAITLIN: Hawke, look!


MORTON: I'm Dr. Charles Morton, endocrobiology.

HAWKE: Stringfellow Hawke. I met you earlier.

MORTON: (STAMMERING) I'm sorry, I don't recall.

HAWKE: I don't think you were exactly in your best frame of mind. You look awfully cold.

MORTON: Thank you.

HAWKE: Our comrades came here for the same reason we did, to find the antidote.

ZHUKOV: Fortunately, we managed to locate it in the nick of time.

MORTON: You've all taken the serum?


CAITLIN: Doctor, if you had the antidote, why are you the only one that survived?

MORTON: Because the others killed each other. The antidote causes acute paranoia.



CAITLIN: My God, it's beginning.

MORTON: A side effect of the antidote. Almost as deadly as the disease itself.

HAWKE: Doctor, are there tranquilizers in the lab?

MORTON: Yes. If we were to tranquilize each of you for the next eight to 10 hours, then the paranoid phase will pass.

SAILOR: Not me! Nobody touches me!


HAWKE: All of you, throw your weapons in the ocean. Now!

ZHUKOV: He's right. Do as Hawke says.

HAWKE: You wanna end up like Dr. Morton's research team? Now!

ZHUKOV: I order you!

MORTON: I'll get the sedatives.

HAWKE: What about the patrollers guarding Airwolf?

ELENA: They obey just my orders.

HAWKE: Well, then, order them.

ZHUKOV: No. Stop. Stop it. Stop it. Now I understand. That's a trap. That's an American trap!

ZHUKOV: There are warplanes, tanks, all around us! All around us!

HAWKE: Stop him.

ZHUKOV: This is your Commander! This is your Commander! It's a trap! Execute plan beta!

HAWKE: Stop him! What is plan beta?

ELENA: A purgative air strike. This whole side of the island will be incinerated by cruise missiles.

HAWKE: How long?

ELENA: Twenty to 30 minutes, at most.

HAWKE: Let's get Airwolf.


TORGOVITCH: You're right. Submarine is submerging. No, Captain wouldn't leave us here.

TORGOVITCH: (CHUCKLING) Don't worry, my friends. Hey, nothing can harm us anymore. We have antidote. We have taken an antidote. Nothing.

ELENA: Torgovitch, you and your men step forward and throw down your arms. We have to give you a tranquilizer.

TORGOVITCH: But, Lieutenant, your orders were to....

ELENA: Do as I say, Torgovitch. There is no time! There is a side effect to the antidote.

TORGOVITCH: I know what you're trying to make me do. You're trying make me to betray.

ELENA: Torgovitch, please.

TORGOVITCH: You! She is one of them! Them! One of the enemy. Don't you see this? I'm going to stop you.




(VOICE ON SUBMARINE) Set detonation for three-mile spread. Come to firing depth.

Onboard Airwolf

CAITLIN: Hawke, can you fly tranquilized like this? Can you even see?

HAWKE: I got to try.

HAWKE: Do you read anything?

CAITLIN: That sub could be anywhere in 1,000 square miles, Hawke. We're never gonna find it in time.

HAWKE: Then we'll just have to be ready and see when they pitch at us.

CAITLIN: Some batting practice.

CAITLIN: Hawke, they pitched us three.

HAWKE: Cait. ID. Hit the lD.

CAITLIN: Cruise missiles, Hawke. Subsonic. Code name, Seasnake.

HAWKE: (STAMMERING) Cait, where's the other ones?

CAITLIN: Twenty degrees, Hawke. Hawke, are you all right?

CAITLIN: Hawke, you got to hold on. The missiles are only seconds from the target.


CAITLIN: Hawke, now. There's no time, Hawke.

CAITLIN: Now. Now. There's no time, Hawke.

CAITLIN: String, you got them. We're gonna be all right.

HAWKE: Thanks.

Russians depart


ELENA: You both took a big chance for us. I.... I won't forget it.

CAITLIN: Neither will I, but I'm gonna try.

ELENA: Till next time.


ZHUKOV: I keep thinking about that man on the television. Professor Rudolph. He said, "Sometimes the weapons we create are worse than we ourselves." I think we have proved that here.

HAWKE: We've got one last job to do. Sterilize this island.

MORTON: Goodbye, my friends. I'm sorry.

HAWKE: Let's go home.