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Darren McBride is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Half-Pint".


Darren McBride is a former U.S. Army pilot who served in the Vietnam War and knew St. John Hawke. Archangel had discovered that St. John had a son, Le Van Hawke and that he is living in the U.S. with Darren as his foster father. Hawke visits Darren and is greeted warmly. Darren tells him about his last mission with St. John. He and St. John had been assigned to a secret unit with the special forces who were conducting raids into North Vietnam. On their last mission, they had been tasked to attack a chemical weapons lab somewhere in the mountains. St. John's aircraft had been hit and went down. Hawke asked if St. John was dead. Darren confirmed this, saying that St. John "wasn't moving". Then the lab blew up in a massive explosion.

Hawke checks up on Darren with the FIRM computer and discovers that Darren has an outstanding service record. Hawke is inclined to believe Darren's story and this sets him thinking about retiring, giving up flying Airwolf and adopting Le Van.

Later Darren tells Hawke that a buddy had told him that some MIA remains are being flown into an airbase and that St. John's remains are among them. Hawke and Dominic steal into the base and discover that it is all a ruse. There is nothing inside St. John's casket except for bags of heroin.

Darren's ultimate fate is not known. He is still alive after his final encounter with Hawke and it is possible that he ended up being prosecuted for drug smuggling. His accompliceGlen Carson died when his helicopter crashed into a mountain.

Darren McBride's biodata as seen on the FIRM computer. Note the date of his honorable discharge is wrong. 1965 is too early. According to Archangel, St. John was in hospital with Carson in 1973. If McBride had seen St. John die during a mission, it would have to be later than that. 1975 would be more plausible.

Portrayed By

Darren McBride is played by Doug McClure.[1] This was his only appearance on Airwolf.