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Santini Air


DOMINIC: What the hell is wrong?

CAITLIN: Oh, Dom, I'm sorry, did I wake you?

DOMINIC: "Did I wake you?" Come on, don't give me that innocent face. You did that on purpose.


DOMINIC: Yeah, you. No, you didn't wake me.

CAITLIN: I didn't? You worried about String, too?

DOMINIC: Yeah. You'd think it'd get better after all these years, but right now I've got butterflies as big as a space shuttle.

CAITLIN: Did you get any sleep?

DOMINIC: Nah. I've been up and down all night just like a yo-yo.

CAITLIN: I wish we'd just stuck to the original plan. You and Hawke zip down to Mexico, pick up the Janeks, and we're all here for breakfast.

DOMINIC: I wish I just wish I knew why Archangel suddenly decided it was too risky for Airwolf to fly down to the pick-up site.

CAITLIN: Yeah. What did he call it?

DOMINIC: "A special situation." What the hell ever that means? He was stonewalling us.

CAITLIN: Dom, why don't we just leave right now, and get to the new rendezvous a little early? It'd be better than sitting around here waiting.

DOMINIC: I can't do that.

CAITLIN: So we have to just let String go it alone?

DOMINIC: Look, don't worry about String. He can take care of himself.

CAITLIN: I won't if you won't.

At a beach, Baja, Mexico


VICTOR: Mr. Hawke, in person at last.

INGE: It's so good to be on dry land again.

HAWKE: Yes, we're almost two hours late, we better get going.

VICTOR; My congratulations, Mr. Hawke. This is a brilliantly camouflaged helicopter.

HAWKE: Had a little change of plan, but we're getting the job done anyway.


VICTOR: Most interesting land here. We have nothing like this in Czechoslovakia.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, Baja's real pretty, but there's too many hiding places down here to suit me.

INGE: Yeah, this looks like your cowboy movies, rustlers, ambushers, shoot-'em-ups?

HAWKE: I didn't know that Westerns were popular in Czechoslovakia.

INGE: My mother was American. I used to live in New York as a child.

VICTOR: When Inge's mother died, she returned to Czechoslovakia to stay with me against my wishes.

INGE: You were my only family, Papa.

VICTOR: Yes, I know, but it was still a mistake.

INGE: How long before we reach the helicopter?

HAWKE: Well, we've got a band of special radar surveillance we're gonna have to clear. Probably a couple of hours.

INGE: Isn't that a long time to be out in the open?

HAWKE: A lot longer than I'd like. At least they won't be expecting anything like this.

VICTOR: He's right, Inge. You are the laser expert, he's the security expert. Just leave it to him.


MAN: Damn!

VICTOR: I think we lost them.

HAWKE: Yeah, we probably lost them. But now they know we're here for sure.

VICTOR: Well, they haven't got us yet, huh? Mr. Hawke?


INGE: Oh! Papa! Papa!

INGE: Papa, are you all right?

HAWKE: Get down! Keep your heads down!

HAWKE: Hang on, we're gonna get out of here now!

HAWKE: Now jump! Now!

PILOT: Looks rough and deep down there. I don't think anybody could survive.

SHRANKOV Maybe yes, maybe no.

HAWKE: You okay?

INGE: Yes, yes, I think so.

HAWKE: Come on.

PILOT: Well, you saw for yourself.

SHRANKOV: Maybe I saw what I was supposed to see. Let's not be in too big a hurry to give up.

PILOT: You may be right. But I still think it's a waste of time.

SHRANKOV: A waste of time? Victor and Inge Janek are the top experts in the world in laser miniaturization. They have a plan with them for a high-powered laser no larger than a briefcase.

PILOT: So what?

SHRANKOV: Can you imagine a whole company of soldiers with such weapons?

PILOT: All right, all right, you've made your point. We will not take anything for granted.

SHRANKOV: Order more reconnaissance aircraft into this area. If they're down there in the water, that's one thing, but if they're not, we can't afford to miss them.

Santini Air

[DOM STARTS A JETRANGER. ARCHANGEL ARRIVES IN HIS LIMO. CHOPPER SHUTS DOWN.] ARCHANGEL: I've got bad news. We don't know yet whether the leak was on our end or theirs, but the whole thing's gone wrong.

DOMINIC: How wrong?

MARLENE: Firm operatives in Mexico indicate that divers discovered the vehicle assigned to Stringfellow Hawke in 30 feet of water off the San Cristobal Cliffs.

MARLENE: They retrieved from the cab the body of Victor Janek, dead of gunshot wounds.

CAITLIN: And Hawke?

MARLENE: No other bodies were found. However, both doors apparently opened on impact. Severe riptide and substantial turbulence in the water make it very likely that other bodies have been washed out to sea.

DOMINIC: Come on, come on, Michael! What is she trying to say? That String is...

ARCHANGEL: Dom, I wish to God I could come to some other conclusion, but I'm not in the fairy tale business. Every shred of evidence we've got says that Hawke...

DOMINIC: I don't believe it. I don't, I...