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In a truck by the Queen Mary

ROBERT: That's her.

J. J.: Classy looking lady.

ZACH: Rich lady.

ROBERT: Good, she's alone.

J. J.: Look, are you guys sure you wanna go through with this?

J. J.: I'm just checking, all right? I'm ready. I'm ready.


On board the Queen Mary

BARBARA: Surprise.

CAITLIN: Barbara! I didn't think you were gonna make it.

BARBARA: Neither did I.

CAITLIN: When did you get into town?

BARBARA: Last night. I hitched a ride on Daddy's jet.

ALICIA: Must be nice.

BARBARA: Ellie, oh my God, look at you.

ELLIE: I missed you.

BARBARA: I missed you, too. (signing)

BARBARA: How am I… no, no, no, it's wrong. It's "How am I doing?"

ELLIE: Good. You should call me up sometime. You could use the practice.


CAITLIN:Barbara, I'm so glad you could make it. You look fabulous.

BARBARA: Thank you.

ALICIA: Don't I… Always.

BARBARA: Well, I'm glad to see tha you haven't changed, Alicia.

CAITLIN: Nothing's changed. We're still the same old rowdy crew, huh?

ALICIA: Well, I'll have you know I am not just a secretary. Ta-da! You're now looking at a boss.

BARBARA: That's great. It's nice to see that you've finally gotten what you always wanted.

ALICIA: Well, somebody had to take charge.

ELLIE: That's what we had Cate for.

BARBARA: We sure did.

CAITLIN: Ellie's gonna have a baby next month.

BARBARA: Yes, I can see that. Well, we all know what she's been up to, don't we, girls?

ELLIE: So, Cate, tell us how things are with you.

CAITLIN: Oh, I don't know. I guess I'm a little baffled at being so content.

CAITLIN: Does that make sense?

ELLIE: Yeah.

BARBARA: How about you, Ellie?

ELLIE: Well, I don't run a data processing unit, or fly helicopters around a movie set, or jet hop around Europe, hot-tubbing it with Princes and playboys, but John and I are very happy.

CAITLIN: Good for you, Ellie. A toast.

CAITLIN: Here's to enough. May we all be successful enough, rich enough, thin enough, and may we all be wise enough to know that even when we've got all that, it's still not enough.

BARBARA: Oh, hear, hear. I'll drink to that.

BARBARA: Ever since Lorenzo was killed in Monte Carlo, I mean, Daddy's been obsessed with protecting me.

BARBARA: He's has bodyguards on me 24 hours a day.

CAITLIN: Well, first your Mother to cancer, then Lorenzo in the racing accident.

CAITLIN: Don't you think your Father has a right to be concerned about losing you?

BARBARA: Sure, sure. Not to the extent that he ends up smothering me. I mean, you don't understand Cate, it's like… sometimes I feel like…

BARBARA: You never would fall for one of my poor little rich girl stories, would you?

CAITLIN: Barbara, just try to think about how your Father feels.

BARBARA: Yeah. But sometimes I feel like these guys are in the shower with me. It's impossible.

CAITLIN: Okay, if these guys follow you everywhere, where are they now?

BARBARA: I gave them the slip. It's okay. It's a little game we play. They'll find me. They always do.

J. J.: Paging Miss Scarelli. Flowers for Miss Scarelli.

BARBARA: Right here.

J. J.: Miss Scarelli?


J. J.: Flowers ma'am, it's a big box.

BARBARA: Why don't you place them over there on the chair for me?

J. J.: Well, I can't leave them here with you.


J. J.: I mean, the man who sent me down here to find you told me that you had to meet him in the Oyster Bar on the 2nd level.

BARBARA: It's Robert.

CAITLIN: Oh I see, a romantic, huh?

J. J.: Miss Scarelli, if you'd just follow me, ma'am.

BARBARA: Come on, Cate.

J. J.: No, no. His orders were alone. I mean, that's what he said. He said alone.

J. J.: Hey look, I don't know, lady, I mean, it's worth an extra $10 to me, okay?

CAITLIN: It's okay.

BARBARA: All right, I'll bring him right back.


BARBARA: Come on. I'll follow you.

Out on deck

CAITLIN: Ellie, what are you do’n?

ELLIE: Oh, I have to take home a souvenir to John.

ZACH: Don't say noth’n. Just keep walk’n.

J. J.: Zach, I'm getting real bad vibes.

BARBARA: Cate! Cate!

CAITLIN: Ellie, get back.


CAITLIN: What's happening? Barbara?

[J. J. fires Uzi]

ZACH: Idiot, what did you do that for? Now look what you've done!

ROBERT: He's dead!

ZACH: I told you!

BARBARA: Robert?

ZACH: Get everyone down below. Let's go. We gotta get back to the hall.

ZACH: J.J., move it. Come on, come on.

On shore outside the Queen Mary


COLVETTI: Is that land-line set up yet?

POLICEMAN: Couple of minutes, Sergeant.

ARCHANGEL: So what's it look like?

COLVETTI: 3 suspects have 15, maybe 20 hostages aboard the Queen Mary.

ARCHANGEL: Barbara Scarelli?

COLVETTI: That's why you're here.

COLVETTI: As far as we know, she's okay.

ARCHANGEL: How did it go down?

COLVETTI: Well, 1 of the suspects cut loose with an Uzi. He killed 1 of Scarelli's bodyguards and wounded another one.

ARCHANGEL: But where are they now?

COLVETTI: Well, they took Scarelli and the rest of the hostages back to the Main Salon.

COLVETTI: Now what about Scarelli?

ARCHANGEL: Well, Mr. Scarelli, her Father, is a very rich, very powerful Italian industrialist. He's also a good friend of the United States, and he's got a lot of influence with the majority members of the new government recently seated in Italy.

COLVETTI: Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

ARCHANGEL: Precisely.

COLVETTI: So what do you think? Terrorist, Red Brigade, what?

ARCHANGEL: We don't have any intelligence to support that.

COLVETTI: I think this is a kidnap for ransom.

ARCHANGEL: Now, I'd go along with that. The thing is, we don't want to be wrong here, Lenny.

COLVETTI: What if we have to take some people out?

ARCHANGEL: You do what you have to do.

On board the Queen Mary

ROBERT: Zach, get the lights.

ROBERT: Damn it J.J., quit jumping around. You're starting to scare me.

J. J.: You said everything was gonna be okay, everything was gonna be all right.

J. J.: We're just gonna walk in, take the lady, and walk off the boat.

J. J.: You said it was gonna be easy.

ROBERT: Shut up, J.J.

J. J.: Easy, that's what you said.

J. J.: They're gonna kill us. I mean, the SWAT team is gonna walk in here,they're gonna blow our brains all over the walls!

ROBERT: Shut up, J.J.!

J. J.: Bobby, listen to me a minute. Why don't we just give it up right now, okay? I mean, while we're still ahead, okay? What do you think?

ZACH: Knock it off, kid.

CAITLIN: He's right, you know. You could just give it all up right now.

ROBERT: Now, you see, now you've got them doing it.

BARBARA: Why, Robert? Why?

ROBERT: Right now, I don't know.

BARBARA: You don't know.

CAITLIN: You just did this on a whim. You didn't think anything would go wrong here.

ROBERT: No, we had a plan. This started out to be just a simple kidnapping.

ROBERT: Now it's a comedy. Comedy. A guy's dead.

CAITLIN: This isn't the Robert you were telling me about.

BARBARA: Yes, it is. But it isn't the same Robert I was telling you about.

BARBARA: Please. I thought we had something.

ROBERT: We did. Your Father's money.

Outside the Queen Mary

HAWKE: Michael?

ARCHANGEL: What are you doing here?

DOMINIC: Are you kidding? It's in all the news.

HAWKE: Caitlin is on this ship.


DOMINIC: Yeah. Now what are we gonna do about it?

ARCHANGEL: Well, right now there are no moves we can make. We've just gotta wait it out.

HAWKE: How long are you gonna wait, Michael? Until they start throwing bodies off that bridge?

DOMINIC: By God, I'm not gonna wait that long.

ARCHANGEL: Dominic, this is a tactical situation. You both know what that means. So, stay in control.

ARCHANGEL: Come here, and I'll brief you.

On board the Queen Mary

J. J.: O man, they're gonna blow our brains out!

ZACH: Will you shut up?

ALICIA: Oh my God, we're all gonna be killed.

CAITLIN: No! No. Listen, we're their ticket outta here. We'll be fine. Just…

CAITLIN: Everybody take it easy and just be calm.

ZACH: Now look, lady, let's get something straight right now. We don't need no leaders in this group! You got that?

[phone rings]

COLVETTI: [on the phone] This is Sergeant Colvetti. You're really stupid, you know?

COLVETTI: Where do you think you're gonna go? You think you're gonna pick up the anchor and sail away on the Queen Mary?

COLVETTI: Is everybody all right up there?

ROBERT: Yes. But they're not going to be unless we get some cooperation in here and out there.

COLVETTI: I'm listening. Who's talking anyway?

ROBERT: Bob. You call me Bob.

COLVETTI: Hey Bob, that's short for Robert, right?

ROBERT: Look, just say what you're gonna say.

COLVETTI: Now we're on a roll, Robert. Now, why don't you let those nice people go up there, huh, Bob?

ROBERT: No way. No, they're keeping me alive.

COLVETTI: All right, listen, I'm just trying to be reasonable. Tell me what you want.

ROBERT: I want a helicopter to take us out of this place. I want a jet fueled and ready at LAX.

ZACH: You might as well ask for the money.

ROBERT: And I want Mr. Scarelli to transfer $10 million into a Swiss bank account,or you can tell him that his little girl will be the next one to die.

ROBERT: And one more thing. Next time you people call back up here, I wanna talk to somebody with clout. Somebody from Washington.

ROBERT: You get me anybody with more authority than some slick-talking street cop who's trained to talk, or I promise you there'll be more people dying in here.

COLVETTI: All right, now take it easy. Just calm down. Nobody wants anybody killed here.

ROBERT: Then by God, you better get me somebody with more authority than some flunky Police Sergeant!

Outside the Queen Mary

COLVETTI: Looks like you got the ball.

ARCHANGEL: All right. The first thing we need is a good scouting report.

ARCHANGEL: I want you to get me a layout. We need to know exactly what we're up against.

HAWKE: You got it.

On board the Queen Mary

ROBERT: Listen, everything is gonna be all right. Look, if you just cooperate, do as I say, you'll be all right.

ROBERT: What I'm saying is, I don't want to have to hurt anybody.

CAITLIN: Let us go.

ZACH: This one's gonna give us trouble.

ROBERT: Now… I'm not gonna have any trouble with you. Am I?

CAITLIN: Please let Ellie go.

BARBARA: Robert, she is going to have a baby.

ROBERT: I can see that.

ZACH: No, she stays. Cops don't like Mothers getting dead. You understand?

J. J.: Why haven't they called?

CAITLIN: They'll call.

ROBERT: Relax, J.J.

J. J.: It's been at least a half an hour already. What do you think they're doing out there?

CAITLIN: Takes time to organize all these things.

CAITLIN: They want to get everybody out of here safely, including you, J.J.

J. J.: Right, I killed a man. And those cops out there, they all wanna bury me.

CAITLIN: Not if you cooperate.

[Zach yells] BARBARA: Please! No!

BARBARA: Robert!

ZACH: Now sit!

ZACH: You don't talk, you don't move, you don't even twitch.

ZACH: If you're lucky, when they come blowing through this door, they'll kill you before I will.

Outside the saloon door

[Caitlin taps on door] DOMINIC: Code?


DOMINIC: Be careful.

[Hawke responds with tap]

Inside the saloon

J. J.: Bobby, Bobby, they're coming in the door.

ROBERT: Finally they're coming in.

J. J.: Back, back up! Get back there! Get going!

[J. J. fires Uzi]


ZACH: Come on, hurry up!

VOICELLIE: All right, all right.

ZACH: Get out of here!

ZACH: Get moving!


Outside the Queen Mary

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, come in.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke! Hawke?

HAWKE: Yeah Michael, Hawke here. We're okay, Michael. I don't know about inside, though.

Another part of the ship

ROBERT: Come on! Come on!

ROBERT: You stay there. Come on.

ROBERT: You… you heard me, come on.

Outside the Queen Mary

POLICEMAN: The suspect's on the horn. He's on a different extension.

COLVETTI: All right, clear that line. I don't want anybody from the outside taping in.And find out where that extension is located. What part of the ship.

[They make a call] ROBERT: What's going on out there?

ARCHANGEL: What do you mean out here? What about in there?

ROBERT: You started that.

ARCHANGEL: Now look friend, I had nothing to do with that.

ROBERT: If anybody gets killed on the outside, it's because of you, not me.

ARCHANGEL: Now look, friend, you just take it easy. There's a way…

ROBERT: You take it easy! You wanna kill us? You wanna kill them?

ARCHANGEL: No, I certainly don't.

ROBERT: Because we'll do it if we have to. We'll kill them.

ROBERT: I don't wanna talk to you anymore.

ARCHANGEL: You wanted to talk to someone from Washington.

ROBERT: That's right. Who are you?

ARCHANGEL: I'm the man who can make it all happen for you. You call me Archangel.

ROBERT: I like it. Talk to me.

ARCHANGEL: Okay. Okay. Now, first of all, all those things you asked for, that's gonna take some time.

ROBERT: No, now you're starting to sound like that cop. I don't wanna talk to you anymore. You call me back when you have something to tell me.

ARCHANGEL: I think we're gonna need all our resources. Get the Lady, Hawke.

DOMINIC: Now you're talking.

Zebra squad arrives

SULLIVAN: Afternoon, sir. Looks like we really have ourselves one this time.

ARCHANGEL: I'll fill you in as I can. Right now,

ARCHANGEL: I want you to set up shop and get me an evaluation as soon as possible. What it would cost to go in and get the hostages out.

SULLIVAN: I'll get started on it right away, sir.

Inside the ship

CAITLIN: How are you holding up?

BARBARA: I want you to know how sorry I am about all of this.

CAITLIN: You're blaming yourself?

BARBARA: Now you know if it was not for me, you and the others would not be in this mess.

CAITLIN: And those are the guys to lay this on.

BARBARA: I'm scared, Cate.

CAITLIN: I know. I am, too.

BARBARA: Do you remember when we were in school together? I always wanted so much to be like you.


BARBARA: I wanted to be like you because you were the one who cared. You were the one who honestly, really cared about people, about things, about life…

CAITLIN: Barbara, you cared. You wanted to do something with your life. You wanted to help people. I know you cared.

BARBARA: Well, if I did, then why is it now, the only person I can think of is myself, how I can get out of here, how I can escape, run away?

CAITLIN: Because you've been running all your life, Barbara. It's not easy growing up.

BARBARA: Who's afraid of growing up?

CAITLIN: Who isn't?

CAITLIN: See, the thing about growing up is that you have to face something you really don't want to and that is, a lot of the time, we have to go it alone.

CAITLIN: When I was a kid, I used to dream that there were wild animals running around underneath my bed. So I went to my Dad and I told him I was so scared.

CAITLIN: And he did probably the best thing he's ever done for me.

BARBARA: What was that?

CAITLIN: He told me I had to solve the problem myself.

BARBARA: What did you do?

CAITLIN: Got a saw and cut the legs off my bed.

[Airwolf lifts off. Turbos]

Zebra Squad deploys

SULLIVAN: You… You, take the forward. You 2, cover.

In the air

[Airwolf formates with a UH1]

DOMINIC: Coming up behind you, buddy.

DOMINIC: I'm not so sure about this, String.

HAWKE: This is not altogether our decision.

HAWKE: Let's just hope that Archangel's team takes care of those people at the airport.

DOMINIC: If they can't?

HAWKE: Then I guess it'll be up to us.

DOMINIC: Watch yourself, kid.

DOMINIC: If you get a chance, tell Cate I'm out here, huh?

HAWKE: She knows that, partner.

Inside the ship

BARBARA: You've made a mistake.

ROBERT: Don't you think I realize that?

BARBARA: Then why don't you just give this up?

BARBARA: At least let the others go. You still have me.

ROBERT: I can't do that. Not yet, anyway.

BARBARA: I can't help wondering what brought you to this.

ROBERT: A few years ago, Zach and I hooked up flying a load of dope out of Colombia. We were overloaded taking off and crashed, and were caught, sent to a Bogota prison.

ROBERT: That was a real hellhole. But I promised myself a lot of things there. And we were lucky. We managed to escape.

ROBERT: Barbara, sometimes people start off playing roles, and in the end, they've got to play them out.

Outside the Queen Mary

ARCHANGEL: Scarelli.

Inside the ship

CAITLIN: You okay?

ALICIA: It's like a dream. It's like a bad dream. I think maybe if I close my eyes, this whole mess will go away. One way or the other.

CAITLIN: You can't give up hope, Alicia.

BARBARA: Is she all right?

CAITLIN: Yeah, she's gonna be fine.

BARBARA: Sure we will. We all will, Alicia.

ALICIA: I am not all right. And it is because of you.

CAITLIN: Alicia.

ALICIA: I am dying here! I am dying! Do you understand that? Does that mean anything to you?

BARBARA: Of course it does. We've always been friends.

ALICIA: No. You are nothing but a spoiled rich kid who never had to pay for anything in her life until now. And now, we have to pay with you. It's not fair.

ALICIA: You had it all. It's just not fair. I wish… I wish to God I'd never known you. Just go away. Just leave me alone. Just leave me alone.

CAITLIN: It's okay. It's all right.

ROBERT: You okay?

J. J.: Yeah.

J. J.: Are you still mad at me?

ROBERT: We're past that.

J. J.: Look, I'm really sorry… you know, I'm… I'm real sorry.

ROBERT: I'm sorry I got you involved in this thing.

J. J.: You got nothing to be sorry for.

J. J.: You gotta do me a favor You remember that pact we made in the bar, you and me?


J. J.: I can't do it.

ROBERT: J.J., you promised.

J. J.: I know I promised. Look, I've been thinking about it, you know, and I can't do it.

J. J.: You gotta do it for me, Bobby.

ROBERT: I can't do that.

J. J.: Look, Bobby. Bobby! I can't go to prison.I'd never make it on the inside and you know it.

ROBERT: I made it.

J. J.: No, but I'm not as tough as you are.

J. J.: I never was. You gotta promise me, right now, if it looks like we're gonna get caught, if we're not gonna get out of this thing, Bobby, you gotta kill me.

ROBERT: What are brothers for?

J. J.: Thanks.

[Outside, a UH1H lands]

[Phone buzzes]

ARCHANGEL: Okay, Robert? The money transfer has been arranged.

ARCHANGEL: The plane is fueled and waiting at the airport, and I have a helicopter here standing by to transport you. I want the hostages.

ROBERT: Whoa, whoa. You're moving too fast.

ARCHANGEL: I'm trying to work this out.

ROBERT: And I'm trying to stay alive.

ARCHANGEL: Then don't fight me, Robert. When do I get them?

ROBERT: After I check out that chopper. You get all but 4.

ARCHANGEL: I want them all.

ROBERT: We get to the airport, get on the plane, everything checks out okay, you get the others.

ROBERT: Except for 1.

ARCHANGEL: Scarelli.

ROBERT: That's right. You get her when we're safe.

ARCHANGEL: All right.

ARCHANGEL: I'll need 5 minutes to get everything set up.

ROBERT: You got it.

Outside the Queen Mary

ROBERT: Are you the pilot?

HAWKE: Yeah.

ROBERT: You're a cop.

HAWKE: I'm a pilot.

ROBERT: So why you flying this one?

HAWKE: I'm geting paid for it.

ROBERT: It's not enough.

HAWKE: I figured you're making so much money, I might get a nice, large tip.

ROBERT: You must be Archangel.

ROBERT: All right, this will work for me.


ROBERT: We'll get everybody out here now and we'll be on our way.

ROBERT: You carrying a weapon?

ARCHANGEL: We're playing by your rules.

ROBERT: You play it smart and you'll keep some people alive.

Inside the ship

[phone buzzes]

ZACH: Yeah.

ZACH: Get ready.

ZACH: We're getting outta here.

The hostages get off the ship

ZACH: Move it!

ZACH: Come on! Come on!

J. J.: Hold your fire. We don't want anybody hurt.

J. J.: Stay away. Get down.

J. J.: Put your gun down! Get it down.

ZACH: Get in the chopper!

ALICIA: No, I can't, I can't.

ZACH: What?

ALICIA: I'm afraid to fly!

[UH1 lifts off]

[Airwolf comes into view]

ARCHANGEL: You got ‘em, Dom?

DOMINIC: I got ‘em, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: All right, just tail ‘em to the airport.

ARCHANGEL: If the snipers can't do the job, then it's up to you.

DOMINIC: All right.

In the air

ROBERT: Turn off your transponder and hang a right turn.

HAWKE: Our orders are to take you to LAX.

ROBERT: So you do it now, friend. I'm not a chopper pilot, but I'm good enough to get this thing down on the ground in a controlled crash, and I guarantee you, you won't walk away from it.

ROBERT: Hey, airport's coming up, guys. You don't think Mr. Scarelli will mind that we borrowed his personal jet to get outta the country, do you?

ALICIA: Oh God, no, no. I told you…

CAITLIN: Alicia, no.

ALICIA: No, I told you I can't fly. I told you. Oh, God, no.

[Zach fires his pistol]


HAWKE: Mayday! Mayday!

HAWKE: Dom, we're going down. Dom?

HAWKE: Mayday! Mayday!

[Airwolf engages turbos]

At an airport

[UH1 makes emergency landing]

ROBERT: Come on. Come on, run! Run!

[they run into a hangar] ROBERT: Come on!

ROBERT: Now, J.J., you check the back. See if there's a way outta here. Careful!


J. J.: Nothing!

On the tarmac

HAWKE: Stay here. You'll be okay.

HAWKE: Dom, stop that plane. Don't let it get off the ground.

Inside the hangar

ROBERT: Move! Move!

J. J.: Bobby!


HAWKE: You hear that?

HAWKE: Give it up, it's over.

[gun shot]

ROBERT: He's my brother.

ROBERT: He's my brother. He'd never make it in prison. Would you?

ROBERT: You understand?

HAWKE: I understand.

HAWKE: He's your brother.