Airwolf Wiki

On a yacht somewhere

[motorboat approaching]

[Tess dives into water]

JIM: Can I have a light, man?

[Tess gasping]

MAN: Jim.

CULLEN: You mean to tell me you saw nothing?

JIM: Yes, sir. I mean, no sir. I mean, one minute she was there and then she wasn't.

MAN: Yeah, she just disappeared.

CULLEN: You were responsible for her. You were responsible.

JIM AND MAN: Yes, sir.

CULLEN: All right. All right.

CULLEN: I have no tolerance for fools.

On a beach

[inflatable approaches shore]

TESS: Hello, String.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, wait a minute. Wait, hold it.

ARCHANGEL: Would you have come if I told you who you were going to pick up?

DOMINIC: Will someone tell me what's going on here? Who is this lady, anyway?

HAWKE: 6 years ago, I… I knew her as Tess Rogers.

TESS: It's Mrs. Dixon now.

DOMINIC: Mrs. Dixon. Mrs. Cullen Dixon?

TESS: He told you about us?

DOMINIC: No, I did some flying for your husband one time.

DOMINIC: I still haven't been paid.

HAWKE: Let me ask you something.

HAWKE: What is one of the richest men in America doing leting his wife gallivant around here to meet the country's number one spy?

TESS: Perhaps you should ask the spy.

ARCHANGEL: This is classified top secret. Even I don't have all the details.

HAWKE: Michael, quit tap-danceing, or Dom and I are gonna sit this one out.

ARCHANGEL: Okay, okay.

ARCHANGEL: A high-level Washington Investigative Committee has been formed to hear testimony from Mrs. Dixon. She's agreed to appear at a Hearing late this evening.

HAWKE: In exchange for what?

ARCHANGEL: I'm afraid that's privileged information.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, they put a lid on this one. Not even the President is talking to me.

DOMINIC: So what can you tell us?

ARCHANGEL: Only that the mission calls for you to transport Mrs. Dixon to the Hearing by way of a computerized flight plan that'll deliver you to a classified location which will be transmitted in codeto Airwolf's On-board Flight Data System. That's all I…

DOMINIC: Hold it, hold it. Hold it right there. Are you saying that we'll be flying automatic-pilot under Firm's control?

DOMINIC: No way, I don't like it, String. We get in trouble, we'll be hanging out there in our shorts.

HAWKE: Who's to say it isn't some scheme cooked up by the Firm to regain control of Airwolf?


ARCHANGEL: All you've got is my word. And the fact that I do know that this lady's life is in great danger, Hawke.

VIVIAN: Clothes you requested.

TESS: Thank you.

On board Airwolf

[Airwolf starts up]

DOMINIC: All systems green.

[Lifts off]

DOMINIC: Turbo's on the line, String.


On board Cullen's yacht

BUSINESSMAN 1: She can destroy years of work and planning.

BUSINESSMAN 2: She may have already done so.

KASE: I have been assured she hasn't revealed any of our identities yet.

BUSINESSMAN 1 or BUSINESSMAN2: You don't know that.

KASE: I know she's running scared. And I know she doesn't know who to trust.

BUSINESSMAN 1: If she's allowed to testify before the Committee, none of us will ever see the outside of a prison again.

BUSINESSMAN 2: With what she's got on us, they could hang us all with the same rope.

CULLEN: Well gentlemen, you all know me as an ingenuous man, so I'll be perfectly candid.

CULLEN: What I am here, is a man caught in the middle.

CULLEN: God knows how crazy I am about her.

CULLEN: I've seen the way you all looked at her and the way every man looks at her.

CULLEN: You all wanted her.

KASE: But not in the way you wanted her. You wanted her the way you want everything. You had to possess it.

KASE: But there's a lot more at stake here than one more of your possessions.

CULLEN: My ambitions have served me well, Mr. Kase.

KASE: To be sure.

CULLEN: You take pride in not being hypocritical Barkley, so don't be sanctimonious.

CULLEN: You wanna talk about greed, let's be truthful and admit that that's why we're all here.

BUSINESSMAN 1: This conversation has become convoluted to the main issue.

BUSINESSMAN 2: We should be talking about our survival.

CULLEN: Gentlemen, to be honest, I'd do anything, anything to have her back again.

CULLEN: But I am sane enough to realize that she can do us all irreparable harm.

CULLEN: As much as I despise it, I see no other recourse but to stop her.

KASE: What I'm hearing here is a commitment to do whatever is necessary to silence her. Is that what you're saying?

CULLEN: Yes, I'm saying do what's necessary. Whatever's necessary.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: You know, I asked you before to put these on.

TESS: No, you told me.

HAWKE: You're not used to being told.

TESS: Just the opposite.

HAWKE: Look, put 'em on. We've gotta have clear communications, please.

DOMINIC: There now, isn't that better?

DOMINIC: Now, what’ll we talk about?

HAWKE: How about what our position is and where we're going?

DOMINIC: Well, we just cut inland from the Gulf of Mexico. And according to the azimuth and range resolution, we should be crossing Baja and entering Southern California in about 5 minutes.

DOMINIC: And I'll say it again String, I don't like this. I just don't like it one bit.

HAWKE: Well, maybe you oughta call up Michael and tell him again.

DOMINIC: I would if I thought it would do any good.

[computer beeping]

DOMINIC: Uh-oh. We got company.

DOMINIC: 2 HX-10 gunships on a closing course.

HAWKE: Time to intercept?

DOMINIC: 2 minutes 20 seconds.

HAWKE: Armament?

DOMINIC: Either they're mighty serious or they're a flying advertisement for “Missiles R Us.”

[missile launch]

DOMINIC: Uh-huh, they're serious.

DOMINIC: And they're sending us a sample, air express.

HAWKE: Give me a copper-head.

DOMINIC: By the numbers.

DOMINIC: Evade, evade.

HAWKE: Evading.


[missile explodes in desert]

[another missile launches. Misses and explodes]

DOMINIC: Who the hell are these guys, anyway?

HAWKE: Your guess is as good as mine.

[Airwolf launches missile]


DOMINIC: All right, all right, attaboy String.

[machine guns fire]

[helicopter explodes]

HAWKE: You know, this cloak and dagger stuff has gone far enough.

HAWKE: Dom and my's butts are on the line out there.

DOMINIC: Yeah, lady. And I'd kind of hate to lose mine on account of we were up here flying blind.

HAWKE: I wanna know what's going on and I wanna know now.

TESS: I guess I owe you both that much.

HAWKE: You owe me a hell of a lot more than that.

HAWKE: This'll do for a start.

TESS: I'm sure they were after me.

DOMINIC: Looks like they want you pretty bad.


TESS: I… I can name names.

TESS: Because I… I know about a conspiracy to assassinate key international Heads of State.

TESS: Including some of the highest-ranking officials in Washington.


ARCHANGEL: A hit squad.

HAWKE: (on radio) You seem kinda surprised, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: I'm stunned. Particularly by the fact that they knew where to try to make a hit on Airwolf.

HAWKE: Well, we've been flying under your computerized machine guidance system. If this is supposed to be such a top-secret caper, Michael, why don't you go talk to some of your people in the Firm?

ARCHANGEL: That is precisely what I'm going to do.

HAWKE: Yeah well, meanwhile, we'll be flying on our own flight plan.

HAWKE: You call us when you find this leak. Talk to you later.

ARCHANGEL: All our radio communications are being scrambled.

VIVIAN: And GCS is also encoding all command signals to Airwolf's Flight Director via satellite transmissions.

ARCHANGEL: Then we'll start with our Ground Control Station and talk to the Flight Controller.

ARCHANGEL: Call Security and have them meet me there. And then pull all the personnel files on the GCS section.

On board Cullen's yacht


KASE: We may have underestimated the capabilities of this machine they call Airwolf.

CULLEN: From the after-action report, I'd say you overestimated yours, Barkley.


[shotgun fires]

KASE: At this very moment, their position is being transmitted to a 2nd fighter group.

CULLEN: Do you have any ambivalence connected with this, Barkley?

KASE: I have no illusions about my part in this. I'm fully aware of my involvement.

CULLEN: Your integrity will probably kill you someday.

CULLEN: Someday.

CULLEN: Doubles.


[shotgun fires]

CULLEN: And Tess, how do you feel about her?

KASE: God, I wish there were some other way.

CULLEN: Yes, I'm sure.

CULLEN: I understand you 2 were quite friendly.

KASE: We talked. I was one of the few allowed that privilege.

CULLEN: That's my mistake.

KASE: There was never anything but talk between us.

CULLEN: Right. There was nothing more than talk between her and the Arab.

CULLEN: He's responsible for what's happened right now.

CULLEN: And I hold you responsible for introducing them, Barkley.

KASE: You got this whole thing twisted around.


KASE: It was you who drove them together!

CULLEN: It was him who tore us apart, Kase.

KASE: If you'll excuse me, I've got to see about picking up some pieces.



[gun fires]

P/ I never saw you miss before, sir.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Hey, you're not headed where I think you are, are you?

HAWKE: Can you think of a better place?

DOMINIC: What about her? I mean, takeing her in where the Lady sleeps?

HAWKE: We'll just have to blindfold her going in and comeing out.

TESS: What are you talking about?

HAWKE: About a nice, safe place for us to set down. While we get a few things ironed out.

TESS: No. No, no way.

HAWKE: Listen, I'm very sorry, but right now I don't think you have any other choice.

TESS: I should have known.

TESS: I should have known something like this was gonna happen.

TESS: I knew it. I can't trust anybody. I want out of this. Set this thing down now. I want outta here!

DOMINIC: There's nothing to be afraid of.

TESS: Right, like those planes.

HAWKE: What?

TESS: Those planes, those damn planes.

HAWKE: You think we had something to do with them?

TESS: How do I know? How do I know this whole thing isn't just a set-up? How do I know?

DOMINIC: Now, you gotta be kiding, lady.

TESS: Look, how do I know it's not a set-up to get me to talk before I can testify?

TESS: Look, you said yourself there might be a traitor inside the Firm. Well, how do I know it isn't you?

HAWKE: We just dusted 2 planes. If all we wanted from you was information, we'd just hold a gun to your head.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, this is Ground Control, come in.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, this is Michael, come in.

HAWKE: Go ahead, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: We have sufficient evidence to believe we have our man in custody.

HAWKE: Why is it then, Michael, that I hear such reservations in your voice?

ARCHANGEL: Well, you know me Hawke, the eternal spy. I never believe anything until I see it in black and white.

HAWKE: Yeah, but you're asking us to.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, I just got off the phone with the White House.

ARCHANGEL: This thing has much bigger implications than I thought. You're just gonna have to trust me on this one.

HAWKE: All right, Michael. We'll try it one more time.

HAWKE: Dom, put us back on remote.

HAWKE: But if you can't get us to the rendezvous point, we'll just do it on our own.

ARCHANGEL: Fair enough.

HAWKE: Okay Michael, she's all yours.

FIRM Ground control

PETERS: You're making a big mistake.

VIVIAN: Look at the facts. You were the Flight Control Officer on duty. You're having financial difficulties.

PETERS: I've got 2 ex-wives. You show me a guy with 2 ex-wives who's not having financial difficulties.

VIVIAN: So how does $50,000 suddenly show up in your personal checking account 2 days after you were given this assignment?

PETERS: I told you, I don't know anything about that money. Now, this whole thing is a set-up.

VIVIAN: No one else inside the Firm had access to the flight plan, including Archangel.

PETERS: But it was transmitted directly to GCS from the Committee Headquarters on a 2-way data link system with only a 15-second lead-time.

PETERS: Now you tell me how I could have relayed that information out of here, huh?

ARCHANGEL: I have to admit we'll need more time to corroborate.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: They still got Flight Control. How's the Lady doing?

DOMINIC: Under the circumstances String, she's okay.

HAWKE: Keep your eye on her, okay?


HAWKE: Pretty scared, aren't you?

HAWKE: How come Cullen Dixon?

TESS: You know me, String. I was raised on Hollywood movies.

HAWKE: Hollywood yearnings.

TESS: I wanted to be Grace Kelly.

TESS: But instead of ending up a princess, I ended up a prisoner.

HAWKE: And the dream became a nightmare.

DOMINIC: Bearing 340 - 2 F-16 fighters closing at Mach 1.7.

HAWKE: Take it off of auto, Dom.

DOMINIC: Combat mode.

DOMINIC: Negative function on the automatic pilot disengage.

DOMINIC: The Ground Control must be overriding.

[missile near miss]

TESS: Oh, we've been hit.

DOMINIC: They nearly stuck the rocket up my tailpipe.

HAWKE: Give me guns. ADF pod.

DOMINIC: They won't deploy.

[Another missile near miss]

[Tess screams]

HAWKE: Dom, I can't hold her. She's loseing altitude fast.

DOMINIC: Airwolf to Ground Control. Mayday, mayday!

DOMINIC: We're going down. Mayday!

HAWKE: There's nothing here, Dom. I can't even muscle it.

HAWKE: It'll tear her apart.

DOMINIC: Mayday, mayday!

DOMINIC: I've managed to champ Ground Control's override.

HAWKE: Missiles Dom, gimme all you've got.


GROUND CONTROL: Red flight leader, this is Ground Control. We're still picking up a homing signal from the aircraft.Can you confirm the kill?

PILOT: Roger. There's a hole in the ground deep enough, it should be pumping oil.

PILOT: Hold it. I'm getting… Incoming!

[Explosion. Then another.]

On board Cullen's yacht

CULLEN: You mean to tell me you just lost 2 jet fighters?

CULLEN: I suggest, Mr. Kase, you think of activating your ground forces.

Airwolf on the ground

DOMINIC: Nice shooting, String.

HAWKE: That's one hell of a way to spend $50,000.

DOMINIC: And you can double that. Those 2 Stingers you used on those jets.

DOMINIC: Not to mention the fact of fireing off half of our armament just to make a great, big smoking hole in the ground.

DOMINIC: But I gotta admit, it was pretty slick. Pretty slick.

HAWKE: Well, thank you. So how we doing here?

DOMINIC: Well, most of the electricals’ fried which means the radio's out, of course. And this engine has a cracked turbo section.

DOMINIC: I can probably jury-rig the wiring to get us back up into the air. But she'll be limping.

DOMINIC: I was already on my second Hail Mary.So I know she was aboutready to give up the ghost.

DOMINIC: Hey, if I'm outta line, tell me, will ya?But what the hell is it between you 2?

HAWKE: We were in love or at least I was.

HAWKE: She was pregnant with my baby. Didn't want it.

HAWKE: I guess we were just too young.

HAWKE: Tess? I thought maybe you'd like to freshen up a little.

TESS: Look. I'm sorry.

HAWKE: For what?

HAWKE: For doubting you. For thinking you could ever be like them. I know you're not.

On Cullen's yacht

BUSINESSMAN 2: You know, it just may be that you do not realize what the stakes are here, Barkley.

BUSINESSMAN 1: We're running out of time, man.

CULLEN: Perhaps Mr. Kase isn't capable of carrying out his role.

KASE: The only thing I fail to do is to anticipate the abilities of the crew and the capabilities of Airwolf.

CULLEN: You have another plan.

KASE: Now that Airwolf is disabled and down, it's most vulnerable to a ground attack.

CULLEN: And if this one fails also?

KASE: I have a backup plan.

CULLEN: Which is…

KASE: An insurance policy against failure. Code name: “Blue Star.”

CULLEN: “Blue Star?” “Blue Star,” isn't that lovely?

KASE: It's appropriate.

CULLEN: Well, I trust this falls short of us all committing suicide, Mr. Kase.

KASE: I'll see to “Blue Star” personally.

Airwolf on the ground

DOMINIC: Now we've bypassed the capacitor and the circuit breaker. And now we'll go red wire to red wire.

HAWKE: That's gonna work?

DOMINIC: Like putting a penny in a fuse box, baby. We'll find out.

[helicopter approaches]

[machine gunfire]

[Tess yelps]

[more machine gun fire]

[motorbikes approach]

[bikers fire small arms]

HAWKE: Dom, we need some help.

DOMINIC: On my way, buddy.

[Airwolf lifts off]

[Airwolf fires machine guns at bikers]

[Tess exclaims, runs off]

[helicopter fires at Airwolf]

Pursuit the road

[pick up approaches]

MAN: What are you doing?

DRIVER: Look at that radar blip, man. She's heading for the main road.

[pick up drives off]

[biker charges at Hawke]

[Hawke fires and hits]

[Hawke starts bike]

[Airwolf music]

HAWKE: Chew him up and spit him out, Dom.

TRUCK DRIVER: Well, it looks like this is my lucky day.

[men on pickup shoot at truck]

[Tess screaming]

TRUCK DRIVER: What the hell do they want?

TESS: They're after me.


[men on pickup fire guns]


[Airwolf fires missile]

[helicopter explodes]

HAWKE: Hang on.

[Airwolf fires missile]

[pickup explodes]

TESS: Oh. Oh, God.

TESS: Oh, no. Oh, please God, no. Don't let me lose this one, too. Oh.

On the road

[truck stops]

[Airwolf lands]

HAWKE: Come on, Tess. Why the hell didn't you tell me about this?

TESS: You know why.

HAWKE: That was a long time ago. What's over is over.

TESS: Is it, Hawke?

TESS: Is it?

DOMINIC: Uh, listen, I'll stand by on radio, huh?

TESS: Hawke, you never have forgiven me, have you?

HAWKE: I loved you, Tess. I really wanted our baby.

TESS: I know you did. But we were so young. I wanted so much.

HAWKE: You want this one though, don't you?

TESS: Very much.

HAWKE: What about your husband?

TESS: It isn't Cullen's baby.

TESS: I told you. He made a prisoner of me. He isn't happy unless he can encompass everything and everybody around him.

HAWKE: You've never been stupid enough to let anybody do that to you.

TESS: Well, I was stupid enough to have an affair.

HAWKE: Maybe you were just looking for a way out.

TESS: Maybe.

TESS: He was a… a visiting dignitary from an Arab state.

TESS: He was a Prince.

HAWKE: Kind of like your fairytale.

TESS: But it only lasted long enough for him to tell me that East and West could never really meet.

TESS: But I know one thing. I want this baby more than I've ever wanted anything in my whole life.

TESS: And this might be my only chance.

HAWKE: What do you mean?

TESS: Because I… chose to terminate our baby, the doctors told me that I might never be able to have another one.

HAWKE: Tess, I promise. I promise you. You're gonna have this baby.


On board Airwolf

ARCHANGEL: (on radio) Hawke, what do you mean you had a little trouble?

HAWKE: Yeah, I'll explain when I see you.

HAWKE: Meanwhile, we'll be flying to the Committee Hearing on our own.

ARCHANGEL: Roger that. Just get her to the meeting before anything else goes wrong. We'll meet you there. Angel One out.

Telephone conversation between Cullen and Kase

CULLEN: Well Barkley, this has been very interesting. But you do realize, of course, if your plan fails, the next meeting we'll be holding, will be in Hell.

KASE: I assure you Cullen, it will not fail.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: So after their hit squad knocks off these Heads of State, then what?

TESS: The leadership vacuum will spawn a monetary crisis. After which they plan to step in and take control of the Internationa Banking Committee.

HAWKE: That'll give them regulatory power over world currency.

TESS: Exactly.

Washington D. C.

(Airwolf lands)

ARCHANGEL: The Committee's waiting. I trust you're ready to testify, Mrs. Dixon.

HAWKE: You're damn right she's ready.

[Hawke fires a shot]

FIRM ASSAULT TEAM MAN: Hold it. Pick up that gun.


ARCHANGEL: Nobody move.

DOMINIC: Easy. Easy, boys. Easy.

DOMINIC: Easy, easy…

HAWKE: There's your traitor.

A? What?

Committee hearing

ALVES: Will you please take the witness stand, Mrs. Dixon?

ALVES: Raise your right hand. Now, do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

ALVES: Mrs. Dixon?

ALVES: Mrs. Dixon?

TESS: Yes, I do.

[gun fires]


ARCHANGEL: How did you know?

HAWKE: Dom uncovered this listening device.

HAWKE: It was tuned into the same one your girl wore.

DOMINIC: You know, I picked it up on radar. That's how they were able to track us.

ARCHANGEL: So Vivian planted it in the clothes she gave to Mrs. Dixon.

HAWKE: What about your girl? Ever find out why she turned over?

ARCHANGEL: Yeah, something new… money. That and an excuse about her disenchantment with the way the Firm's been handling world affairs.

ARCHANGEL: How'd your lady do?

HAWKE: She's still at it. She'll probably be testifying until morning.

DOMINIC: What about her husband, Cullen Dixon?

ARCHANGEL: The Mexican Federales took his yacht down for us. They've got everybody in custody.

ARCHANGEL: Well… Guess I owe you both on this one.

HAWKE: Yeah, you do.

HAWKE: You take care of Tess, and we'll be even.


DOMINIC: Yeah, you better. ‘Cause she promised to name the baby Stringfellow if it's a boy or Dominique if it's a girl.

ARCHANGEL: Poor kid'll never have a chance.

[Dominic scoffing]

ARCHANGEL: Looks like I'm driving.

DOMINIC: Oh, allow me.