Eddie is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Discovery".


Eddie was an operative of John Bradford Horn. At the beginning of the episode, he drove Tom Billings and his girlfriend Grace Harrison into the desert so that Quist, a hitman for John Bradford Horn, could execute them. When Grace escaped, he helped Quist hunt for her.

Eddie was subsequently seen as the driver of Horn's limo. He was also present at the final firefight between the F.I.R.M. and Horn's men at San Pedro harbour. If he was among those who escaped on Horn's helicopter, he would have died when it was blown up by Airwolf. If he had stayed on the ground, he would likely have been captured.

Portrayed By

Eddie is played by stuntman Tony Epper[1]. He has a few lines in this episode but is not credited. Epper makes a few other uncredited appearances in the Airwolf series such as in The Horn of Plenty (episode). He does pick up one credit in Season 3 Annie Oakley (episode).


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