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Crossover was the 38th episode of Airwolf and the 5th episode of Season 3. It first aired on 10/26/1985.

Plot synopsis

Hawke is sent by land to escort to defecting father and daughter team of Czech scientists to the United States. The father is killed by KGB pursuers but Hawke and the daughter Inge make it to safety. But then Inge changes her mind! She decides to stay with an old family friend instead but he is not what he seems to be. Inge ends up in the hands of the KGB again and Hawke has to rescue her a second time.[1]

Episode summary

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Story locations

Aircraft seen

Firearms seen

  • AK-47 - used by Dennis, Colson's henchman. Exact variant unknown.

Research notes

Guest stars/Recurring cast

  • John Van Dreelen as Victor Janek
  • Isa Andersen as Inge Janek
  • Albert Paulsen as Shrankov
  • Arthur Rosenberg as Garrett Colson
  • Perry Lopez as Garcia
  • Dani Minnick as Marlene
  • John O'Connell as Huffman
  • Robert Covarrubias as Latino Soldier
  • Gary Bonart as Jones



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