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Film set


DOMlNlC: Hey!

DOMINIC: You can't shake him.

HAWKE: I'm not trying to.


DOMINIC: Hey. What the...

DIRECTOR: What the hell is he doing?This is not in the script. Dean!

1sr AD: Want to call a cut?

DIRECTOR: No, no, just...

DIRECTOR: Santini, ground. What are you doing?

DOMINIC: Well, we already got what you wanted, so I cut and now String is just fooling around.

DIRECTOR: I will tell you when to cut.

DOMINIC: Yes, sir.

DIRECTOR: All right, cut.

DIRECTOR: Santini, if String's done playing, perhaps he wouldn't mind trying the barn stunt.

DOMINIC: Hey, you ready for the barn stunt?


DOMINIC:He's ready.

DIRECTOR: Okay, we're rolling. Let's go.

1st AD: Okay, roll cameras.

DOMINIC: Just do a roll and then mush it in nice and easy. Like landing on a feather bed, baby.

HAWKE: Yeah? I know a guy who broke his neck jumping into a feather bed.

HAWKE: Balsa wood, huh?



HAWKE: It sure didn't sound like balsa wood.

DOMlNlC: It didn't even feel like balsa wood.

In a hospital ward

HAWKE: Which means...


DOMlNlC: It wasn't balsa wood.

CAITLIN: You guys are damn lucky.

DOMlNlC: Lucky? You call this lucky?

CAITLIN: All I know is that director's got his studio breathing down his neck for improper stunt supervision.

HAWKE: They're probably just afraid we're going to sue them. They did put the balsa wood on the wrong side of the barn.


DOMINIC: It's all in a day's work.

DOMINIC: And, besides, we're okay.

MARELLA: One wouldn't know itto look at you.

DOMlNlC: Uh-oh.

CAITLIN: Are you a doctor?

MARELLA: Yes. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to examine these two.

CAITLIN: Oh, sure.

DOMINIC: Hey, wait a minute.You don't have to go anywhere.

CAITLIN: Dom, it's okay. I'll wait outside.

DOMINIC: A doctor, huh?

MARELLA: I have five doctorates. Aeronautical engineering,electronic engineering, psychology, microbiology and French literature.

DOMINIC: But you're not a doctor doctor.

MARELLA: If you mean a medical doctor, no, I still have a year of school left.

HAWKE: Marella,is this a social call or are we gonna see Archangel walk through that door?

MARELLA: I wish he could.

DOMINIC: You mean Mr. Clean hasn't got the time to come down and visit the wounded?

MARELLA: Archangel's a prisoner in East Germany.


HAWKE: Bad joke, Marella.

MARELLA: Sixteen hours ago, Michael crossed the border into East Germany to bring back one of their agents. He never returned.

DOMINIC: I'll be damned.

HAWKE: How come you're not at Langley working with the rescue team?

MARELLA: There is no rescue team. Zeus and the committee have frozen out our section.

DOMINIC: You mean they're just going to leave him out there and rot?

MARELLA: Operating regulation 51-6. "Any operative captured by the opposition is to be scratched within 36 hours of said capture, his section closed, all codes changed, all data erased."

DOMINIC: That's some organization you belong to.

MARELLA: You worked for them, too.

DOMINIC: Only under duress.

MARELLA: I programmed everything I know aboutMichael's operation on this. It's compatible with Airwolf's computers.

HAWKE: How come he was doing field work?

MARELLA: I don't know. As a guess, I'd say it was personal. The East German agent he was going in to bring out was a woman. A Maria Von Furster. We picked up word she made the KGB white list.

DOMINIC: White list? What the hell is that?

MARELLA: That's a Russian version of a top-20 hit list. Comes out once a month. People on it just disappear.

HAWKE: I thought you said she was an East German agent.

MARELLA: They've been known to eat their own.

DOMINIC: Like the Firm, huh?


MARELLA: Damn it, I didn't come here to verbally fence with you. Michael's probably being tortured right now. His only chance is Airwolf. I just wanna know. Are you going in after him or not?

HAWKE: Yeah, we're going in.

MARELLA: Are you physically up to it?

HAWKE: I don't know. We'll just have to try.

MARELLA: I can't be in a communication with you. Being frozen also means I'm under surveillance.

HAWKE: What,they followed you here?

MARELLA: I lost them in a porno house.

DOMINIC: Attagirl, Marella.

MARELLA: Hawke. I'd go with you if I could.

HAWKE: I know.

MARELLA: Good luck.

HAWKE: You up to flying?


DOMINIC: Hell, yeah. All I have to do is wait three weeks and heal. Well, you can't fly Airwolf alone. And not into East Germany.

HAWKE: Looks like I'm gonna have to. I have no choice.

CAITLIN: Hey, guys, what did the doctor have to say?

Onboard Airwolf

CAlTLlN.: I knew it. I just knew it.

HAWKE: Knew what?

CAITLIN: Oh, come on, String, quit teasing. Can I take this blindfold off now?

HAWKE: Yeah, we're out of the area.

CAITLIN: Oh, wow! Oh, boy! String, I knew it.l told you I knew it.

HAWKE: Fine. And you're gonna forget it just as soon as this mission is over, right?


HAWKE: All right. Lesson number one. There's a target selection screen right next to the main panel.

CAITLIN: Got it.

HAWKE: The program keys above are used to call up any weapons required. We have access to all 14 weapons as long as we're not in Mach 1.

HAWKE: Now, say, for instance, I call for a Hellfire.

CAITLIN: Okay, Hellfire.

(ALARM) HAWKE: Caitlin, deploy the pods.

CAITLIN: Where? Where is it?

HAWKE: Release the missile chamber. Top button above the fire...

CAITLIN: Oh! Got it, got it.


HAWKE: You could have killed us.

CAITLIN: I'm sorry.

HAWKE: Sorry doesn't cut it.This is no highway patrol chopper.

HAWKE: I don't want you touching anything until after I explain it.


HAWKE: The point is, Caitlin, it's gonna take me a week to familiarize you with the controls.

CAITLIN: Does that mean we're not going?

HAWKE: No. It just means I'm gonna have to find some way to put Dom's brain in your body.

CAITLIN: But just don't do it the other way around.


Magdenburg Castle, East Germany

KRUGER: Would you like to join me for breakfast?

ARCHANGEL: Kruger. I thought you were dead.

ARCHANGEL: What a fool l've been. Any rookie would have seen through your plan.

KRUGER: Then I'm fortunate you were at the Firm 20 years to dull your instincts about such things.

ARCHANGEL: Where's Maria?

KRUGER: Maria? She has nothing to do with this. Maria would never take part in any kind of plan to ensnare you. You made sure of that in Stockholm.

ARCHANGEL: I would have taken her with me if she'd have come.

KRUGER: And I would have killed you both.

KRUGER: But then I was young and foolish.

ARCHANGEL: What do you want? I'm no good to you. Any information you get out of me is already obsolete.

KRUGER: Perhaps information is not what I want.

ARCHANGEL: I've been scratched.

KRUGER: Yes, I know. Zeus and the committee have already closed down your section. Yeah, but that is a 36-hour process. If you would agree to volunteer to help me in what I'm about to propose to you...


KlNSKOV: What is so amusing?

ARCHANGEL: Comrade Kinskov. I might have known the KGB was running the show.

KINSKOV: Is he being questioned or entertained?

KRUGER: He's agreed to help.


KINSKOV: I hope so, Kruger. Otherwise I will be forced to useless entertaining methods.

ARCHANGEL: Why is it, Kinskov, that listening to you gives me the feeling I'm in some bad late-night movie?

KINSKOV: I want to talk to you, now.

KRUGER: You are a fool, Michael. A bigger one than I thought.

Hospital ward

DOMlNlC: Oh, no, no, don't touch me.

WOMAN ON P.A..:Dr. Joel Geiderman to emergency room, stat. Dr. Joel Geiderman. Dr. Fred Powell,call labor and delivery. Dr. Fred Powell.


DOMINIC: I knew you couldn't get along without me.

HAWKE: The question is, can we do it with you?

CAITLIN: You know, I really don't think this is gonna work.

DOMINIC: Where the Sam Hill are you? (SCREAMlNG)Here you go. Easy, easy, easy.

HAWKE: Here. Here you go.

DOMINIC: No, no, no. Not the feet. Not the feet.

HAWKE: How do you feel?

DOMINIC: How do you think I feel?

NURSE: What in the world is going on here? This man is supposed to be in traction for a month.

HAWKE: Oh, well, we're gonna keep him in traction. We just got to take him with us for a little while.

NURSE: On whose authority?

DOMINIC: Mine, mine. We're just gonna go and do our little shot in that film and then we'll be right back in a couple of days.

NURSE: Oh, no, you don't.

HAWKE: Cait, she's yours.

CAITLIN: Mine? Oh, um...

NURSE: Look, you cannot leave this hospital without authorization from a doctor.

NURSE:Look, honey...

CAITLIN: I'm sorry, nurse.

HAWKE: Let's go.

HAWKE: Yeah, yeah, hang on, Dom.


Onboard Airwolf, enroute to East Germany

DOMlNlC.: Have you accessed Marella's program yet?

CAITLIN: Yes, sir.

DOMINIC: Okay, type in 3379-BRAVO-7.

CAlTLlN.: 3379M-B7. Hey, it worked. Maria's pretty cute for an older woman.

DOMINIC: How old is she?

CAITLIN: Forty-two.

HAWKE: Did you get a location on her?

CAlTLlN: Yeah, East Germany, Magdenburg, Freitrasse 37. And there's a series of coordinates here, latitude and longitude for a suggested landing spot five kilometers south of town.

CAITLIN: Oh, here comes an aerial chart. Looks like routes and frequencies.

HAWKE: Well, I got to hand it to Marella. She sure is thorough.

CAlTLlN: Do we take one of these?

DOMlNlC: No. Those are NATO routes and frequencies so we can avoid them.

CAITLIN: Avoid friendly fighters?

DOMINIC: Honey, in Airwolf we ain't got any friends. Remember that.

CAITLIN: Oh. Well, why aren't there any displayed for East Germany?

HAWKE: I'd say because we don't know any East German patrol routes.

CAITLIN: Oh. You mean we have to fake it?

CAlTLlN: European coast,dead ahead, Hawke.

HAWKE: Going to stealth mode.

DOMlNlC: I.R. suppression factor 98.4.

HAWKE: French coast, coming up. We'll cross south of Calais. Sneak up the Loire river.

CAlTLlN: Gee, String, I thought this was gonna be exciting. It's more like patrolling the Interstate between Abilene and Lubbock. Boring.

HAWKE: Good. Let's just hope it stays that way.

CAITLIN: Yeah, well,a little excitement might...


CAITLIN: Hey, I got some blips on this screen back here.



HAWKE: We're picking up blips.

DOMINIC: Oh. Uh.... Type in, "Code Alpha Scan.""

HAWKE: We just breached East German airspace. So heads up.

CAITLIN: Those blips are at 12 o'clock, angels 30, 50 miles and closing. What are they?

HAWKE: That little bit of excitement you've been waiting for.

DOMINIC: I.R. suppressor's on. And it's absorbing their radar.

HAWKE: Caitlin, you got an ID?


DOMINIC: Type in, "Ident bogie."

CAITLIN: "Ident bogie?" G-Y or G-I-E?

DOMINIC: Bogie. Bogie. I-E.

CAlTLlN: Oh, my God.

DOMINIC: What kind of an ID is that?

CAITLIN: Well, it says they're MlG-25sarmed with Arid missiles. That's bad, isn't it?

HAWKE: Not unless they see us.

DOMlNlC: Where are they now?

CAITLIN: Twelve o'clock, 25 miles and closing.

DOMINIC: Are you sure they're at 12 o'clock?

CAITLIN: Isn't that when both the big and little hands are straight up?

CAITLIN: Five miles. Still at angels 30. Two. One.

CAITLIN: They've passed us. They went right by. They didn't see us.

CAITLIN: Hey, guys, this is fun.

CAITLIN: I think we make a pretty good team.


CAITLIN: Just a thought.

East Berlin

HAWKE: Just relax. I've got a broken arm and I'm in no mood to play games.


HAWKE: Twenty-nine hours ago, Michael Archangel crossed into East Germany to get you out. You're still here. Where's he?


HAWKE: A friend. Now, damn it, I know you speak English. Where is he?

MARIA: I don't know. Let me go.

HAWKE: Why didn't you leave with the man that he sent into take you out?

MARIA: Nobody came to take me out. And if they had I wouldn't go. Why should I? Michael really came over to get me?

HAWKE: He heard that you made the KGB white list. Obviously it was a setup to get him. Who'd do that?

MARIA: How should I know?

HAWKE: Well, you're a member of the East German intelligence community. You gotta at least have a damn good idea.

MARIA: It could be any one of a dozen people, Russians and Poles included.

HAWKE: You know, lady, where I come from,friendship means something, and Michael's a friend. He thought you were, too. That's why he risked his neckto come over here and get you out. You know, Maria, time's running out for Michael.

MARIA: All right, I'll help you. But, if you're lying, I'll kill you, even if it costs me my own life.

Lab in Magdenburg castle

ARCHANGEL: Give up, Kruger. I don't even know what you want.

KRUGER: I want you to relax, Michael. Relax your mind. Your body feels beautifully relaxed, floating. Let your mind float.

KRUGER: I want you to sleep, Michael. Your eyelids are heavy, Michael. Don't fight it. Sleep. Sleep and dream.


KRUGER: If you die, Michael, it is your own fault. Give him 50 cc's more.


KRUGER: Just do it!


East Berlin





HAWKE: Did you find him?

MARIA: He's being held 50 kilometers south of Leipzig in an old castle. It's headquarters for a special section that works with KGB to debrief Western defectors.

HAWKE: Can I get in.

MARIA: I can tell you where it is, that's all I can do. I can't do anything else.

HAWKE: I think you can.

MARIA: I can probably get you in, and get you directly to where Michael is being held. But I won't.


MARIA: Because the man that's holding him was my lover, as Michael once was, and I won't be party to either of them being killed. of them being killed.

HAWKE: I promise you, if you help us, he won't be hurt. You got my word.

MARIA: Just remember my promise. If you betray me, I'll kill you.

Magdenburg Castle

KlNSKOV: How is he tolerating the serum?

KRUGER: He has a very strong will. Actually, I should give him smaller doses of the serum over a longer period of time.

KINSKOV: We have no more time.

KRUGER: The serum will work.

KINSKOV: And if it doesn't, you will have failed.

KRUGER: You'd rather see him killed, wouldn't you?

KINSKOV: We can't always have what we want.

Catacombs and infiltration into the castle

HAWKE: How much further?

MARlA: Just a few meters more.

HAWKE: What was this place?

MARIA: The catacombs. This used to be torture chambers and prisons.

HAWKE: Yeah. We've got four minutes to locate Michael and get him to the east tower of the castle.

MARIA: And your friends will be there?

HAWKE: Yes, with the helicopter.

MARIA: And then?

HAWKE: You just get me to Michael, I'll give you a ride anywhere you want.


The rescue

DOMlNlC.: Time's up, Cait. Here we go. Give me a headings traight to the castle.

CAITLIN: Okay, Dom. Bearing 036, range 50 miles. What altitude?

DOMINIC: No more than 10 meters. We'll come in low under their defense grid.

CAITLIN: Dom, I got the castle at under 20 miles.

DOMINIC: Okay, vacation's over. Give me guns.

CAITLIN: Roger. Guns one and two.

DOMINIC: Attagirl. Now deploy the ADF pod.

CAITLIN: Got it.



DOMINIC: String better be ready.

KRUGER: Bring him around.



CAlTLlN: (???) zero.

DOMINIC: Attagirl.

CAITLIN: You're locked on. Machine gun nest, three o'clock.




CAITLIN: Machine gun nest 15 degrees west, 10 meters high.


CAITLIN: Dom, rocket launcher, 030.

CAITLIN: Where's String?

DOMINIC: He'll be here. You just keep pointing out places to shoot at.





MARIA: Yes, Michael, Maria.



HAWKE: Let's go.




DOMINIC: Where did that come from?

CAITLIN: Another machine gun, center wall.

DOMINIC: Okay, Cait.

CAITLIN: Turn left, 30 degrees. Machine gun nest, 50 meters.

DOMINIC: In my sights.



DOMINIC: Here they come.

DOMlNlC.: Get him on! Get him on!

KRUGER: Maria!

ARCHANGEL: Maria, Maria, get in here!


ARCHANGEL: No! Maria! String, wait! We can't leave her. Come on, String. We got to help her.

KlNSKOV: Congratulations, Doctor. Everything has gone according to plan so far.

KRUGER: And it shall continue to do so. Within 24 hours, Michael Archangel shall assassinate Zeus and the entire committee.

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge


ZEUS: Welcome home, Archangel. I'm afraid we were going to have to write you off for good this time.

ARCHANGEL: I always seem to make it back, Zeus. However this time I did have just a little bit of help.

ZEUS: Yes, Miss O'Shannessy, Mr. Hawke , Mr. Santini, we want to thank you for your bravery and valor.

ZEUS: Marella, however, will have to be suspended until a review board can determine whether she is capable of following orders.

DOMINIC: Of all the hypocritical bull...

HAWKE: Hey, Dom....


DOMINIC: Well, somebody has to tell this egotistical bag of hot air where to go.

MARELLA: Dominic, he's right. Rules are rules.

DOMINIC: If you believe that, then you're as sick as he is.

ARCHANGEL: If she believed it, she wouldn't have come to you and Hawke.

ZEUS: This interview is over.

ARCHANGEL: Not quite! I want my staff back, and full access to Firm facilities. That means complete restoration of my division,including Marella.

ZEUS: I said the interview was over.

ARCHANGEL: I think your title has gone to your head, Zeus.

ZEUS: That's enough.

ARCHANGEL: No, it's not enough. You would have left me out there to rot, after twenty years of loyal....

ZEUS: Those are the rules, Michael. You helped create them. And now that I'm head of the Firm, I'm here to enforce them.

???: ??? don't!


Magdenburg Castle courtyard


KINSKOV: Nice shot.



KINSKOV: You worried about what they will do to Archangel?

MARIA: What happens to Archangel is none of my concern.

KINSKOV: It's always harder if one is involved emotionally.

KRUGER: Let it go, Kinskov.

KINSKOV: My apologies, Herr Doktor. Now that Archangel has assassinated Zeus and half the committee, you've become a very important man, one whose wrath I would not wish to incur.

KRUGER: Is he right?

MARIA: Karl, we've known each other too long.

KRUGER: Do you still love Michael?

MARIA: If I loved Michael, I wouldn't have helped you use him. I love you, Karl, only you.



MARIA: Hawke's come back.


MARIA: To avenge Michael.

KINSKOV: He's a fool. Our fighters will respond in minutes.

MARIA: It's suicide.

KRUGER: No, it's a diversion.

Inside the castle

KRUGER: Michael, how? How?

ARCHANGEL: Hawke figured it out. My rescue was too easy. After all those years in 'Nam, he realized that either you had the worst gunners in the world or they weren't trying to hit Airwolf.

KRUGER: But you assassinated Zeus.

ARCHANGEL: I tried. Hawke put blanks in my gun.

KRUGER: Then the serum works.

ARCHANGEL: It works. I did everything you programmed me to do. Only I fired blanks.

KRUGER: Put those serum bottles back. I said to put those back!

HAWKE: I found the formulas, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, look out.



MARIA: Give me that book and the pouch.


MARIA: I can't let you go with it. I swear I'll kill you, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Will you, Maria?


Outisde and egress


CAlTLlN.: Two machine guns, center wall. Turn 270.

DOMINIC: Come on, String.

CAITLIN: It looks like the whole East German Air Force is headed this way.

CAITLIN: I've got MlGs coming on fast at eight o'clock.


CAlTLlN.: Scope's clean.


CAITLIN: Highway patrol was never like that.

HAWKE: Like what?

CAITLIN: That dogfight.

DOMINIC: What dogfight?

CAITLIN: Oh, no you don't. This time I've got a witness. Now, they can't tell me that...

CAITLIN: Michael, what's wrong?

ARCHANGEL: Maria's dead. She was workingwith Kruger all along.

CAITLIN: I'm sorry.

ARCHANGEL: It couldn't be helped. I do know that, Hawke.

DOMlNlC.: I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry. What do you say we stop off for some beer and bratwurst, huh?

HAWKE: Where?

DOMINIC: Well, I don't know. Any place that's got beer and bratwurst, I suppose.

CAITLIN: Yeah, we can discuss our next mission.

ARCHANGEL: What mission?

CAITLIN: Oh, You know, whatever you assign them to do next in this helicopter.

ALL: What helicopter?