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Renton High Dam, S.E. U.S.A., onboard a B-25 bomber

RECTOR: Open the bomb bay doors.

HANA: With pleasure.

HANA: Bomb bay doors open.

RECTOR: Start the gyros.


HANA: Start torpedo gyros.

RECTOR: Bomb's ready. Altitude?

MAN: Sixty meters and steady.

RECTOR: For our comrades. Bombs away!

HANA: The Revolution has come to America.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: I just can't do it, String. I've got to make that delivery over in Fresno.

CAITLIN: No, not me. No, no. See, I have to take my cousin and his Scout troop to the circus.

HAWKE: What, am I getting sandbagged or what?

DOMINIC: Oh, don't look at it that way. It might be fun. A weekend in the country with a famous personality.


CAITLIN: Besides, I think she kind of likes you.

KELLY: Hey, are you guys ready?

CAITLIN: You have a nice trip.

KELlY: Look, guys, I've had a real rough day. Now, are we going to get that eggbeater up in the air, or do you want me just to stand around here and wait all day?

DOMINIC: See? Caitlin may be right.

KELLY: Right about what?

DOMINIC: Well, String will explain on the way up. You all have a nice trip, now. Take off anytime you're ready, now. (CHUCKLING) See you!

KELLY: Anderson and Porterfield go to China with the President. Me, they send off to interview a bunch of people who think the invention of indoor plumbing was the downfall of man. My producer's trying to punish me for that series I did on the mayor and his girlfriend. Next thing you know, he's gonna have me off covering the garbage strike in El Segundo.

HAWKE: That doesn't sound so bad. Things could be worse.

KELLY: Worse? How could it be any worse? I'm supposed to do a five-minute light and lively TV spot about a group of people who've decided to withdraw from the modern world.

HAWKE: Who are these people?

KELLY: A small church in suburban Los Angeles. One day an oil company came along and offered them $10 million for their land and the church. Well, they decided to take it and leave the city altogether, five families, start a new life with the money that they got, like the first Christians lived. I don't have anything against these people. I mean, I respect their decision. It's just that it's hardly lifestyles of the wealthy and famous, now, is it?

HAWKE: Doesn't sound like such a bad lifestyle to me. Living off the land. No rushing around. No crime.

KELLY: Still makes for a static piece as far as I'm concerned.

HAWKE: No telephone, no electric bills, no TV.

KELLY: Oh, great, another critic.

Over the Tidewater Dam

KELLY: Hawke, look!

KELLY: Hawke, it's magnificent!

HAWKE: Yeah. The Tidewater Project.

KELLY: It was finished one year ago. It's four million cubic feet of concrete holding back three billion gallons of man-made lake. It's the largest thing south of Grand Coulee. I do my homework, Hawke.

HAWKE: Yeah, right.

HAWKE: That looks like the compound down there.

KELLY: You think you can set it down in the center of it?

HAWKE: In the center? Right in the middle?

KELLY: I like to make a big entrance.

At the community


....Where bright angel feet have trod

With its crystal tide forever

Flowing by the throne of God

Yes, we'll gather at the river

The beautiful, the beautiful river

Gather with the saints at the river

That flows by the throne of God

Soon we'll reach the shining river

Soon our pilgrimage will cease

Soon our happy hearts will quiver

With the melody of peace

Yes, we'll gather at the river

The beautiful, the beautiful river

Gather with the saints at the river

That flows by the throne of God

RECTOR: Well, hallelujah! I want to say today that we should not be amiss. In fact, we should be thankful today, because God has blessed us. He's blessed us with an opportunity to shine in his image, to live a life that marks an earlier time. The time that I speak of is a time when saints walked upon the earth, hand in hand with men. A time when books were written that we live by today. Times before drugs and modern war. Times before pornography and immoral sex, before prostitution, murder and hate. A time before that poison. You know the times I'm talking about.And that's the reason why we're here today. Because some of us dared to ask one simple question. Who needs it? What about you? Or you? What about you, Miss Dayton?

RECTOR: Now, these are the shelters that we set aside for your stay here. I'm sure you'll be more than comfortable. Or at least as much so as the rest of the group.

KELLY: They're fine, but I....

RECTOR: Now, we've got some strong ideas about certain matters here that we hope you'll respect.

KELLY: Of course.

RECTOR: Unmarried men and women don't stay in the same place. So, Mr. Hawke, you'll be staying over there.

HAWKE: Well, I'm gonna be flying out before dark.

RECTOR: Uh-huh.

KELLY: Yeah, but you're coming back in a few days to pick me up, right?

RECTOR: Well, perhaps at that time you'll send him away and elect to remain with us.

KELLY: I don't think so.

RECTOR: Anything is possible, Miss Dayton.


HAWKE: Are you gonna be okay?

KELLY: Yeah. It's what the French call a frisson. It's a little shiver. They say a moment of silence comes when an angel passes and a shiver, when the devil walks by.

HAWKE: Yeah.

KELLY: I wonder what that says about our Brother Jebediah.

HAWKE: Yeah. I guess he wasn't quite what you expected.

KELLy: I try not to expect anything on an assignment, but he was a surprise. So, you'll be going back tonight.

HAWKE: Yeah. I'll be back in three days to pick you up.

KELLY: Three days in this place, that ought to be a challenge. But I signed on to see the world.

HAWKE: I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Rector and Hana's residence

HANA: You should never have let them come.

RECTOR: I cut a fine figure as a man of God, don't you think, Hana?

HANA: That reporter and that Hawke are trouble, Rector. You should never have let them get within 100 miles of this place.

RECTOR: Longwood already gave them permission. Now, if I'd turned them away, it would've only intensified their curiosity. Now, it's vital that things appear to be as peaceful as possible in this valley right now. Besides, I've got some big plans for Miss Kelly Dayton.

HANA: What kind of plans?

RECTOR: She is about to become a bigger star than she ever imagined. So might we all, as a matter of fact.

HANA: You enjoy this too much, Johann.

RECTOR: Don't you call me by that name.

HANA: Well, that is the name you were born with. Johann Rector, Germany, 1944. Just so you do not forget.

RECTOR: Now, you've got no right.

HANA: I have every right, when I see a member of the brotherhood forgetting his duty, forgetting the ones in prison we are sworn to free, forgetting the vision of the world that we are sworn to achieve.

RECTOR: You stop it.

HANA: We came here for cover. And now I think you enjoy making your sermons, stroking your beard, and being a man of God. I am warning you. Do not lose your way. Please.

RECTOR: Your concern is noted, Hana. But now I have to prepare for an interview.

Interview with Sara and her mother

KELLY: I'm talking with 16-year-old Sara Longwood. It was Sara's letter to Station KWWT last spring, which brings me here today.

SARA: Yes, I'm Sara. And this is my mother, Sister Estelle. I asked you to come because I wanted to show the outside world that....

KELLY: Go on, Sara. Why did you invite us to your valley?

SARA: I heard about all the troubles in the outside world. And I wanted to show how we live in peace, with all men.

KELLY: As a kind of example.

SARA: Yes, as an example.

KELLY: How does it feel, Brother Jebediah, to be living in a 19th century community right in the shadow of the nation's newest hydroelectric installation?

RECTOR: Well, we were here long before that government built the dam. But, as always, according to our original covenant I intend to live in peace with all our neighbors. Until the Judgment Day, of course.

KELLY: Do you fear the 20th century?

RECTOR: Now, what man living in today's world would not look at the 20th century without a certain amount of trepidation?

HAWKE: I'm kind of curious how you know about the outside world. I mean, outside of this valley. Don't your rules outlaw you any knowledge of the modern media?

KELLY: I'm the one conducting this interview, Hawke. Point of fact, since you don't allow newspapers, radios, or television, what is your source of information about the outside world?

RECTOR: Well, believe me, I know about the real world, Miss Dayton, and the cataclysms to come.

HANA: The noon meal is about to be served, Brother Jebediah.

RECTOR: Now, would you care to join us for some lunch?

KELLY: That'd be fine, thank you. Great.

Over lunch

RECTOR: As we break bread, let us remember the benevolence that brought us all together in this valley of peace surrounded by a hostile world.

KELLY: Sara, do you miss things that other children in the outside enjoy? Movies, dancing, or just going shopping with your friends for records or clothes? What about just going to the beach for a day in the sun?

RECTOR: Go ahead, Sara. Tell them what's in your heart.

SARA: I know what other children do. I've seen them when we go in the town with our goods. I hear their music, and I really like it. But I know it's not for me. I'm different. We all are. And that world isn't for us.

HAWKE: You ever get lonely, Sara? Being the only child in this village here?

SARA: I... I...


RECTOR: You'll have to excuse my wife. She's not herself today. She's not used to having her younger children away.

HAWKE: Well, then there are other children in this compound?

RECTOR: Well, no. Not here. They're away at our other retreat. Up at Lake Joshua.

KELLY: A camp. I would love to get that on tape. Do you think we can go up there?

RECTOR: No, Miss Dayton, that won't be possible. The retreat has to remain completely private, away from all outside disturbances, if it is to achieve the required result. Anyway, they'll be back in a week or so, isn't that right?

HANA: Yes. In a week or so.

The community farm

HAWKE: It's hard to believe this used to be an old World War II Army airbase. Longwood must have bought this for his community through surplus.

KELLY: Yeah. It's pretty incongruous, isn't it? All these women straight out of Jane Austen, sowing their crops. And right over there, the ghosts of old World War ll fighters.

HAWKE: Bombers.

KELLY: Bombers. But it sure is peaceful now, though. And I can't blame them for choosing this place, either. Look at it. It's beautiful.

HAWKE: Excuse me a second, Kelly.

HAWKE: Sara. You mind if I have a sip?

SARA: Here, let me. I have to talk to you. Your helicopter, can it fly all the way to the outside world?

HAWKE: `Well, sure. The nearest town's only about 15 miles away, as the crow flies.

HANA: Sara! Time for vespers!

SARA: After vespers, come to the woods behind the smokehouse. Please.

HAWKE: You know, Kelly, looks like I'll be spending the night here after all.

Outside, at night

AHAB: What are you doing here?

HAWKE: Nothing.

AHAB: Oh, you just hanging out?

HAWKE: Well, you know, there's not a whole lot to do here if you're not a true believer.

AHAB: Well, if you're not a true believer, why don't you just get the hell out of here?

RECTOR: Gentlemen, please, let's not have any unpleasantries. You'll have to excuse Brother Ahab's zeal. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming.

HAWKE: Yeah. You call it zeal. I call it looking for trouble.

AHAB: You know he was nosing around, don't you?

RECTOR: Would you excuse us a minute, please?

RECTOR: You've got to have more respect for our guests, brother. Who knows how much longer they're gonna be with us.

KELLY: Hawke. What are you doing here?

HAWKE: I might ask you the same thing.

KELLY; I was just out taking a little walk.

HAWKE: I never saw a reporter take a little walk at night in a place like this.

KELLY: Oh? What do you think could happen?

HAWKE: I don't know. There's just something about this place. I get a funny feeling. You know that little girl, Sara?

KELLY: She's scared to death.

HAWKE: Well, she asked to meet me out here tonight.

KELLY: What did she say?

HAWKE: She didn't say anything. She didn't get a chance. This guy that's always with Rector came up and scared her off. But I really think she was trying to tell me something.

KELLY: She probably wishes she was up at that camp with those other kids.

HAWKE: That camp at Joshua Lake? There is no Joshua Lake around this area. I checked the charts in the chopper.

KELLY: Then what the hell did the preacher say?


KELLY: That sounds like a semi-diesel.

HAWKE: Sure does.

KELLY: It can't be. It's not part of their work ethic.

HAWKE: I'm going to check it out.

KELLY: I'm going, too.

HAWKE: Yeah, I figured as much.


KELLY: That's a bomber!

HAWKE: B-25. And those rockets and bombs are for real.

KELLY: Who are they? What do they want?

HAWKE: They trucked that plane in here by sections and then reconstructed it. The only thing that makes sense is they're after that dam.

KELLY: They must be the same people that blew up that hydro project last year. They were never caught. Hundreds of lives were lost.


At the JetRanger

HAWKE: Battery's dead. Let's hope it's just a loose connection.

HAWKE: Oh, boy, they really did a number on us this time. Battery's gone.

KELLY: Then we're trapped.

HAWKE: Yeah. Just keep it cool.

RECTOR: A problem, Mr. Hawke?

HAWKE: Well, someone seems to have done some midnight sabotage on my aircraft here.

RECTOR: I was afraid something like that might happen. Some of our people react violently to the mere presence of any kind of modern devices. They perceive them to be satanic forces.

HAWKE: Satanic, huh? May I assume that you'll have my battery returned early enough for Miss Dayton here to make her deadline?

KELLY: If I'm not back by tomorrow morning, my producer's gonna hit the ceiling. He needs this segment to fill out the 11 o'clock special edition.

RECTOR: Miss Dayton, I don't think you have to worry about your producer. I'm sure he'll be more than pleased by the time everything's through. Now, if you'll just accompany Sister Hana, she'll make you very comfortable. And by the way, for your own safety, I suggest that you remain in your room.

KELLY: I need to make a phone call first.


RECTOR: I don't think that'll be necessary.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: It's not like String to miss a call-in.

CAITLIN: Dom, you know there are no phones up there. Maybe his radio can't get through.

DOMINIC: Maybe, but Stringfellow Hawke never missed a flight plan check in his life. And if he doesn't call in pretty soon, I'm gonna start getting nervous.

A room in the community

KELLY: I just had another one.

HAWKE: Another what?

KELLY: Frisson, little shiver. I saw us dying in this room, Hawke. Guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was.

HAWKE: I'll tell you, Kelly, those people are rough. If they're the ones that blew that dam, they don't give a hoot about human life. I'll guarantee you one thing. We'll get out of here.

KELLY: Okay, I'll take that guarantee. You have a plan?

HAWKE: Maybe.

HAWKE: But I'm not sure you'd approve.

KELLY: Hello! Is anybody out there? I'd like to freshen up. Can you bring me some water?

KELLY: Please, I'd really like to freshen up. Please?

AHAB: Pass me the bowl. I'll fill it.

KELLY: Here!

Elsewhere in the community


DRIVER: Food for the hostages.


HAWKE: Move it!

SARA: Mr. Hawke! Miss Kelly!

MR. LONGWOOD: They came in the middle of the night with their weapons. We had no way of stopping them.

ESTELLE: They threatened to kill the children if anyone went against them.

HAWKE: Well, we're gonna have to move fast before they give an alarm. None of us are gonna make it out of here if we go by the main roads. Maybe one person who went across country might make it. Who's the best rider here?

SARA: I am.

Back at the room where Hawke and Kelly were locked up

HANA: Get up, we cannot take any chances! We must make sure they don't reach the outside.


Over at the house with the hostages

HAWKE: Here's a number and some change. You stay in the trees until you see them coming after me. And you ride as fast as you can. You hear me, Sara? Go on, get! Go!

MR. LONGWOOD: Go, Sara. Get out of here.


HAWKE: Come on, everything's just like it was.

MR. LONGWOOD: I understand. Inside, please.

Hawke's diversion

HANA: Rector, this is Hana. Hawke and the girl have escaped. They are in the woodman's carrier, headed your way.Do you read me?



RECTOR: That was a stupid thing to try. I control this valley, Mr. Hawke. This land, these people, they're mine.

HAWKE: I don't care how many unarmed farmers and children you've terrorized, you're not ever gonna get away with blowing up that dam.

HANA: As long as the US Government has two dozen of our members in federal penitentiaries, we will continue to destroy your industrial infrastructure.

HAWKE: I didn't know animals like you needed a reason.

RECTOR: Chaos brings anarchy, and out of anarchy comes new order. And you, Miss Kelly Dayton, are going to be there to record it for the entire world. I'm taking you and your camera with us to make sure this event receives the prime-time coverage it deserves.

KELLY: You must be out of your mind.

RECTOR: What's the matter? Don't you want the job of a lifetime?

HAWKE: You'll never get out of this country alive.

RECTOR: Don't worry about us. And if you think your little, young messenger is going to get through to the outside world, well, you're sadly mistaken.

At a callbox


SARA: Yes. I need to speak to Mr. Dominic Santini. More money? Yes, I have more money. How much?

SARA: Oh, please! Please, hurry!



SARA: Mr. Santini! Help us, please!


SARA: Mr. Hawke! The dam!


Santini Air

DOMINIC: Line's gone dead.

CAITLIN: Well, who was it?

DOMINIC: It was the voice of a little girl, and then she said that String was in trouble, and then somebody must have pulled her away from the phone.

CAITLIN: String is in trouble?

DOMINIC: I think we'd better take the lady for a look-see.


Over at the B-25

RECTOR: Tomorrow, a wall of water about 100 feet high will sweep through this valley. At least you won't die alone, Mr. Hawke. Take him out and put him with the rest of the hostages.

KELLY: Not so fast! Do you know how to do aerial photography? 'Cause I'll tell you one thing, I don't have a clue. Now, Hawke here is an expert. It's what he does for a living.You want this thing done, you're gonna have to use both of us. Make up your mind.

KELLY: You're right. This is the biggest story I'll ever see.

RECTOR: When we're ready to leave, they'll both accompany us.

Rector and Hana's residence

HANA: Do you miss it?

RECTOR: Actually, I think it suited me quite well.

HANA: It did not suit you. We cannot be too soon out of this place.

RECTOR: You're a fine comrade in arms, Hana, and a warm companion on a cold night, but your soul's about a tiny thing.

HANA: Soul? That's a weak word for a soldier.

RECTOR: I have become more than a soldier.

HANA: You have gained nothing. You've lost.

RECTOR: Lost what?

HANA: The ability to lead. You would rather be a raving preacher with a flowing beard than a sword in the side of our enemies.

RECTOR: I am still a sword. I'm about ready to drown half the world.

HANA: Yes, that was the plan, but how are we supposed to evacuate everyone?

RECTOR: In the aircraft.

HANA: And there is room for us all?

RECTOR: Of course.

HANA: Except you want to take Hawke and that reporter. So you can have your biblical cataclysm recorded on film. Well, which of us will you leave behind?

HANA: You can leave me.

At the house with the hostages

MR. LONGWOOD: Dear Lord, we've done harm to no man. We've lived in peace in accordance to your covenant. And now we ask that you, in your divine, mighty power and love, will deliver us.




MR. LONGWOOD: What happened, child?

SARA: I heard a voice. I tried to tell them, but I don't know if they heard.

MR. LONGWOOD: It's all right. Now, listen. God will not abandon us. He will not.

At the B-25





RECTOR: Forget about them. Get aboard!

RECTOR: Look, stop being so stupid! Without a vehicle, you'll never make it to high ground. Come on!

RECTOR: We gotta live to fight another day.


As Airwolf approaches the community

CAITLIN: There it is, Dom. Approach to Tidewater Valley.



CAITLIN: Dom, there's something coming up on the thermal scan. Looks like a plane taking off, and there's a group of people in that structure near the woods.

DOMINIC: People in the structure first.


HAWKE: Longwood, clear the door. I'm blowing the lock!

HAWKE: Come on!

KELLY: Come on!


HAWKE: Kelly, get all these people to the high ground up there, just in case I can't stop that bomber.

KELLY: Okay, I know.

HAWKE: Come on, move!

Attack on the dam

RECTOR: Well, what do you see?

HANA: An egg waiting to be cracked.

DOMINIC: You know, using an old bird like a B-25 doesn't make any sense.

HAWKE: Well, you have to have a pretty substantial warhead to make a dent in a dam like this and still make a getaway.

CAITLIN: If this canyon below us fills with water, those people back there won't have a chance.

RECTOR: Target distance, 10 miles. Open the bomb bay doors.

HANA: Bomb bay doors open.


RECTOR: Steady. Steady.


DOMINIC: Hey, duck!

RECTOR: Start the bomb gyros.

HANA: Torpedo armed.

HANA: For our comrades and the Revolution!



Back at the community

KELLY: The biggest story of my life, and I didn't even get one lousy foot of tape that I can use.

HAWKE: What do you plan on reporting?

KELLY: Don't worry. I'm not gonna blow the cover on that fantastic machine of yours. At least not this time. I think we're starting to draw a crowd.

HAWKE: Well, now. Anybody want a ride in this?

SARA: Oh, no, I don't think we can.

MR> LONGWOOD: I wouldn't be too certain of that. Perhaps just once wouldn't hurt. Mr. Hawke, you and your friends, you helped me to realize that everything that comes to us from the outside world is not to be feared.

HAWKE: Well, I'll tell you, Mr. Longwood, you've got an awful nice life up here. I wouldn't be in too big a hurry to change it.

MR. LONGWOOD: Thanks. Both of you.

HAWKE: All right, kids. Which one is gonna go first?


KELLY: Let's get the kids up close.

HAWKE: Hey, hold on, kids. One at a time. We'll all get a ride.