Airwolf Wiki

A Hurricane somewhere

[thunderstorm sounds]


DOMINIC: Aw, for crying out loud, this is no way to treat a lady. You see, she's starting to act up.

DOMINIC: You should have told Archangel to forget it.

ARCHANGEL: (on radio) What's your location?

HAWKE: About 500 miles west of the Virgin Islands, 1,000 feet.

HAWKE: Make this quick, Michael, we're getting the hell knocked out of us.

ARCHANGEL: Okay, insert that special laser disc I gave you.

DOMINIC: You got it. Now baby, let's show ‘em how it's done.

DOMINIC: Okay Michael, all systems are go here. Telemetry should be starting now.

ARCHANGEL: Roger, Dominic.

HAWKE: How much longer Michael?

ARCHANGEL: Hang on almost finished.

DOMINIC: Easy baby. Just a little more.

DOMINIC: We lost him.

ARCHANGEL: It's okay, we got enough.

HAWKE: Keys are dead ahead. We cleared the storm.

DOMINIC: Hallelujah!

Wolf's Lair

DOMINIC: Well, a mission like that makes this valley look mighty pretty.

DOMINIC: Oh, it's good to be home.

HAWKE: Yeah, let's put the Lady to bed.

HAWKE: So what kind of damage we got on the Lady?

DOMINIC: We popped a few rivets, shook lose some components and some lateral scanners, nothing fatal. Not this time.

DOMINIC: Now, how about that cold one you promised me, huh?

Desert near the Wolf's Lair

BILLINGS: How much further is it?

QUIST: Oh, not far, another couple of minutes.

BILLINGS: Good. I know your boss likes to keep his meetings private, but this is the far side of nowhere.

BILLINGS: Has he got a problem, Quist?

QUIST: Should he?

BILLINGS: Well, it took longer to put this deal together then I told him. We're very close, maybe a couple of days.

QUIST: Maybe you should talk to him about that.

GRACE: Honey, relax, he's just doing his job.

QUIST: Exactly, I'm just doing my job.

QUIST: Eddie, this is far enough. Could you pull it over please?

QUIST: Well, this is where we get out.

BILLINGS: I think we'd better wait, I don't think he's here yet.

QUIST: He'll show himself after he sees you. Now, get out. Now.

BILLINGS: Run, Grace, run!



QUIST: Come on.

QUIST: She couldn't have got too far. Come on.

[motorbikers whooping]

QUIST: Come on, we'd better get outta here.

Santini Air


[alarm blaring]

DOMINIC: No sign of a malfunction. Must be the real thing.

CAITLIN: What real thing? What is it?

HAWKE: Somebody's entered the lair.

Wolf's Lair

[Santini Jetranger approaches and lands]

DOMINIC: Everything looks okay, nothing disturbed.

HAWKE:: Hey Dom, look!

DOMINIC: Oh my God!

HAWKE:: She's got a bullet wound.

DOMINIC: I'll get on the horn, get some help.

Horn's office

[clears throat]

BUTLER: Hello? One moment please.

WOMAN: There, that should keep you occupied for a while.

BUTLER: Call for you sir, Mr. Quist.

HORN: Check.

HORN: All right Quist, what is it?

QUIST: (on the car phone) Yes Mr. Horn, it's about that little problem you had with Billings.

HORN: That should have been settled by now.

QUIST: Yes sir, he's history. When you ask me to handle something sir, it gets done.

QUIST: We had a slight problem with his girlfriend, sir.

HORN: What happened, Quist? And please don't snow me.

QUIST: No sir, I wouldn't do that.

QUIST: Mr. Horn, it was like this. Billings put up a fight. I took care of him but his girlfriend ran.

QUIST: Now, I hit her once but some people showed up just before I could find her body.

HORN: Are you saying that she's escaped?

QUIST: No sir. No sir. That'd be a 1,000-to-1 shot. She was alone out there in the desert, she was bleeding all over the place.

QUIST: She's lying out there dead sir, I'm sure of it.

HORN: Well, I'm not. Now listen, Quist.

HORN No one in my operations make mistakes. Billings already found that out.

QUIST: I understand, sir.

HORN: I want you to pick me up at 4:30, and I'll be expecting good news.

QUIST: You can depend on me.

HORN: Mate.

A ranch somewhere, FIRM safehouse

[horses neighing]

[Santini Jetranger lands]

CAITLIN: Is she going to be all right?

ARCHANGEL: It looks like it.

SAMANTHA: Thank you.

ARCHANGEL: I understand you're Miss Grace Harrison. Michael Goldsmith-Briggs.

ARCHANGEL: Miss Harrison, you were found in a classified installation.

ARCHANGEL: I'd like to ask you a few questions about that.

GRACE: You a cop?

ARCHANGEL: No, I work for the government.

GRACE: Oh, the FBI?


GRACE: Nah, I didn't think so. They don't dress snazzy like you.

GRACE: Did you get that working for the government?

ARCHANGEL: Yes, a couple of years ago.

GRACE: And they're still making you work? You shoulda got a pension.

GRACE: You could sue. You know my first cousin's a lawyer.

ARCHANGEL: Yes, well… Miss Harrison, if we could, I'd like to get back to business.

ARCHANGEL: Do you feel up to answering a few questions?

GRACE: Yeah, I guess so, but don't make it too hard on me, my head still feels like someone used it for hockey practice.

ARCHANGEL: I'll keep it simple. Is Grace Harrison your full name?

GRACE: Do I have to answer that?

ARCHANGEL: I'd appreciate it.

GRACE: Yeah, okay, but don't laugh. My real name is Alma Grace Harrison. But I never use it. Alma, it sounds like I should be making quilts or worked in a library or something.

ARCHANGEL: What were you doing in the desert alone?

GRACE: Oh, well, I was take’n pictures. You know, like with a camera. I mean, sometimes I just get these urges to go out in the desertand take pictures.

ARCHANGEL: Kind of a junior Ansel Adams, hmm?

GRACE: If you say so.

ARCHANGEL: What kind of a camera do you use?

GRACE: Ah, now, I'm not real good with names. It was Japanese though, I think, they called it… Tokyo.

ARCHANGEL: I see. How did you get hurt?

GRACE: Well, it was like this, I was out there take’n pictures and, all of a sudden, I hear all these engines, and it's a motorcycle gang.

GRACE: Now, I don't want to brag, but a woman who looks like me shouldn't meet a motorcycle gang out in the middle of the desert, if you know what I mean.

ARCHANGEL:: Absolutely.

GRACE: Anyway… they had these guns and they were shoot’n ‘em all over the place.

GRACE: So, I hid behind these rocks, and one of the bullets must have bounced off a boulder or something, because it hit me.

ARCHANGEL: Did you cry out, let them know you were there?

GRACE: Are you kid’n? I stayed hidden until they left.

GRACE: Then I was just wander’n around and I found that cave and the helicopter. It's a hot look’n machine.

GRACE: I remember think’n that it must have a radio inside, but I must have blacked out or someth’n before I figured out how to open up the door, and the next thing I remember, I woke up here.

ARCHANGEL: Why didn't you use your vehicle? You must have driven to that area.

GRACE: Oh, yeah, my car. Well, I forgot to tell you that part.

GRACE: The motorcycle gang stole it.


ARCHANGEL: Thank you Grace, that will be enough for now.

ARCHANGEL: Why don't you get some rest?


ARCHANGEL: Quite a performance, eh?

CAITLIN: Yeah, I thought I was a bad liar.

DOMINIC: What do you think she's up to?

ARCHANGEL: I'm not sure. But, she's certainly not my idea of some super spy who tracked down Airwolf on purpose.

HAWKE: There's no argument about that. What puzzles me is that gunshot wound.

HAWKE: Why would anybody want to hurt a gal like that?

ARCHANGEL:: Well, I could turn up the heat on her, demolish her story, maybe break her down, but…

CAITLIN: No, Michael. She's already so frightened of whoever shot her.

HAWKE: Cate's right about that. If we scared her, she'd just clam up more.

HAWKE: Gotta find some way to get her to tell the truth without her knowing she's tell’n it.

SAMANTHA: Hi. We cleaned your slacks and replaced the sweater and jacket. I'll just hang ‘em here.

GRACE: Oh, thanks a lot.


GRACE: Think I'm gonna take a nap.


On a desert road

GRACE: You head’n into town?

HAWKE: Yeah, hop in.

GRACE: So, I told him to keep his hands off me, and he dumped me by the side of the road.

HAWKE: Creep.

GRACE: Yeah. For some reason, I seem to attract ‘em.Other girls draw millionaires, I get the weirdos.

HAWKE: Aw come on, a nice look’n lady like you? Ought to have your pick of men.

GRACE: Yeah, tell me about it. The trouble is, I'm a sucker for a good story.I mean, these guys can see me come’n a mile away.

GRACE: And they've always got these sad puppy dog eyes.


GRACE: Next thing you know, I'm do’n their laundry and support’n the 2 of us.

HAWKE: Well Grace, you ought to know how to change that.

GRACE: Yeah, sure. But, the way I figure it, sooner or later, there will be a Mr. Right.

At a resort hotel

QUIST: No luck, sir. She hasn't been in her room and her car's not in the parking garage.

HORN: We've got a problem, Quist.

QUIST: There she is. Right there in that car.

HORN: Well, well, Stringfellow Hawke.

QUIST: Stringfellow who?

HORN: Never mind. Let's see what they do.

GRACE: Well, thanks a lot for the ride.

HAWKE: Sure I can't see you again?

GRACE: Well gee, any other time, but… I gotta go out of town for a while.

QUIST: Why did she come back? She knows we're following her.

QUIST: She's kind of a dim bulb.

HORN: Well, be that as it may, she wouldn't come back here to stay.

HORN: Tell Eddie to drive into the garage.

QUIST: Eddie.

Hotel carpark

QUIST: What?

Hotel reception

RECEPTIONIST: I'm sorry, sir. She's not in her room. And her key is still in the box.

HAWKE: Thank you.

RECEPTIONIST: You're welcome.

Horn's house

GRACE: I know it sounds crazy, but that's really what happened. See, they caught me there and this government man was giving me the 3rd degree.

GRACE: Well, I didn't say noth’n about you, Mr. Horn. I just sandbagged and gave ‘em the slip. And I was on my way out of town when you and Mr. Quist, well…

GRACE: I know this doesn't make a lot of sense.

HORN: Oh, that's all right, Grace. I'm sure it's the truth.

HORN: Would you like something to settle your nerves? A drink perhaps?

GRACE: Thanks Mr. Horn, I'd love a Scotch and milk. With a couple of teaspoons of sugar stirred in.

QUIST: You heard the lady, Quist.

HORN: Grace, have you any idea what you've stumbled onto here?

GRACE: No, I guess I don't, Mr. Horn.

HORN: Do you think you could find that cave again?

GRACE: Oh, I don't know. I don't have a real good sense of direction.

GRACE: My Dad used to say I could get lost in a closet.

HORN: Suppose I had Quist help you, take you back to that same area.

GRACE: Well, I could try.

HORN: Oh, you'll have to do a lot better than that, Grace. Finding that helicopter means a great deal to me.

HORN: You might say it's a matter of life or death.

FIRM ops room somewhere

HAWKE: I wasn't 30 seconds behind her at that hotel. She just disappeared.

ARCHANGEL: You think she could have made you as a plant?

CAITLIN: Oh, come on Michael, she couldn't make a philodendron as a plant. Grace is no spy.

HAWKE: Whether she fooled us or not, the bottom line is, she's gone and she's out of our control.

DOMINIC: I say we better start make’n some plans of our own.

HAWKE: Yeah, I think it's time we pulled off our little surprise.

Valley of the Gods

QUIST: This is it?

GRACE: It sure looks like it.

GRACE: Yeah, I'm almost positive.

QUIST: Ladies first.

QUIST: Okay, Grace, where is it?

GRACE: I don't know. It was here.

QUIST: You're sure this is the right place?

GRACE: Well, it's got to be.

GRACE: See, that's where they get the helicopter in and out.

QUIST: Looks awfully narrow to me.

FIRM Ops room somewhere

QUIST: (Being overheard on the speaker) There's no oil spots on the ground, there's no smell of gas on the rocks. There's noth’n.

DOMINIC: Do you think the man is her boss?

ARCHANGEL: We'll see.

ARCHANGEL: If he is, I'll have an assault team all over them.

GRACE: The helicopter was here. I'm positive.

QUIST: I'm not sure what your game is Grace, but I'm not going back to the boss with another problem.

QUIST: He said if you fail, I should carry out my contract.

GRACE: Don't Quist, please.

QUIST: Okay Grace, I'm gonna help you out.

QUIST: We'll go back and we'll talk to Mr. John Horn. I'll take the heat for ya.

GRACE: Thanks, Quist.

QUIST: Let's get outta here.

HAWKE: I have to find a new home for the Lady.

DOMINIC: John Bradford Horn.

DOMINIC: Boy, if we could get our hands on him.

CAITLIN: Do you think he's still in this area?

ARCHANGEL: Who knows? The last report I had said he was out of the country, doing business here by telephone.

HAWKE: I always thought he'd try again to grab Airwolf.

HAWKE: It's the key to the one thing he hasn't got.

ARCHANGEL: Right, a place where he can live without fear of expulsion.

ARCHANGEL: With Airwolf, he'd take over some little island country, and then set up his own government.

HAWKE: Not while I'm walk’n around, Michael.

Horn's house

[Caribbean music playing]

QUIST: When we got there, everything had been cleaned out.

QUIST: No helicopter, no bench, no tool, nothing.

HORN: Well, that's disappointing.

GRACE: Well, I'm awful sorry, Mr. Horn. I did my best.

HORN: Obviously, they became suspicious of you when you disappeared from your hotel room.

HORN: So, they relocated Airwolf just to be safe.

HORN: Well Grace, you'll just have to make contact with them again.

GRACE: Me? Well, I lied to ‘em, they'll never believe me. They'll arrest me.

HORN: Of course, if you'd rather not risk it.

GRACE: Well, to tell you the truth, Mr. Horn…

HORN: But if you don't, you will no longer be of any use to me. And you remember what happened to Billings when he was no longer of any use to me?

GRACE: Yeah. Anything you say, Mr. Horn.

HORN: Good. Now, the first thing we have to do is let them think they caught up with you on their own.

At a hotel pool

TRAINER: That's it, 2 more leg lifts.

GRACE: Like this?

TRAINER: Yeah. Nice and slow till your injury heals.

TRAINER: One more. Couple more.

[Grace groans]

Keep go’n.

TRAINER: There you go, keep go’n.

TRAINER: 3 more.

TRAINER: That's it. There you go.

HAWKE: Grace, look out!


HAWKE: Grace!


TRAINER: Are you okay?

At the FIRM safehouse

DOCTOR: She popped a couple of stitches, but surgical tape should hold it. Otherwise, she's fine.

ARCHANGEL: Thank you, Doctor.

ARCHANGEL: Now, Miss Harrison, my colleagues and I know that you're in deep trouble.

ARCHANGEL: We also know that your previous story is a fairytale.

GRACE: You must think I'm really terrible lying to the government and everything, but I was just so scared.

GRACE: See, there's this man named John Bradford Horn…

CAITLIN: Excuse me. Michael, shouldn't Hawke be here for this?

ARCHANGEL: He's busy outside.

CAITLIN: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. Go ahead.

ARCHANGEL: [clearing throat] Please, Miss Harrison, continue.

GRACE: Well, Tom Billings, the man they found murdered in the desert, was my boyfriend.

GRACE: He tried to double-cross Horn, and Horn sent his hitmen out to try to kill us, and I got away, and I just stumbled into that cave.

DOMINIC: Why didn't you tell us this before? Why did you run away?

GRACE: Well, when I saw that helicopter, I knew that it had to be something special.

GRACE: And I thought I could make a deal with Horn. But Horn didn't believe me, he thought I was trying to trick him.

GRACE: You gotta help me, or I'm dead.

ARCHANGEL: There's only one way you're going to be safe, and that is for you to help us capture Horn.

GRACE: Me? Well, how?

HAWKE: Tell us everything you know about him. Have you seen him? Is he in the country?

GRACE: Well no, I talk to him. He's in, um… Costa Rica or, uh… Puerto Rico, or one of those Ricas.

HAWKE: But you can contact him, right?

GRACE: Well see, I call this number and they pick me up and they drive me around and then they take me to this weird looking phone, and I call, but it sounds like he's under water or someth’n.

ARCHANGEL: Grace, there's only one thing that will tempt Horn to come back, the helicopter.

ARCHANGEL: You've got to convince him that you know where it is.

GRACE: Well, I could do my best.

ARCHANGEL: Once you're absolutely certain that he's coming in person, we'll give you a likely-sounding location, and then when he shows up, we'll grab him, and you can just walk away.

GRACE: And you'll back me up if I need it?

ARCHANGEL: Absolutely.

ARCHANGEL: Grace. Take a few minutes and you think about this.

HAWKE: Michael.


HAWKE: Are you sure there's nothing else that you want to tell me?


GRACE: I mean, I don't know what you want me to say.

HAWKE: You know Grace, you're not the kind of person that should be involved in something like this. And the only way that you're going to make it through, is to quit playing games and just tell the pure truth.

GRACE: But I did Hawke, honest.

HAWKE: All right, if you're sure.

[car engine starting]

HAWKE: Grace, you be careful.

GRACE: Yeah.

ARCHANGEL: Did she tell you anything?


HAWKE: You know Michael, sometimes this job really stinks.

Helicopter surveillance

HELICOPTER: This is Bird Dog, we have subject in sight.

HELICOPTER: Subject is leaving control vehicle at Spring Avenue and Maple Drive.

HELICOPTER: Subject is being picked up in a late-model blue sedan.

HELICOPTER: They are southbound on Maple Drive. We are maintaining contact.

HELICOPTER: We are maintaining contact, Subject is still on Stevens Canyon Drive, just exiting the tunnel.

FIRM Ops Room

ARCHANGEL: We lost her.

HAWKE: You know, I still don't believe Grace was working with Horn.

HAWKE: In fact, Horn probably arranged all this.

CAITLIN: Yeah, wouldn't it have been nice if she could have lead us to him.

ARCHANGEL: Well, she didn't, so we'll have to do it the hard way.

Horn's house

HORN: So Grace, they were waiting for you to betray me, huh?

QUIST: We got them totally fooled, sir.

HORN: Naturally. Did they mention Airwolf?

GRACE: Well, not exactly, but I'm pretty sure they've hidden it on a field in that farm.

HORN: Why do you say that, Grace?

GRACE: Well, it's just little hints, you know, veiled remarks, nods of the head, things like that.

HORN: I see. Yes, I bet they'd love me to come to that field after Airwolf.

HORN: They'd have quite a reception committee waiting for me.

GRACE: I don't get it.

HORN: It's simple, Grace. Hawke and the Firm don't just drop little hints, they're too smart for that.

HORN: They were deliberately trying to mislead you.

GRACE: You mean they're just using me, too?

HORN: But no matter, I know where they'll hide Airwolf. The only logical place.

FIRM safehouse

DOMINIC: Your people did a pretty good job with that. You'd have to get up pretty close to find out it's not Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: That is, of course, if they show up at all.

ARCHANGEL: Remember, we're betting they won't.

DOMINIC: Oh, mama mia! I hope this thing doesn't get so complicated that we're gonna outsmart ourselves.

ARCHANGEL: Well, there's always that possibility. Maybe they'll take the bait.

CAITLIN: I don't see how you all can stand around so calmly talking about this. You're gambling with Airwolf. I think it's a big mistake.

DOMINIC: I know what you mean, Cate.

DOMINIC: It's like betting the “Mona Lisa” on a roll of the dice.

HAWKE: None of us like the idea very much, but it's the only way to get Horn.

CAITLIN: Yeah, I guess.

Wolf's Lair

[helicopter lands]

HAWKE: Horn grabbed Airwolf.

[tracker on Airwolf beeping]

FIRM Ops room

CAITLIN: They're still headed due west.

PRICE: Squad's ready, sir.

ARCHANGEL: Right. Let's go.

DOMINIC: Here we go.

PRICE: All right, men, load it up.

PRICE: Come on, move it.

PRICE: Hey you 2, hurry up.

HAWKE: [On board Santini Air Jetranger] This is Santini 1 to Archangel, over.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, we read you. We've picked up the signal from Airwolf.

HAWKE: Well, that's good news. Where they headed?

ARCHANGEL: Due west. If it continues its present course, the likely destination is…

CAITLIN: The harbor, San Pedro.

ARCHANGEL: The harbor at San Pedro.

HAWKE: Listen to me. There's a park about a mile from the harbor on 2nd Avenue. We'll meet you there.


DOMINIC: Well, looks like everything's going accord’n to plan.

DOMINIC: But I don't mind tell’n you I had nightmares about that little beeper not working, and that guy Horn heading south with my baby.

San Pedro

QUIST: Relax Gracie, it'll all be over soon.

QUIST: I'll be Mr. Horn's right-hand man and you'll be free as a bird.

GRACE: Oh, please God, let it be the truth. If I ever get outta this, I'm going to get a job in a rest home.

QUIST: Guess it's been pretty rough on a civilian like you.

GRACE: Yeah, now I know what a Ping-Pong ball feels like.

[UH1 appraoches and lowers Airwolf onto deck of a ship]

QUIST:There it is, Grace. We're home free.

On the way to San Pedro

HAWKE: So, how we do’n on time?

ARCHANGEL: We'll make it, let's just hope Horn is there.

D Where's the Lady?

CAITLIN: Right where we thought. Stopped at pier 11.


HAWKE: What about Grace?

ARCHANGEL: I've assigned 2 men from the Zebra Squad to watch out for her and protect her if she's there.

ARCHANGEL: It's the best I can do, Hawke.

San Pedro

HORN: Hello, Grace, Quist.

GRACE: Hi, Mr. Horn.

HORN: If you'll excuse me.

HORN: All right, get this ready for departure.

HORN: You've done well. You both deserve a little reward.

QUIST: It's not necessary, sir.

GRACE: Gee, thanks a lot, Mr. Horn.

HORN: John Horn always pays top dollar for a top job.

HORN: Get them! Get them!

[fire fight]

GRACE: Hawke! Hawke! Hawke!



HAWKE: Go fire up the Lady.

PRICE: All right, follow me.

HAWKE: Grace?

GRACE: Yeah.

HAWKE: You'll be all right.

GRACE: No, not this time.

GRACE: It's only one miracle to a customer. I… I'm cold.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: She deserved better then that, Dom.

DOMINIC: It was her fight. You can't blame yourself, String.

DOMINIC: There's really only one reason Grace is dead, John Bradford Horn.


HAWKE: Open their communication channel, Dom.


HAWKE: Report, this is Stringfellow Hawke.

[machine gun fire]

[UH-1 launches rocket. Explosion in water]

DOMINIC: Copperhead on the line.

[Airwolf launches two missiles. UH-1 explodes]

DOMINIC: You know String, I hate to think what could’ve happened if Horn had taken the Lady with him.

HAWKE: Somethings wrong, Dom.

HAWKE: It was too easy.

HORN: [Horn on radio] Very perceptive, Hawke. Better luck next time.

DOMINIC: Track him.

HAWKE: I knew it.

DOMINIC: No time to track that source, String. He's long gone.

HAWKE: He's gotta be down there somewhere.

DOMINIC: Sure, but where?