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At Stappleford Industries

COLE: Roan?

ROAN: Cole! What are you doing here?

COLE: I was picking up a few things before I headed up to Reno. What were you doing in the old man's office? You know, he left this afternoon.

ROAN: I know. I left him a note. I wanted to visit some friends up in Lake Tahoe.

COLE: You could've told him in Reno tomorrow.

ROAN: Oh, I will. I just wanted to make it official. You know, put it in writing. Are you going out?

COLE: Yeah.

COLE: You got that plane ready to race tomorrow?.

ROAN: Always. How about the Sea Fury?

COLE: I just had it overhauled. I got a place special on my mantle where I gotta set that big, huge trophy that's gonna say, "Reno Air Races, First Place."

ROAN: Is that so? Afraid I might have something to say about that.

COLE: Yeah, I know. But since we drew different heats... So maybe I'll see you in the finals.

ROAN: I'll be there if you are.

COLE: Good luck.

SECURITY GUARD: Yeah, this is Security. We better contact Mr. Stappleford. We got a problem.

At the Reno Air Race

ANNOUNCER: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 22nd Annual Reno Air Races. This is going to be the biggest and the best event ever. We have 32 heats of racing in four classes: Formula, AT-6, Sports Biplane and Unlimited. We have dozens of exhibits featuring aircraft from every era of flying.

ANNOUNCER: You'll be entertained by the world-famous Blue Angels, the Army's Golden Knights Parachute Team, the extraordinary Christen Eagles Acrobatic Flight Team, and, from Canada, the Snowbirds.

ANNOUNCER: You can see the planes gathering at the far end of the field. Once again this year, we have the most competitive group of planes in our history, so the racing should be spectacular. They're moving for the taxiways. We'll be ready to start soon. Some of the competitors are already airborne. There goes Jacobs in the number 84 silver Mustang. And that's Harris in his P-51, which he calls the Phantom.

DOMINIC: Would you look at that? You know, this show keeps getting bigger every year.

DOMINIC: Don't you just love those old airplanes?

HAWKE: You know, it is kind of fun to do some real old-time cruising in a low-tech plane.

DOMINIC: Hey, remember, I'm booting her back. I'm gonna show you the old Santini snap roll.

HAWKE: Yeah, I remember the last time you did that, you lost your spaghetti.

DOMINIC: Oh, I'll give you a shot.

DOMINIC: Hey, hey! Isn't this great? Just like the county fair.

HAWKE: I don't know. Looks a little crowded to me.

DOMINIC: Oh, come on, you know you love racing. Come on, the heats are ready to start up. Let's go.

ANNOUNCER: All the planes are airborne now. Once they're warmed up, they'll move into starting position.

ANNOUNCER: They're lining up now. Keep your eye on the starter at the south pylon. And they're off! It's a good start.

ANNOUNCER: Jumping into the early lead is Clemens in a P-38, then Rogers in an AT-6, Jacobs in a Mustang, Harper in a Sea Fury and Carver in a Mustang.

ANNOUNCER: That's Carver moving to third, now challenging Harper's Sea Fury. But Clemens still leads in his P-38.

ANNOUNCER: Now Carver's slipped into second. That P-51 is really moving today. Jacobs has got his silver Mustang right down to the deck, taking the low line around. Final lap, ladies and gentlemen.

ANNOUNCER: The checkered flag is waving! It's Clemens and Carver! Clemens and Carver!

ANNOUNCER: Yes! Carver! Down under and home quick. It's Roan Carver in the P-51 Mustang to win the first heat.

DOMINIC: Did you see that move?

HAWKE: Yeah. It's called skill.

DOMINIC: No kidding. Come on, let's go check out that Stappleford plane, eh?

At the Stappleford Stall

BLAINE: I'm sure you'd all like to meet the man whose company designed and buiIt the X-400. The president of Stappleford lndustries, Lou Stappleford.

STAPPLEFORD: For those of you who have not yet heard, the X-400 has just been certified as a low-level surveillance and support aircraft. The Air Force has asked us to start building 200 of them.


STAPPLEFORD: This craft represents the highest level of aeronautical conception and design. It is buiIt entirely of Prylon, a composite that enables it not only to be bulletproof, but to have extreme steaIth capabilities against any modern radar systems.

STAPPLEFORD: Mr. Charles Crane here, our chief engineer, will answer any of your non-classified questions as best he can. As for myself, I can only say that as the owner of Stappleford Aircraft, I am filled with pride that our dream, this fantastic flying machine, will now become a regular part of our national defense. Thank you.


HAWKE: Hey, there's somebody's hand over here I gotta shake.

BLAINE: I'm sure we're all proud to have your new plane as part of America's defense. I'd now like to introduce you to the individual who led the design team for the X-400.

HAWKE: Hello.


HAWKE: Are you the one who was flying this baby?

ROAN: That's right, Mr...

HAWKE: Oh, I'm Stringfellow Hawke.

ROAN: That's a mouthful.

HAWKE: This is Dominic Santini.

DOMINIC: Hi! That was some kind of flying...

ROAN: Roan Carver. Thanks.

HAWKE: This Mustang, do you own it?

ROAN: Me and the bank. Well, I gotta go. Nice talking to you.

HAWKE: Miss Carver. It is Miss?

ROAN: Always.

HAWKE: I just wanted to congratulate you again.

ROAN: I've gotta go check the race schedules. Maybe I'll see you later.

DOMINIC: That was a hell of a line, String. I used it myself back in 1941 .

CRANE: Are there any questions?

MAN: When will the production on the X-400 begin, and what kind of skills are you looking for?

CRANE: Well, we start in three weeks. And we're looking for the usual aircraft skills. It's a very broad-based workforce. Anybody else?

WOMAN: Yeah, I'd like to know about your plans...

ROAN: Hey, boss.

STAPPLEFORD: Roan, I lost something last night, and I think maybe you found it.

ROAN: Lou, I really can't talk now. I've got a lunch date.

DOMINIC: Come on, cheer up, will you? The lady said she may see us later.

HAWKE: What are you talking about?

DOMINIC: Listen, hey, don't play games with me. I'm not blind, you know. That lady pilot really tumbled your gyros.

HAWKE: No big thing.

DOMINIC: Listen to him. Promise me something, will you? That if I tell you that the lady's coming back, you won't turn around so fast that you'll hurt yourself, will you?

HAWKE: Huh? Is she?


ROAN: Did you say you wanted to buy me lunch?

HAWKE: I didn't, but I will.

ROAN: Stop begging. I'll go.

ROAN: Something wrong with your legs?

STAPPLEFORD: Looks as if we're going to be playing some games.