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"Dr. Fairling is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled The Horn of Plenty (episode).


Dr. Fairling is one of the doctors specialising in mind control drugs and technques employed by the villainous tycoon John Bradford Horn. When Hawke is captured by Horn's troops, Fairling and her colleagues work on Hawke to brainwash him and program him into thinking that he owes his life and allegiance to Horn. Later when Hawke shoots Dominic with a pistol load with tranquilizer pellets, Fairling is also in charge of treating Dominic. Horn instructs her that after Dominic comes out of sedation, he is to be programmed just like Hawke.

Fairling's ultimate fate is unknown. Although Hawke eventually shoots up the base, she is underground most of the time and might have survived. It is likely that Archangel would have sent in reinforcements to mop up the place and she might have been arrested by them.

Portrayed By

Dr. Fairling is played by Carol J. Connors[1] in what appears to be her first acting credit.