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Coogan is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "The Hunted".


Coogan is the owner of Coogan Tool and Die, a metal fabricating workshop with several employees. The professional assassin Robert Villers shows up at Coogan's with blueprints for some missile tubes. Coogan has obviously done shady jobs before because he tells Villers that he had a call from someone who told him to treal Villers well. He tells Villers he can do the job but it will mean sneaking back into the workshop after hours and working all night.

Later that night, Coogan finishes the job for Villers. Villers is going to pay him but Coogan wants to double the price. He says he has been wondering what the tubes are for, and he is taking a great risk. He has heard about Villers and wonders how he stays alive. Villers replies that he does so by making sure there are no witnesses. Saying thus, he takes out his pistol and shoots Coogan and then dumps the body into a trash bin.

Portrayed By

Coogan is played by Javier Grajeda.[1]. He also played Sergeant Diaz in Season 1 Mad Over Miami (episode).