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Dr.Roger Burton is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled ""Moffett's Ghost".


Dr. Roger Burton is an American scientist who meets secretly with a group of Russian scientists once a year in Siberia to exchange information. These meetings have, according to him, helped to cool down the arms race. Infiltrating him into Siberia and then exfiltrating him after the meeting is the F.I.R.M.'s responsibility and Archangel has asked Hawke and Dominic to undertake the mission in Airwolf. Hawke enjoys the irony, because sneaking past Russian air defenses is normal but he has to sneak past American air defenses for this flight as well. Nonetheless, it's a mission everyone feels good about--as Marella says, if his work didn't have to be conducted in secret, he would have won a fistful of Nobel Peaces Prizes. Dominic and Hawke share the sentiment, which is why they are determined, after successfully inserting him into Siberia, to return a few days later to extract him even though Airwolf's computer is not in good health.

Portrayed By

Dr. Roger Burton is played by Donald Hotton[1]