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Footage of the F4 Phantom is frequently used in the Airwolf episodes to depict high performance jet fighters.

Occurrences of the F-4 in Airwolf episodes

Season 1

The F-4 evades the first two Thor missiles. Notice this Phantom is in clean configuration.

The F-4 just before it is hit by the last of the four Thor missiles. Notice now the aircraft is carrying lots of underwing stores.

A pair of F-4s attempt to intercept Airwolf later. Here is one of them in Hawke's helmet mounted sight.

According to Dominic's computer, the Phantoms have Sparrow missiles. Here is the data screen--quite erroneous. It looks like a Sidewinder but the name is Sparrow. And has IR guidance. In which case, Dominic couldn't be jamming its frequency like he did.

Season 3

  • Day of Jeopardy (episode) - Barkley Kase sends a pair of "F-16s" to intercept Airwolf. They are represented by footage of F-4s. Probably F-16 footage was not easily available then. Dominic says the fighters are closing at Mach 1.7, which is not plausible at low level for either the F-4 or the F-16.

An F-4 on the way to intercept Airwolf. Not clear what the underwing stores are but it looks like an air-to-ground configuration.

Another view of the F-4 playing an F-16. Here Hawke is about to shoot it down with a Stinger.