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Estelle Longwood is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Dambreakers".


Estelle Longwood is a member of a reclusive "back to nature" community which has been taken over and held hostage by a gang of terrorists led by Johann Rector. The gang plans to attack a nearby hydro-electric dam and need the place to base their B-25 Mitchell bomber.

However, Estelle's duaghter, Sara had invited a TV station KWWT to do a story on the community. So when the reporter Kelly Dayton is flown by Hawke to the community, the terrorist gang have to maintain a cover that all is normal. Estelle's husband Mr. Longwood is locked up together with most of the children. Rector poses as the leader, taking the name "Brother Jebediah" while Estelle is forced to pose as his wife. The other adult members of the community are also forced to act normally, attending sham religious services and working in the fields.

However, Estelle's behavior soon begins to give things away. During the TV interview, she is tense and silent. Over lunch, she breaks down when Hawke asks if Sara is the only child in the whole community and has to be led away by two of the terrorists posing as community members. Later, Sara tries to arrange a time at night to talk but they are unable to meet because of the ever vigilant terrorist "minders". Nonetheless, Hawke and Kelly become sufficiently suspicious and explore the grounds of the community at night and ultimately stumble upon the truth.

Portrayed By

Estelle Longwood is played by Pat Delaney.[1] She also played the part of Aunt Stella Grant in Season 3 Where Have All The Children Gone? (episode)