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Fallen Angel was the nineteenth episode of Airwolf, the seventh episode of the second season and first aired on 11/3/84.[1]

This episode is notable for being the first in which Zeus, the head of the F.I.R.M. appears.

Also, Caitlin gets to fly a mission in Airwolf for the first time. But she still doesn't get to see where it is parked. And at the end when she says they can start planning the next mission with the helicopter, Hawke, Dom and Archangel still say, "What helicopter?"

Plot synopsis

Archangel has been captured in East Germany while trying to rescue a friend. Against F.I.R.M. rules, Marella asks Hawke and Dominic to attempt a rescue with Airwolf. But Hawke and Dominic have been injured in a stunt flying crash and so they must bring Caitlin in as part of the Airwolf crew.

The rescue is successful, but at first, it looks almost too easy....

Episode summary

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Hawke and Dominic are flying some stunts in a vintage airplane for a film crew on location. Something goes wrong and both Hawke and Dominic end up in the hospital. Hawke only suffered some lacerations about the head and an injury to his arm but Dominic is in traction with a dislocated vertebrae. It looks like there'll be no flying for him for a while.

In the meantime, Archangel gets news that his former lover, Maria von Furster, a East German agent, is on a KGB hit list. He goes into East Germany to rescue her, but ends up being captured and detained in a fortified castle. There he meets Dr Karl Kruger, whom Archangel thought had been dead for the last 20 years. It turns out the whole thing had been a trap. Kruger asks Archangel to cooperate voluntarily but he laughs at the idea. Then Comrade Kinscov shows up and he doesn't think it is very funny--after all, he is from the KGB and he is really in charge. Archangel is then taken to a medical lab, placed into a sensory deprivation tank and injected with some kind of truth serum to secure his cooperation.

Under the rules of the F.I.R.M., any form of rescue is forbidden, but Marella evades surveillance and visits Hawke and Dominic in hospital and asks them to try. Hawke knows he cannot fly Airwolf alone. He tries to train Caitlin but at first she can't cope with the sophisticated systems and almost blows up Airwolf when she arms a Hellfire missile without deploying the launcher. So Hawke tries a new strategy: he will use Dominic's brain and Caitlin's body. Hawke springs Dominic from hospital but a nurse blocks them so he asks Caitlin to clear the way which she does with a judo throw.

Once inside East Germany, they fly to East Berlin and Hawke contacts Maria Von Furster. She finds out where Archangel is being held and agrees to take him there, on condition that Kruger, also her lover, is not hurt.

Maria takes Hawke inside the castle and rescues Archangel while Dominic and Caitlin attack the castle defenses, creating a diversion for Hawke and setting up a safe LZ to extract them. Hawke and Archangel get onboard Airwolf but Maria is shot just as she is about to board and has to be left behind.

Moments after Airwolf departs, Maria is shown standing up again and Kruger thanks her for helping him with his ruse--whatever it may be.

Archangel is welcomed back to a F.I.R.M. committee meeting presided by Zeus. Archangel is restored to his position, but Marella is suspended pending an inquiry about her disobeying orders. Hawke and Dominic think this is outrageous, and Archangel also demands Marella back but Zeus tells them the interview is over. Archangel gets angry, draws a pistol and shoots Zeus...

The scene cuts to the castle again where Maria, Kruger and Kinscov are shown enjoying themselves and congratulating one another that Kruger's brainwashing had worked and had made Archangel shoot Zeus and half the committee. That was what the ruse had been all about. But just then, Airwolf pops up and shoots up the castle again.

Kruger dashes into the medical lab and finds Archangel and Hawke stealing his bottles of serum and research files. Kruger demands to know how his plan had gone wrong. Archangel tells him his programming did work and Archangel did shoot Zeus. But Hawke had sensed something was wrong because the rescue had been too easy so he had put blanks into Archangel's gun. Archangel shoots Kruger but before they can escape, Maria arrives and threatens to kill Archangel. Archangel doesn't believe she will do it, but she shoots, just as Hawke shoots also, killing her. Honor is satisfied--Hawke kept his word not to shoot Kruger, Archangel did. Hawke shot Maria but she had fired at Archangel first. Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf and extract them again.

Inside Airwolf, Caitlin is jubilant and wonders why Archangel is so moody. Hawke tells her Maria is dead. Archangel says she was working for the other side all along. About Hawke shooting Maria, he tells Hawke, "It couldn't be helped. I do know that, Hawke."

Caitlin wants to start planning for the next mission in the helicopter. "What helicopter?" all the rest say.

Story location

  • East Berlin
  • Magdenburg, East Germany
  • Castle about 50 km south of Leipzig, East Germany (not clear if this is the same as Magdenbirg above)
  • Valley of the Gods
  • F.I.R.M headquarters

Airwolf Themes Music

Aircraft seen

  • Fokker Dr1 Triplane - Hawke and Dominic fly it in movie stunt sequence
  • Sopwith Camel - Hawke and Dominic's adversary in the movie stunt
  • Airwolf
  • Bell 206L LongRanger - takes Archangel to committee meeting
  • F-84F Thunderstreak - stock footage representing East German MIGs.

Firearms seen

Research notes

  • The geography of this episode is rather confusing:
    • Although the computer readout for Maria von Furster gives her address as Magdenburg, Hawke meets up with her in East Berlin.
    • The coordinates given on the computer readout for the point of contact with Maria von Furster really do lead to the outskirts of the real-life town Magdeburg, although in the show the captions show the town as Magdenburg.

Blue screen readout with the said information from Airwolf's computer.

  • In one of the positioning shots, the castle is shown as being in Magdenburg. This would be all right, except that Maria later tells Hawke that Archangel is being held at a castle 50 km south of Leipzig. Leipzig is very much further south of the coordinates in the readout, and not near Madgenburg at all.
  • Closeups of the Fokker show Hawke and Dominic with Dominic crewing the rear gun as the observer but the Fokker Dr1 was always a single seater fighter.

Guest stars/Recurring cast


  • An small compact cast all of whom can be identified but there are lots of uncredited extras such as the entire F.I.R.M. committee and East German soldiers.