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Else Manheim is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Echoes From The Past".


Else Manheim is a member of an East German gang of intelligence agents who are out to seize Airwolf. After they have kidnapped Hawke, they use behavior control drugs to make him think he has had a chopper accident and has been in a coma for a year. Manheim poses as Nurse Simmons and is in charge of administering the IV drugs. However Hawke sees through the deception and escapes.

The gang recapture Hawke and they force him to fly Airwolf out of the lair and load it into a C-130. The gang has all but succeeded, and soon the C-130 with Airwolf on board is flying out of the U.S. and meets an escort of Cuban MiGs. But unknown to the gang, Dominic has hidden himself inside Airwolf. He overpowers Manheim and a fake Saint John Hawke who are keeping watch in the cargo hold of the C-130. He and Hawke then lower the cargo ramp and extract Airwolf from the C-130 using a drogue chute, straight into a dogfight with the MiGs. In the ensuing melee, a MiG fires a missile at Airwolf. Hawke leads it straight into the C-130, killing the entire gang, including Manheim.

Else Manheim, having shed her nurse disguise, now holds Hawke and Susan Hill captive in the hold of the C-130.

Portrayed By

Else Manheim is played by Barbara Cason.[1]