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Over Mount Catherine

(volcano erupting)

(voice on radio) The big story here in the northwest continues to be the eruption watch at Mount Catherine. The long dormant volcano has been showing signs of returning to life for some time now, sending out columns of steam and rocking the earth with tremors. Scientists are using the latest seismological equipment and are excited about the awesome opportunity to observe nature close up.

Hawke: You be sure and keep your eyes glued to the external temperature gauge.

Dominic: Huh, I'd rather not end up fried to a crisp either, not in the name of science.

Hawke: Yeah, I know what you mean. That thing's like a big champagne bottle that nature's been shaking for the last 25 million years. We are going get hauled in here just when its going to blow its top.

Dominic: Speaking of which, here it comes.

Dominic: There she is, in front of you.

Hawke: It's about to blow. That thing's going to go any minute.

Dominic: (Italian) Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.

Hawke: What did you say?

Dominic: It's from Dante, er, literally translated. It means er abandon all hope ye who enter here. It was written over the entrance to hell.

Dominic: Okay, String, I've got a vent just down the hill a bit.

Hawke: How many samples we need to get anyway?

Dominic: Oh, a couple of dozen at least. Gas and steam from vents at different elevations. We're going to be here for a little while.

Hawke: Boy I sure hope this works.

Dominic: Well, if the university's analysis program works, we'll know the old mum's next move before she does.

Hawke: Okay, I'll settle her in just as close as I can. There's got to be an easier way to make a living for a goy with a helicopter than this.

At a mining rock face

(rocket explosion)

Pilot: Survey 1 to base, how was that placement?

Cove: Right on the money, Survey 1. Looks like that copper ore goes on forever.

Crammins: She's about 5 miles out of town. I've got one of the units giving her a real nice escort. Everything is all set up.

Cove: Good.

Crammins: The only thing is I don't know why we bother to do this every year. She don't even control the company any more.

Cove: Thanks. We bother about this little futile ceremony every year chief, because the name of the company is Davenport. She is the last one of those around.

Cove: People need symbols. You give them a queen, they'll forget about the dirt under their own fingernails.

(more explosions)

New Gideon

Amelia: So today with the dedication of New Gideon Pit Number 2, we further fulfil the promise of my late husband Albert to further supply the world with copper and give work to the best group of miners ever assembled.


Amelia: So that despite the ebb and flow of economic conditions, Davenport Mines will still flourish and provide a fair....

Mary: Mrs. Davenport! Mrs. Dav.... (cut off)

(crowd murmuring)

Amelia: You know it seems that when my husband was still alive, we were around here much more. Holidays, weddings, births and the sad times as well. But today it appears that the distance between Denver is much further and I'm afraid that without this, I couldn't make it at all. But we're family, my only family, and I did so much want to be here with you.


Cove: All secure?

Crammins: Sorry about that, John. We jumped on it real fast, she never saw.

Cove: Okay, I'll see that lady into her limo and out of here. That at the next shift change we'll into a chopper for a little R & R at the lodge.

Cove: May I help you to your car?

Amelia: Thank you.

Cove: It was an excellent speech. Are you sure you won't spend the night, Mr. Davenport, we have a suite of rooms reserved.

Amelia: No, thank you I think not. An old person needs her own bed.

Cove: Well we're sure glad you came. Something we always look forward to and you were a big hit.

Amelia: Not as big as in years past, I fear. But then, times change.

Cove: As you say, times change. Safe home. Oh I have one last little present for you. There will be copper and miners here for a hundred years.

Amelia: Thank you.

(limo starts)

Company store

Bowden: But Mr. Cove, what if I need to consult with someone. You're taking all the senior men with you.

Cove: Leaving Officer Hardeen here to back you up. Let's see if you can handle it.

In Airwolf

Hawke: How are we doing Dom?

Dominic: That's it, String, we've got all the samples we need.


Dominic: Now as soon as I've entered all the data, yeah, let the program run, and in a couple of minutes....

(large explosion. Yells.)

Hawke: What was that.

Dominic: 400 kiloton explosion at a range of 10 miles.

Dominic: Oh mother of god.

Hawke: Hang on, Dom.

(massive eruption)

Hawke: Dom, we're overheating real bad. Might have to set her down. Give me a reading.

Dominic: Are you kidding? I can't get a thing.

Hawke: Got something. It's a blue light.

Dominic: Oh, thank God. We're down. Now what?

Hawke: I suppose we just wait it out.

(Airwolf door opens)

Dominic: Mama mia. Hey this looks the surface of the moon.

Hawke: Here's the light we saw. Let's go check it out.

Dominic: This poor fella's had it.

Hawke: You know this New Gideon ought to be close by or some place. We better take him in.

Dominic: You mean carry him?

Hawke: His lights are still working. May be we can fire this thing up.

Dominic: Let's give it a try.

(pickup starts)

(voice on radio) In a huge area of the state from Johnstown and Cold River and as far north as New Gideon, rivers and streams continue to flood and dust fills the air after the violent eruption of Mt. Catherine. The blast was equal to the detonation of 27 Hiroshima sized bombs. We will continue to broadcast not knowing whether our signal is getting through.

Company store

Dominic: Mamma mia, look at this. Now that's spooky.

Hawke: Yeah, spooky or not, looks like it's going to be home until we get the lady back.

Bowden: (on radio) Officer Hardeen, this is Bowden. Please respond. Is there anybody out there.

Dominic: Hey look.

Woman: Police. It's the police. Everybody run. Just take these. Come on.

Dominic: Hey! Wait a minute, no. Hey, we're not the.... hey.

Hawke: They're looters.

Hawke: Hey! What are you doing?

Nick: Who the hell are you?

Hawke: I'm the one asking the questions.

Nick: Yeah, what's that supposed to mean?

Hawke: It means that if you don't own that box, better stop prying on it.

Nick: Come on, Ken.

Hawke: What are they?

Dominic: Heaters. Kerosene heaters.

Bowden: Are they gone? Is it safe? Officer Hardeen?

Hawke: No sir, I'm afraid that he's dead.

Bowden: Well now who are you. You're not from New Gideon.

Hawke: No, we're pilots. We were forced down by the eruption.

Dominic: And we sure like to be on our way again, so if you know....

Bowden: No, no, no no you can't leave. Didn't you hear me on the radio. You've got to help me. You see, we've got valuable property here. Davenport mining property. And it's got to be protected.

Hawke: It would seem to me that the first priority will be to see if anybody is injured or hurt

Bowden: Oh well yes, that too, of course, but....

Dominic: And have a place with lights

Hawke: And heat.

Hawke: We need an emergency facility.

Bowden: We can use this room. Wait here.

Bowden: There's a generator in back. Follow me.

Dominic: Did you get the officer buried.

Hawke: Yeah.

Dominic: Okay. Now wish me luck, going to give it a try.

(generator starts)

Hawke: I can't raise a thing on this radio. Must be all the dust in the air.

Dominic: Dominic: You know String, I've been looking around. And I've got a funny feeling about this place. I don't know. I just can't quite figure it out.

Hawke: Yeah I know what you mean. What you say we make a run through town. Announce we've got power for people.

Dominic: Anything, let's go.

Around New Gideon

Hawke: There's light and heat available ... company store.

Hawke: Anyone needing assistance come to the company store.

Hawke: There's light and heat available.

Hawke: I think I'm talking to myself.

(a voice) Excuse me, officers. Wait a minute.

Mrs. Cove: Who are you? You are not police officers. I know all my husband's men.

Hawke: Is your husband the chief of police?

Mrs. Cove: Ah, no. John Cove, general manager. Off playing with his drunken friends when we need him the most.

Hawke: Where?

Mrs. Cove: I don't know. In the woods. Now look. Ten minutes ago, one of them miners broke into my house and stole my heater.

Hawke: What?

Mrs. Cove: Yeah, Nick Cranovich, bold as brass. While I stood there and watched. He took it. I'd like to know just who does he think he is.

Hawke: Well, do you know where he lives?

Mrs. Cove: Right down there, number 5. Now you just bring that heater back to my house once you get him locked up.

Hawke: Yes, maam.


Mrs. Cranovich: Yes?

Hawke: Mrs. Cranovich? We have a report that heater is stolen. Do you know Mrs. Cove?

Mrs. Cranovich: We all know Mrs. Cove. Look, these trailers are heated by electricity. My neighbors are freezing. I can't afford to do that.

Hawke: Would you let us take you down to the store? They have heat there.

Mrs. Cranovich: Take the damn heater back to her. Put on another sweater and walk the floor all night.


Mrs. Cranovich: Oh!

Hawke: Look, please. Let's take you where it's safe.

(presses a door buzzer. Knocks)

Dominic: Ah, here you are.

Mrs. Cove: Thank you. Good night.

Dominic: Say you got heat, huh.

Mrs. Cove: I'll take it. Thank you.

Dominic: Well if you've got heat, what do you need this for?

Mrs. Cove: Good night.

Somewhere by a helicopter

Cove: What's the estimate now?

Pilot: Hey, Mr. Cove, you'll the boss and all but if you keep asking me that every twenty minutes, I'm going to up and leave you here.

Cove: Okay, okay.

Pilot: You're just damn lucky that none of these machines was in the air when it blew.

Pilot: So what do you want? One machine in the air in 10 hours or three in 20.

Cove: One in 10 for the chief and me.

Crammins: Can't stay away from the sheep too long, they forget who is the shepherd.

At Airwolf

Hawke: So tell me, how is our lady?

Dominic: Well it looks a lot worse than it really is. We lost a couple of hundred hours on those turbine blades. But once we clean off those jets and fuel lines, we should be on our way home.

Hawke: What about our weapons?

Dominic: Well no guarantees there.

Bowden: Hawke, Santini, this is Bowden, this is Bowden. Mr. Hawke, Mr. Santini, hello is anybody out there please. Please does anybody read me, please. Mr. Hawke, Mr. Santini, this is Bowden.

Hawke: Yeah this is Hawke.

Bowden: This is Bowden. Please, come to the station, come to the station, please quick.

Company store

Bowden: He was, he was one of the looters. He was one of the looters.

Dominic: Easy, easy.

Hawke: What's your name?

Nick: Nick Cranovich.

Hawke: Let me have that.

Nick: I was not looting. When the eruption came I ran to the emergency lockers for blankets and food and lights. They hadn't stocked them. They ripped us off. That's what people were taking from the store. Blankets and food. What was rightly theirs.

Hawke: Is that true?

Hawke: Well is it?

Bowden: I don't make the rules, Mr. Hawke.

Nick: You brought my wife here.

Bowden: She's asleep.

Dominic: Ah but ah first, what about the heater.

Nick: The company never gives enough electricity to heat. We have to buy the heaters from the company store. Then if you're sick, or your quota drops, they take them back. Never mind that it's cold or your wife is pregnant. They take them back and they sell them again. At a special price. One of the special people, like the wife of the general manager.

Mrs. Cranovich: Nick.

Nick: Look arrest me if you want. But let me see her for a few minutes.

Hawke: We'll take about it later.

Hawke: Well, what about it?

Dominic: Repossession in the middle of winter.

Bowden: Yeah, that's the way it is up here. I don't like it.

Hawke: That makes three of us, Mr. Bowden.

Nick: We need Dr. Fisher.

Hawke: Where is he? I'll get him.

Nick: Did you check the jail?

Dominic: Jail?

Nick: They arrested him yesterday at the ceremony. He's not in his office, he must be there.

Dominic: I checked the jail. It was empty.

Bowden: Oh no. Those three people that were arrested yesterday, they wouldn't put them in the jail just in case Mrs. Davenport wanted to inspect it.

Dominic: What are you talking about.

Nick: Where did they put them?

Bowden: Well I heard one of the men say something about number 7.

Nick: My God!

Dominic: What? What's number 7?

Nick: A tunnel condemned a year ago. It'll never stand these tremors. You show them where! I'm going to get the rest of the miners.

Dominic: Come on, come on.

Tunnel Number 7

Bowden: This is it.

Hawke: Any body in there? Any body in there?

Hawke: Hand me that iron bar.

(breaks the lock)

Bowden: Here, take this.

Dominic: What do you see, String?

Hawke: It's caved in. Completely sealed. Hey! Any body in here? Is any body in here?

Dominic: It's totally blocked, fellas.

Bowden: It's hopeless.

(a miner) Can sure tell you're not a miner pal. That's a word we don't know around here.

Dominic: String you watch yourself, you hear.


(another explosive eruption. Rock slide)

Dominic: String! String! String! String! String!

(voice) Did you hear me? Did any body hear me in there.

Nick: Hey guys, get in here, we found them.

(miner) Cranovich!

(more voices) Come on. What about you! Go! Go! Right everybody. Let's go. Everybody out.


Nick: I got it. Get the hell out of here. Go!

Dominic: Hey, you okay?

Company store

Mary: I never did find a chance to thank you for saving our lives in that horrible place.

Dominic: Don't thank me. Thank String and Nick Cranovich. They're the ones that did the saving. Mrs. ah....

Mary: Miss. Mary Avery. I am grateful like I say but there's something I got to ask. Just where do you come from and who's side are you on?

Hawke: You know Miss Avery, Dom and I we just sort of backed into this situation. And we'd like to ask you a question. Just what was it you did that got you put into jail.

Mary: I drive a 40 ton ore truck for Davenport. I drove for three years before I committed the ultimate sin. I questioned company policy. I asked why the company store rates were so stringent, I asked why the basic safety and housing needs of the miners were being ignored. They forgave me all that. But when Doc Fisher and I here discovered that the health and pension plan was being systematically ripped off and planned to tell Mrs. Davenport to her face. Why that's when John Cove and his private police force decided we'd gone far enough.

Hawke: And for that they put you in the slammer huh?

Mary: Yeah that's right. Of course they would have let us go in a couple of days. No charge, no trial, just let that be a lesson.

Mary: Yeah that's right. Of course they would have let us go in a couple of days. No charge, no trial, just let that be a lesson.

Dominic: I'm sorry but I don't get it. If this is such a hell hole and you didn't even get your basic rights. Then why didn't you all pull up stakes and get the hell out of here.

Mary: You should ask Nick that question. He left. Went down the Cold River looking for work. No seniority, No money in the bank to tide his family over. And inside of a week he was back begging for his old job. You see, mining isn't exactly a growth industry, right now. Young people its easy to split but you start a family and they've got you. You make waves, you go under.

Hawke: I can hardly imagine you making waves.

Mary: Without waves, there's no tide or change.

(limo arrive outside)

Bowden: What happened? Let's get her out!

Bowden: Easy.

Amelia: Ah. It took us 24 hours just to get this far.

Mary: There are good men and women in there. I don't want her in there contaminating the place.

Hawke: Hey, this lady's hurt.

Mary: There are a lot of people hurt.

Nick: There are a lot of people dead from accidents and hurry up schedules.

Hawke: Listen to me. Any person that's injured has the right to medical attention. I know my friend and I are strangers here and we've had some tense moments. But so far only one person has died. Now if you deny her medical aid, you all are responsible.

Mary: May be you should be working for Chief Crammins.

Hawke: That's a pretty cheap shot from somebody who speaks like a leader.

Dominic: Right, here we go, just let us through here. That's it.

Hawke: This lady doesn't feel well. Clear the way.

Dominic: Now hold it, hold it right there. Hold it. Doc you wanna give us a hand?

Hawke: I only asked you not to deny her medical attention. I never said you couldn't speak your mind. Come on.

Amelia: Why do you hate me?

Mary: Hate you? Woman I don't even know you.

Amelia: That's not the way it looked out there.

Mary: In church we were taught hate the deed not the doer. Is the money that important that the profits must come in the form of these folks' broken lives?

Amelia: Miss er Avery?

Mary: Avery.

Amelia: Well, Miss Avery, my husband was a mine engineer. And we lived in many small towns such as this. And we worked very hard to build up Davenport Mining. And not on the backs of our employees.

Mary: Well that was then, this is now. I was locked up and almost killed to keep me from talking to you.

Amelia: Well, you're talking to me now.

Mary: Yeah I guess I am.

(Outside, a JetRanger lands.)

AmeliaL Mr. Cove.

Cove: Mrs. Dvenport, I'm so glad that you're all right. When that mountain blew up I thought you might still be on the road.

Amelia: I never did get back to Denver. But when I do go back, I'm taking some of these people with me.

Crammins: I'm taking this one. She's under arrest.

Amelia: Don't you touch her.

Crammins: Don't know how she got away....

Nick: I let` her out!

Hawke: We got her out. That hole you got her buried in.

Crammins: Who the hell are you? Where's Officer Hardeen.

Hawke: He's dead. Died in the eruption.

Crammins: Get your hands off me or I'll bust you for assault.


Dominic: Easy, easy.

Cove: You're making a mistake, whoever you are. Chief Crammins is the law enforcement officer of this township.

Mary: Appointed by you.

Cove: You're risking a felony. All of you.

Hawke: We'll let the State Police worry about that.

Dominic: Yeah, once they look over this phony's record of false arrest and improper imprisonment, I don't think they'll mind a little arm-bending.

Crammins: Cove?

Cove: Outside.

Amelia: However, what you've been doing cannot be overlooked.

Cove: You've been getting a earful from the local radicals, I see.

Amelia: Quite.

Cove: I cheat them at the store, I work them too hard. Their homes are cold.

Nick: There were no emergency supplies. People survived the eruption but almost died because of your greed.

Mary: You've been looting the pension and health fund.

Amelia: You're through with this company, Mr. Cove. And I want you off the property within 12 hours.

Cove: That's, that's it, huh? You think I'm some mid-level Denver flunky you can intimidate? I was raised in these mines, lady. I've worked as hard as any man in my time. But I always knew who my boss was. My boss is the board of directors. And what they see is a copper mine turning a profit while all the others are going down the tubes. Now you try to fire me, you'll be the one with 12 hours to pack. What do you think? You guys want a job, we can talk.

Mary: Is he right?

Amelia: I don't know.

Next morning at the company store

Amelia: Uh! I feel terrible. What's happened to me? I used to have nerves of steel.

Mary: You're just a little older, that's all.

Amelia: Oh, that shouldn't matter.

Dominic: I say just get in there and start kicking some shins.

Hawke: Yeah, don't let him intimidate you. When you get back to Denver, and you're on your home turf, that's when you nail them.

Amelia: I hope that's true. But the company is my company in name only. My stock and the stock I control comes to about a third.

Amelia: And Mr. Cove is right. They like him back there. All the profits he's making.

Mary: Off of our backs.

Amelia: I wish you could tell them that.

Mary: What, that limo isn't big enough for two? I'll go.

Amelia: And I'll be very proud to have you.

Amelia: But without positive proof, especially the pension fraud, I feel just helpless.

Bowden: Excuse me. Would there be room for two more?

Amelia: Mr?

Bowden: Bowden, Chief Accountant. I'll er need the extra seat for my books.

Outside the company store

(Limo starts. Goodbyes.)


Crammins: She left, back to Denver, in the limo.

Cove: Let her go.

Crammins: Bowden was with her. He took the ledgers.

Cove: Get on the radio, bring the choppers in, now!

On the road

(voice over radio) Slowly communications and travel in the northwest area are returning to normal are after the devastating eruption of Mount Catherine. Downwind areas are still deeply affect by dust but even the remote areas are reporting in now with surprisingly low loss of life.

(JetRanger takes off)

Dominic: Hey, hey, hey, we're up and away. We may not have turbo power but we're flying home!

Hawke: Good work, Dom.

Dominic: Don't thank me. Baby. Thank her. She's a sweetie bird.

Nick: Mr. Hawke, Mr. Santini, hey where are guys. Can anybody here me? It's over here. It's me. Cranovich. Where are you guys.

Dominic: Over here.

Nick: Mr. Cove and Chief Crammins. they just took off. I think they're trying to stop Mrs. Davenport.

Nick: What is that?

Dominic: That's our aircraft.

Nick: Looks fast. I hope it's faster than the Chief's. For her sake.

Hawke: Come on, Dom. Here take the car.

(Airwolf starts)

Dominic: That's my sweetheart. I knew she wouldn't let us down, String.

(limo continues down the road)

Amelia: These ledgers make for very interesting reading, Mr. Bowden.

Bowden: And they prove all of the accusations against Cove.

(2 Hughes gunships pursue fire rockets at the limo)

Mary: No, no, no. Don't go down there!

Cove: (in JetRanger) We got 'em now. Move in!

Mary: It's a trap. We can't turn around till we reach the bottom of the pit.

(more explosions)

(on Airwolf)

Hawke: That limo must have come along this road.

Boy if they get caught out in the open.

I've got explosions, a pair of them. Bearing 345.

(Airwolf arms weapons)

Cove: Come on, you guys. Stop playing around. Nail her!

Pilot: Okay Mr. Cove. This one is triple bulls-eye.

(Airwolf charges in, music)

Cove: Ahhhhh!

(Hughes collides into JetRanger)

New Gideon

Bowden: Three against one. And I mean you know what a good pilot Jonesy is and this big black chopper just....

Mary: It was stupendous.

Amelia: We would have been buried at the bottom of pit number one if it hadn't come along.

Amelia: I'd certainly like to thank those gentlemen that flew the plane if ... only I knew who they were.

Dominic: Hi, we just wanted to say good bye.

Mary: You know, Mrs. Davenport, I bet they already know how grateful we are.

Dominic: Say, how's Nick's wife? We understand she went into labor.

Mary: We're waiting for him right now.

Amelia: And I must get back to Denver. I have a recommendation to make to fill Cove's job.

Dominic: Someone with a working conscience, we` hope.

Amelia: Oh yes, yes indeed. You know, my husband had a good friend who was a miner who knew the real condition of things and he insisted that that man serve on the board of directors as a member at large. And every body listened to him and I think its time for Davenport Mining to have that type of voice again.

Mary: Oh no, wait a minute. I'm not what you're look for. I'm not a....

Amelia: Please, don't tell me after all we've been through together you still look on me as the enemy.

Mary: No but I couldn't boss people around.

Hawke: You know very well that you don't boss anyone. But you can lead them.

Mary: Thank you.

Dominic: Hey look!

Mary: Hey Nick. What's the matter, you look a little....

Dominic: Is everything ok?

Hawke: How's your wife?

Nick: She's fine. They're fine. They're all fine.

Dominic: All?

Nick: Betty, Laura, Nick Jr.

Mary: Triplets?

(laughter all round)