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Edward Stoner is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled Philip Maurice bribes him to give him schedule of a gold shipment which his company is handling and help in the robbery. Stoner agrees. On the day of the robbery, Stoner issues false instructions to the truck drivers and trick them into maintaining a speed of 60 miles an hour to allow the chopper carrying Maurice and his gang to land on its roof.

But Stoner doesn't get away with it. Archangel had earlier sent Meryl in undercover to chat up Maurice's accomplice Simon Sayes. Sayes had been indiscreet and mentioned the name Stoner to her. She runs some computer checks and discovers that Stoner works for Hi-Desert Trucking, which ships gold for the U.S. government. This points Archangel to the actual target of Maurice's robbery and allows Hawke and Dominic to foil it. For his part, Stoner is arrested by Marella..

Stoner's biodata as seen on the screen of Meryl's computer. Lots of great detail here, including his address and previous employment.

Portrayed By

Edward Stoner is played by Phil Rubenstein.[1]