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Santini Air


DOMINIC: What the hell is wrong?

CAITLIN: Oh, Dom, I'm sorry, did I wake you?

DOMINIC: "Did I wake you?" Come on, don't give me that innocent face. You did that on purpose.


DOMINIC: Yeah, you. No, you didn't wake me.

CAITLIN: I didn't? You worried about String, too?

DOMINIC: Yeah. You'd think it'd get better after all these years, but right now I've got butterflies as big as a space shuttle.

CAITLIN: Did you get any sleep?

DOMINIC: Nah. I've been up and down all night just like a yo-yo.

CAITLIN: I wish we'd just stuck to the original plan. You and Hawke zip down to Mexico, pick up the Janeks, and we're all here for breakfast.

DOMINIC: I wish I just wish I knew why Archangel suddenly decided it was too risky for Airwolf to fly down to the pick-up site.

CAITLIN: Yeah. What did he call it?

DOMINIC: "A special situation." What the hell ever that means? He was stonewalling us.

CAITLIN: Dom, why don't we just leave right now, and get to the new rendezvous a little early? It'd be better than sitting around here waiting.

DOMINIC: I can't do that.

CAITLIN: So we have to just let String go it alone?

DOMINIC: Look, don't worry about String. He can take care of himself.

CAITLIN: I won't if you won't.

At a beach, Baja, Mexico


VICTOR: Mr. Hawke, in person at last.

INGE: It's so good to be on dry land again.

HAWKE: Yes, we're almost two hours late, we better get going.

VICTOR; My congratulations, Mr. Hawke. This is a brilliantly camouflaged helicopter.

HAWKE: Had a little change of plan, but we're getting the job done anyway.


VICTOR: Most interesting land here. We have nothing like this in Czechoslovakia.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, Baja's real pretty, but there's too many hiding places down here to suit me.

INGE: Yeah, this looks like your cowboy movies, rustlers, ambushers, shoot-'em-ups?

HAWKE: I didn't know that Westerns were popular in Czechoslovakia.

INGE: My mother was American. I used to live in New York as a child.

VICTOR: When Inge's mother died, she returned to Czechoslovakia to stay with me against my wishes.

INGE: You were my only family, Papa.

VICTOR: Yes, I know, but it was still a mistake.

INGE: How long before we reach the helicopter?

HAWKE: Well, we've got a band of special radar surveillance we're gonna have to clear. Probably a couple of hours.

INGE: Isn't that a long time to be out in the open?

HAWKE: A lot longer than I'd like. At least they won't be expecting anything like this.

VICTOR: He's right, Inge. You are the laser expert, he's the security expert. Just leave it to him.


MAN: Damn!

VICTOR: I think we lost them.

HAWKE: Yeah, we probably lost them. But now they know we're here for sure.

VICTOR: Well, they haven't got us yet, huh? Mr. Hawke?


INGE: Oh! Papa! Papa!

INGE: Papa, are you all right?

HAWKE: Get down! Keep your heads down!

HAWKE: Hang on, we're gonna get out of here now!

HAWKE: Now jump! Now!

PILOT: Looks rough and deep down there. I don't think anybody could survive.

SHRANKOV Maybe yes, maybe no.

HAWKE: You okay?

INGE: Yes, yes, I think so.

HAWKE: Come on.

PILOT: Well, you saw for yourself.

SHRANKOV: Maybe I saw what I was supposed to see. Let's not be in too big a hurry to give up.

PILOT: You may be right. But I still think it's a waste of time.

SHRANKOV: A waste of time? Victor and Inge Janek are the top experts in the world in laser miniaturization. They have a plan with them for a high-powered laser no larger than a briefcase.

PILOT: So what?

SHRANKOV: Can you imagine a whole company of soldiers with such weapons?

PILOT: All right, all right, you've made your point. We will not take anything for granted.

SHRANKOV: Order more reconnaissance aircraft into this area. If they're down there in the water, that's one thing, but if they're not, we can't afford to miss them.

Santini Air


ARCHANGEL: I've got bad news. We don't know yet whether the leak was on our end or theirs, but the whole thing's gone wrong.

DOMINIC: How wrong?

MARLENE: Firm operatives in Mexico indicate that divers discovered the vehicle assigned to Stringfellow Hawke in 30 feet of water off the San Cristobal Cliffs.

MARLENE: They retrieved from the cab the body of Victor Janek, dead of gunshot wounds.

CAITLIN: And Hawke?

MARLENE: No other bodies were found. However, both doors apparently opened on impact. Severe riptide and substantial turbulence in the water make it very likely that other bodies have been washed out to sea.

DOMINIC: Come on, come on, Michael! What is she trying to say? That String is...

ARCHANGEL: Dom, I wish to God I could come to some other conclusion, but I'm not in the fairy tale business. Every shred of evidence we've got says that Hawke...

DOMINIC: I don't believe it. I don't, I...

In Baja

HAWKE: The shortest way is right up over that mountain. You up to it?

INGE: Why did it have to be Papa? He loved life so why couldn't it have been me?

HAWKE: Inge, sometimes there just aren't answers to questions like that.

INGE: But don't you understand, he did it for me. He could've lived in his homeland until the end of his years and he died because of me.

HAWKE: I know you're real upset and you're not thinking too clear right now. But you're wrong about your father's motives.

INGE: You're an expert on my father's motives? You barely met him.

HAWKE: That's true, but when I did meet him, I saw a man that looked like he'd just got out of prison and he still had a smile on his face.

HAWKE: Yeah, he risked his life for you, but he did it for himself, too.

INGE: Perhaps.

HAWKE: He looked like a hell of a guy.

INGE: Yes, he was.

HAWKE: Come on, let's get going before it gets too hot.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: I don't buy it. I just don't buy it! I don't care what Archangel said. String may be in a jam, I'll buy that. But he's not dead, not yet.

CAITLIN: I knew something was wrong. I just knew something was wrong, Dom.

DOMINIC: You can take all those IFF scanners, and those matrix scanners, and those infrared scanners. But this scanner right here, this is the one that tells me that he's not dead. Not yet.

CAITLIN: Okay, Dom, he's not dead. Could you not say it anymore?

DOMINIC: Then I'll do better than say it. Let's go get the Lady. When we get down there, I'll prove it. Come on.



[HELICOPTER FLIES OVERHEAD.] HAWKE: Listen, maybe we can get a ride to Huerco. You stay here until I make sure it's safe.


Wolf's Lair

CAITLIN: Dom, could you say it once more?

DOMINIC: Cate, he's not dead. If he was, I'd know it. Now, give me turbos. Let's go.

CAITLIN: Turbos.


HAWKE: Damn! The choppers are all over us!

HAWKE: You know that that did take a lot of guts to do what you and your father did.

INGE: Some people would say it took more guts to stay in Czechoslovakia.

HAWKE: You don't really believe that, do you?

INGE: I don't know quite what I believe.

HAWKE: Give it time. Come on, let's go.

HAWKE: Found a place to take a break, anyway.

INGE: Oh, good.

HAWKE: Looks like we'll be safe here for a while.

On board Airwolf

CAITLIN: Dom, we're approaching the rendezvous area. And I'm picking up lots of other air traffic.

DOMINIC: It figures. We'll have to search for String while we dodge everybody else. Keep me posted.


CAITLIN: Take a heading 020 degrees.


INGE: I was born in Czechoslovakia, so I hold dual citizenship. My parents separated, and my mother brought me to New York as an infant. I returned to live with my father in 1969.

HAWKE: That must've been tough.

INGE: I was 12 years old and scared to death. But Papa was wonderful. We were so much alike that we hit it off from the very first. He was more like my older brother in many ways than my father. He loved to joke. He could always make me laugh so hard.

HAWKE: Yeah. He got a tickle or two out of me.

INGE: It seemed quite natural that I should also share his ability in physics. I was groomed to carry on his research. We've worked side by side for the last six years. No more, though. Never again. Poor Papa.

HAWKE: You could always carry on his work.

INGE: Maybe. Our last project was on microfilm in Papa's suitcase. It's gone.

HAWKE: And you can't reconstruct it?

INGE: In time, I could. I'm not sure I want to.

HAWKE: You know, Inge, you risked your life to cross over to our side. That ought to tell you something.

INGE: I thought it did. Now I don't know.

Shrankov's base in Baja


SHRANKOV: Garcia. You've taken care of the farmer?

GARCIA: My men have him under protective custody, and unfortunately, he will be killed trying to escape.


GARCIA: A local farmer ... is looking for a stray cow. He says he spotted an Anglo man and woman ... less than an hour ago.

SHRANKOV: That's excellent!

GARCIA: Gracias

SHRANKOV: Put everything you've got into that area.



HAWKE: Get back.


CHOPPERS: You can't escape! Come out or die in the mine.


HUGHES PILOT: [IN SPANISH] Que eso? Caramba!


DOMINIC: Give me full combat mode.



DOMINIC: Give me the Copper-Head.



On board Airwolf

HAWKE: This whole operation was bogus from the start. They knew every move we made. They had planes, helicopters, the works.

DOMINIC: I can't believe Archangel could screw up like that.

HAWKE: It's not his fault, Dom, he was just a liaison. The National Security Agency was in charge. There was some suit named Huffman. I met him at the briefing.

CAITLIN: Bet you'd like to meet him again.

HAWKE: Damn right I would.

DOMINIC: I don't suppose you'd want to contact Archangel right now, would you?

HAWKE: Please, no. We've had enough spy games for one day.

Colson's Residence

COLSON: So she's completely eluded you, Shrankov? And you call yourself a professional.

SHRANKOV: Spare me the kind words. She has not escaped us yet.

COLSON: No, that's right, she hasn't. But not because of anything you are doing about it.

SHRANKOV: You are being very unreasonable.

COLSONL You bungle a mission as critical as this and you call me unreasonable? The only reason Inge Janek hasn't escaped us totally is me. I have a special understanding of this woman. I know what makes her kind tick. Mark my words, now that her father is dead, she won't be so eager to work for the Americans. And that is what may keep you from being called home to explain your failure.

SHRANKOV: I am not worried because I have 100 men tracking her down, and we'll see who finally takes her in.

COLSON: I like your style, Shrankov. Now see if you can match it with brains and ability.

At a military base

HUFFMAN: I am well aware of Mr. Hawke's fondness for the unconventional. But all defectors must be debriefed as soon as possible.

ARCHANGEL: Huffman, I hope you are not presuming to tell me how to handle an intelligence operation, not after this pathetic farce you called the Janek defection.

HUFFMAN: The mission was betrayed by a double agent in Czechoslovakia.

ARCHANGEL: Maybe so, but you botched your end, too. First, you bought all that misinformation about MiG-29's testing advanced radar in the pickup area.

ARCHANGEL: Second, once you had changed the mission, you should have provided full ground support for Hawke in Mexico, and third, I have already told your bosses that I will never risk any of my people in one of your operations again.

HUFFMAN: You're forgetting, Archangel, that I succeeded. Not fully, but we do have Inge Janek in this country.

ARCHANGEL: Thanks to Stringfellow Hawke. He saved your bacon, Huffman.

HUFFMAN: He performed acceptably. Yes.

MARLENE: A vehicle approaching, sir.

INGE: Stop, Hawke, please.

INGE: I can't do this right now.

HAWKE: I didn't think so.

INGE: But maybe it's better to get it over with. I don't know.

HUFFMAN: What's he doing?

ARCHANGEL: Let's go ask him.

INGE: Once I go in there, it's all out of my hands. I have no more control. Do you understand?

HAWKE: Yes. If I were in your shoes, I don't think I'd go through with it either.

ARCHANGEL: Good to see you, Hawke.

HAWKE: You, too, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Is there a problem?

HAWKE: The lady is having second thoughts.

HUFFMAN: Second thoughts? What the hell's that supposed to mean?

HAWKE: Just what I said, Huffman. By the way, you get anybody else killed lately?

ARCHANGEL: Not now, Hawke. Miss Janek, I'd like to express my condolences on the loss of your father. I know this is a most difficult time. But I promise, we'll do everything we can to make it easy for you.

HUFFMAN: Now what's going on here? I'm sorry the lady is upset, but this is a matter of national security. Now get this car through the gate.

HAWKE: Huffman, you even try to give me one more order, I'm gonna climb out of here and I'm gonna whip...

ARCHANGEL: Whoa! Gentlemen, please, let's not make this any tougher than it already is.

HAWKE: Now this is a free country, no matter what anybody says.

INGE: I need more time.

HAWKE: I'll be in touch, Michael.


HUFFMAN: The man's a lunatic. We've got to stop him.

ARCHANGEL: That's okay, let him go. I'll take full responsibility.

HUFFMAN: No chance!

ARCHANGEL: Woman driver.

ARCHANGEL: Listen, Huffman, Hawke'll take good care of the lady. I'll hear from him in a day or two. Trust me.

HUFFMAN: Trust you? I'll have you up on charges! I'll turn your career into confetti! You won't have enough security clearance left to shine shoes in the Pentagon barber shop!

Hawke's cabin

INGE: It is beautiful, isn't it?

INGE: When you're somewhere like this, you want to thank God for all your senses. For being able to see and to taste and to smell.

INGE: And...

HAWKE: To feel?

INGE: Yes. And feel.


HAWKE: Well, Michael. What a lovely surprise.

ARCHANGEL: Cut the comedy, Hawke. I'm not in the mood. What are you and Miss Janek doing up here?

HAWKE: Resting. You know, trying to recuperate.

ARCHANGEL: Wonderful. While you two are playing "Frankie and Annette Go Camping", I'm getting my tail trounced from here to Washington. I told them i'd hear from you in two days. It's been five!

HAWKE: Michael, she's not ready to come in yet.You have to remember, Inge doesn't have to work for us. I think eventually she'll come around to our side.

ARCHANGEL: Eventually? Hawke, I don't have time for eventually. Two more days, that's all I can give her.

HAWKE: Michael, I'll try.

ARCHANGEL: All right.

HAWKE: I don't believe it.


HAWKE: I told you not to play with that fairy dust.

ARCHANGEL: Damn it! That's surveillance dust.

HAWKE: What?

ARCHANGEL: They treat this granular material with low-level radiation, both sides are using it now. Somebody's dusted my helicopter in order to track it.

HAWKE: Are you telling me they know you're here?

ARCHANGEL: You get the girl out of here right away.

ARCHANGEL: I'll take my chopper to several other landing sites, that might confuse them.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke. Be careful.

HAWKE: Listen, it looks like we've got to get out of here.

INGE: I heard.

HAWKE: Maybe you could stay with Caitlin.

INGE: Oh, I know someone, a family friend, a man named Garrett Colson.

HAWKE: And you trust him?

INGE: Absolutely. When my mother and I first came to New York, he took us under his wing. I would trust Garrett Colson with my life.

HAWKE: Oh, I hope so. That's what it's gonna be. We're out of options.

INGE: I'll get my things.

At Colson's residence

HAWKE: And I still don't like the idea of leaving you here.

INGR: I'm Inge.

BUTLER: Yes, ma'am. You're expected.

COLSON: Inge. It's really you! You're here at last.

INGE: Garry! Garry! Oh, Garry!

INGE: Well, good-bye, but only for a while.

HAWKE: If there's anything that you need.

INGE: Thank you very much. Thank you.

COLSON: Let me have a look at you.

COLSON: I haven't seen you since you were 12 years old in New York. Incredible.

COLSON: I was absolutely stunned when you telephoned.

INGE: It's so good of you to take me in on such short notice.

COLSON: Oh, nonsense, it's my pleasure. I was so sorry to hear about your father.

INGE: Thank you. I suppose you can guess why i'm on the run like this?

COLSON: Oh, obviously there are people that you wish to avoid. American lntelligence? Soviet lntelligence? Perhaps both? Well, don't worry about a thing. You're safe here with me.

F.I.R.M. Headquarters

ARCHANGEL: Where's Inge Janek?

HAWKE: Are you sure it's safe to talk in here?

ARCHANGEL: Yes, I'm sure. That surveillance dust wasn't KGB activity. It was Huffman. That little twerp was trying to follow me to Inge.

ARCHANGEL: The Firm has filed a protest with the National Security Agency about his conduct. I told them I'd rather have 10 minutes in a locked room with the little...

HAWKE: Michael, I need a favor.

ARCHANGEL: Oh, just one?

HAWKE: No, actually, I need two. I need access to your computers. And I need you to turn your back while I check it out.

ARCHANGEL: Turn my back? Why?

HAWKE: Inge is staying with this guy and if he checks out, I don't want anyone to know where she's staying, and that includes you.

ARCHANGEL: You're really pushing it, Hawke. I've taken a lot of heat for you on this one.

HAWKE: Michael, act like the spy that you are. It's better that you don't know.


MARLENE: Just type in the name.

HAWKE: Michael, this is all in code.

HAWKE: Does that mean this guy is that big a security problem?

ARCHANGEL: Hard to say from here.

HAWKE: Well, then get over here and tell me what it means.


HAWKE: Damn it.

ARCHANGEL: Don't tell me she's involved with him.

HAWKE: Involved? I dropped her off with him two hours ago.

ARCHANGEL: Oh, great. I'll activate our hostage rescue squad, but Colson will try to get her out of the country as fast as he can.

HAWKE: I'm not gonna let that happen. You call Dom, tell him to meet me. I'm gonna get the Lady.

Colson's Residence

INGE: Yes, I do remember that. I was quite a little terror back then.

COLSON: Oh, no, no. You were a delightful child. Well, it's getting late.

INGE: Oh, how stupid of me, keeping you away from your work. I should go unpack anyway.

COLSON: That won't be necessary, my dear. You'll be leaving soon.

INGE: Leaving? I don't understand.

COLSON: You will. Dennis.

COLSON: Well, Inge, soon you will be seeing all your old friends back home again.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Our ETA for the house is 11 minutes.

HAWKE: Roger. Let's hope it's soon enough.


DOMINIC: String, I got a helicopter outbound from the area, headed North along the coastline.

HAWKE: If that's them, they're trying to get her out over the water. Let's see if there's anybody waiting.

DOMINIC: Bingo. Submarine!

HAWKE: That's what they're headed for. They're going to try and put her aboard.

DOMINIC: Oh, the hell they will. Running lD scan.

HAWKE: Scan maximum radius. Dom, we can't afford to miss him.

DOMINIC: It's Russian, Delta III Class, SSBN nuclear-powered, 6-21" torpedo tubes and 16-SS-N-18 ballistic missiles.

HAWKE: Sub's diving. We'd better be ready.

DOMINIC: Roger. Bringing up the harpoons.

DOMINIC: I'm picking up a speedboat on a direct line to the sub.

HAWKE: That's her in the speedboat.

HAWKE: Yeah, they're going to that sub.

DOMINIC: Missile launch, String. Three up.

HAWKE: Give me a sunburst.

HAWKE: Taking evasive action.

DOMINIC: It didn't take the sunburst. Still closing.

HAWKE: Hellfire, now!

HAWKE: What's next?

DOMINIC: Submarine instituting evasive action.

DOMINIC: Nearing the target lock.

DOMINIC: Got it.


DOMINIC: Woof! We've racked them up.

HAWKE: Yeah, which means that launch has nowhere to go.


HAWKE: [ON LOUDSPEAKER] You've got nothing to gain by a fight. All we want is your prisoner. Take the boat to the shore.

Santini Air


ARCHANGEL: Remember one thing. Your asylum doesn't depend on making a deal. But we would appreciate an opportunity to talk.

INGE: I understand. You'll have my full cooperation.

ARCHANGEL: Thank you.